Monday, November 21, 2005

Zara's eventful 1st Birthday Celebration

We have a little home made pohpiah lunch yesterday to celebrate Zara's 1st birthday. It was a small affair, just our immediate family members and Daddy's best friends (mine pulled out because their kids were not feeling well). It went very well, the lunch itself, but the star of the day, Zara, wasn't feeling very well these few days, so was not in her best element. She was down with fever on Thursday evening and it subsided on Friday. Then on Saturday she purged and vomited during the day; making her very whinny and clingy. Even while I had to start some of the Sunday's lunch preparation at the stove, she 'glued' to me. At 3am yesterday, she woke up and started wailing. When we asked her "Where Pain Pain?" She pointed to her stomach, and started crying again. We initially wanted to just pacify her and get her back to sleep, but she was crying non-stop, after about 30mins, we rushed her to Sunway Medical Emergency ward. The sleepy Dr on duty had a look at her and concluded she had 'wind in the stomach'. She prescribed some anti-colic solution and sent us back. We got home at 5am. Not sure if it was the medication, or pure exhaustion, Zara slept soundly after that. After 3hrs of sleep, it was time to get up. Although I had my maid and King's Wife's maid to help out, I sill had to run around to instruct them on how certain things should be done, and how they should be served. The whinny baby was joined to the hip with me throughout. Just before I showered her, she purged, and then was very fussy, and aggitated. I tried to get her to nap so that she'll be more rested, and will be in better spirit. At 11:30am, people started to arrive. After my aunt, who came with the pohpiah skins and her famous home made turnips arrived, the lunch started. Zara also woke up about this time, I changed her into her new clothes, and brought her downstairs to join in the rest.

She was not as energetic as her normal self, but she still got pretty excited seeing all the people making their own lunch/pohpiah. I gave her a piece of skin and some vege, so that she can join in the fun. She however, didn't have the appetite to eat anything, she just tore the food up into pieces, and made a mess at the table like her usual self.

When King's Wife's arrived, Zara was excited to see her che-ches (cousin sisters), and immediately went to them.

Samantha was happily entertaining her while Zara threw up, all over Samantha's lap. Poor Sam's skirt was drenched in puke. Zara was not disturbed by any of it, and continued playing once we cleaned her, and removed her pinafore.

When it was time to cut the cake, she couldn't relate to the cake and the candle thing, but she was very excited when the Happy Birthday song was sung. I got her a big fat carrot cake from Marmalade Cafe, thinking that this was something she can eat since it's quite a 'nutritious' cake. However, again, Zara didn't want to have any when I offered it to her and was showing sign that she was tired and needed a nap. While she slept, I had more pohpiahs (probably 6 all in) and a big fat slice of cake. My excuse is I do need the energy to pacify a whinny kid. When Zara woke up from her sleep, she again had diarrhea, this time her stool was totally watery. We were very very concerned. We had to almost shoo all our other guests home (by this time it was only my sis, my aunt and my in-laws around), to bring Zara to see a pediatrician. Dr Chye, who operates in Subang, told us that Zara probably had food poisoning, but since her diarrhea and vomiting is not THAT frequent, we will just have to let her fight it herself. She was given some syrup to help with her colic pain, and then some rehydrating salt. Zara refused to sit in her car seat after we left the Dr's. She had big drops of tears rolling down, reaching her hands out for me. I gave in, and just a few moments after she was out of the car seat, Zara puke again, this time all over me; and then again during dinner after just a few mouth full of porridge.

However worrying it may all seem to me; she behaved normally after that, it didn't seem to bother her if she had done a watery poo, or puke. It's probably a good sign that it was not causing much discomfort to her (my consolation). Not a very good birthday celebration for her, and I smelled of puke at the end of the day.

Mummy just hope she gets well soon.


Jesslyn said...

Happy Birthday Zara!!

poor girl, sick on her great day! get well soon ya...

btw, Lyon also has her 1st birthday yesterday! will blog later.

Fannie said...

Happy Birthday Zara! :)

She's a day younger than Ethyl!

I hope she's feeling better already! :)

mom2ashley said...

aww..poor poor POOR zara! I hope she gets well soon!!

Lazymama said...

Happy Belated Birthday to little Zara!

