Thursday, January 19, 2006

A morning with a busy toddler

Zara's Ku-che (my SIL) gave her this bag over the weekend, she told Zara it's for her to take along when she goes shopping. Yesterday, when we were about to leave the house for King's Wife's place, Zara wanted to take the bag along, and she kept muttering "Ping" "Ping" while holding it. Probably she wanted to go shopping with it. Here is Zara with her 'aunty' looking bag. (L) We going shopping?? Let me take my bag (R) Oh, I better make sure I bring my phone along.

(L) Ok, I think I got everything in my bag (R) Lets go now (L) I need to make a call to get an appointment to do my hair (R) Hello? Baldilocks Hair Salon? Can I speak to Richardo please?


Egghead said...

should call this "the story of the bag"... LOL!
kids with their new "toys" :)

Allyfeel said...

Oooo...Zara a big girl now, carry hand bag and hp some more.

She has mature so much ever since I first started reading ur blog...:P


i have been following lil zara development day by day and suddenly, i notice lil zara has indeed grown up so much...esp with the new to-the-side partition hairdo.

she actually has big eyes and look so much like u :)

L B said...

I like your floor tiles.. looks very chun..those small squares.

michelle said...

She really looks mature with the bag and the handphone.

sesame said...

LOL. That's one funny are-footed tot auntie making phone call! Hey, Zara has a high forehead too. Like my boy.

sesame said...

oops...i mean bare-footed.

pearlvanoyster said...

zara is so cute...with her little handbag. i think she's going through a phrase where she wants to become like one of the adults. read some book about that :)

Greenapple said...

zara's mum, you're so funny. haha. what an interesting post.

Zara's Mama said...

yeah... everything is a toy to them.

like 'aunty' hor?
Yeah.. she's grown so much. Some times I wonder if it's too fast.

two little fellas,
yes, they grow up so fast.. :(
Her eyes are a combination of mine and hubby's.. If it's from my side of the family purely, it'll be with very prominant double eyelids, Zara's is very subtle.

You look at the tiles instead of the baby?? *slap head*

Yes, very mature.. don't look like she's only 13 month right?

Really like 'aunty'! Btw, my hubby say the high forehead is the Hokkien genes woh (mine), are you Hokkien as well?

I have so much to read about.. she's growing too fast.

Thanks. :D

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute...pretending to go shopping

Passerby A said...

Is it a case of "like mom, like daugther"?

p said...

dont let her grow up so fast ... after you'll have boys knocking on your door wanting to go 'pak-tor' with her how?

hehehehehe ... kidding kidding

maria aka twinsmom said...

hahaha... little auntie go CNY shopping ah? what did you bought?

Cocka Doodle said...

must be copying her mama's actions lah. Who else? LOL

Milly said... fast show the ladies ar??

sesame said...

Hey Zara's mum, yes I'm Hokkien too leh! I've never heard about Hokkien genes though. Must go back and check with my mum. But come to think about it, my family members do have high forehead.

Jesslyn said...

hey, Zara looks much mature then Lyon le..Lyon still look like 小不点!

shoppingmum said...

Big girl already, now needs a handbag? She's really cute.

earthember said...

She must really love the bag, she carries it to the car-seat too. I like the last pic, she looks so serious, as if she's waiting to speak to someone.

mom2ashley said... what 2littlefellas said, i too agree that she has grown so much!

L B said...

I looked at Zara too, so sweet wan! Especially the calling for appointment pics. But I also look at everything else ma.. so happened this time, your tiles damn nice! *rubs head*

Papi said...

toddlers have a thing for phones eh? My Yiyi will grab one and start talking like serious business like that.. hehehe...

yl said...

Oops!!! Zara forgot her purse and credit cards!!! how to pay for the hair styling later???

Irene said...

What a girly thing to do. So cute!

Samm said...

This is so, so, cute. And she's geting prettier by the day too. I want a girl toooooooo

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. But she really likes shopping.. so....

The Diva,

I shouldn't blink my eye, b'cos she's growing so fast.. with a blink of my eye, I would see a boy ringing the door bell.

Little Aunty want to go for haircut first..

Cocka Doodle,
Mummy doesn't carry an aunty bag ler..

So fast want to act like a lady.

So hubby is right huh? My family has high forehead and some of his Hokkien friends have too, it was his assumption!

Yeah.. Lyon still so cute and cuddly.. Zara like big big girl. I also wants her to grow up slowly ler.. let mummy enjoy more of her cuteness :(

I hope she won't ask for it when we really go shopping!

New toy, new love.. but hope it's temporary.

Yeah, she's really growing up so fast.. I want her to slow down!! *sob sob*

OK OK. You very very observant then! *sayang head*

Yeah, they love phones!!

Aunty YL TT her some money can ah?

What an auntie thing to do is more like it.

Thank you.. Thank you..
Maybe you are having a girl!! If not, there's always #3, #4... and so on.. :P

Helen said...

Ha ha ha ... Zara walking with that bag really makes her look like a little 8-poh!!

OK, Mommy, make sure it's LV and Sony 750i for me wor....

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