And get well soon! Ask mummy to buy you another carrot cake when you have fully recover. :)

blurblur said...

Happy 1st Birthday, Zara!

Aww..poor little Zara, hope she's feeling better already!

*muack* Damien returns a birthday kiss to Zara *muack*...:)

ky said...

*sigh* It's her 1st birthday celebration, and she is not feeling well :( My two kids same problem also when they turned one: one fever, the other running nose. Give her plenty of fluid, like apple juice. Hope she is getting better!

Egghead said...

what a unforgettable 1st birthday for Zara and her mum... wish her happy recovery... and food poison is most likely the cause for kids...


p/s: my son hope to get the invitation to the next ones :P

momm said...

my girl had the same problem when she was 9 months old. frequent vomitting, diarrhoea etc.. aiyoh..

your doc is right. i think zara had a bout of food poisoning.

porridge water is very good for diarrhoea.

dairy products can cause more vomitting, but she needs milk, so no choice. however, do keep a look out when she's about to throw up.

Happy Birthday Zara! get well soon!

Allyfeel said...

Happy Belated 1st Birthday to little Zara girl. Hope she is feeling much better now.

Poor mummy also, smell of puke. Nvm la, little girl puke not very smelly one.

Anonymous said...

Poor Zara.. first birthday but she's sick... GET WELL SOON GILR!! and Happy Belated 1st birthday!!!

Sue said...

Happy Belated Birthday Little Zara!

Hope she gets well soon, and next birthday's bound to be better!

Helen said...

aaaawww, Zara looks great in the blue floral pinafore!! Big girl alreadi!! Sooo cute!! Too bad she wasn't feeling well. Hope she's fully recovered by now. :-)

Zara's Mama - great legs. (if I'm a guy, I'm sure I'll be the most teruk guy!!)

BTW, where's the gorgeous king's wife???? I saw her lovely daughters but where's the lovely mama???

maria aka twinsmom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Zara :).

Aren't we always worry that our little precious get sick during some special occasion? Zara's 1st brithday not feeling well, so she broke the jinx! next time no more this kind of thing happen :).

Hope she can beat tiger now already.

jazzmint said...

happy birthday Zara...poor girl, got diarrhea. Hope she's ok now. My girl was sick too during weekends, High fever for no reason!!

Mei said...

Congratulations on your one-year achievement and happy birthday to Zara from cold Finland!

shiaulin said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Zara!

apply some 如意油 over her tummy, this makes her feel better and helps to release stomach wind. My Xuan got admitted when he is 11 mth old for food poisoning too.

Don't think u will believe this, that's people really 'pantang' on their big day. My friend's son, 1st birthday that day got knock his head on the table edge till bleeding, 2nd bday got high fever pulak. so now my friend not dare to celebrate son's birthday anymore, just let the day pass by quietly. Believe it anot?? weird hor.

Irene said...

happy b-day, Zara! You sure are cute! Heal well!

Zara's Mama said...

Thank you, and Happy Birthday to Lyon too (I'll go read her celebration later).

Thanks. Ethyl seemed to have such a great time.
Zara is getting better, but still not fully recovered

yeah, poor girl indeed, and she'd lost quite a bit of weight.

Hehe, I still got some 'stored' in the fridge. She can have that.. :P

Thank you Thank you.

Why huh? Why do they fall sick when it's their 1st birthday? *scratch head*

sure, next one I will have a blogger meet cum birthday party for Zara. :P

the problem is she doesn't want poridge. :(
Luckily I'm still breast feeding, so she's nursing more frequently now (sucking me dry!).

Yeah, luckily babies puke not so bad smelling. Or else, I'll probably join in the puking.


I sure hope next birthday will be better.

Aiyoh, like that also you check out my legs? Got give critism behind my back or not *whistle*
King's Wife? She kept dodging the camera, and sweared if I show any of her photos, she'll skin me alive.
She's worried Linpeh will laubeihuet if he saw her la. :P

Thanks. I hope the jinx is broken! I really cannot take it when she falls ill.. weak heart. :P

Faythe also sick? Over the weakend like lots of babies, young kids sick. Aigh.

Thank you from warm and humid M'sia. :P

Serious ah? Your pantang thing? Aiyo. I just hope it won't repeat for Zara.
Yeah, I did apply 如意油 for her.

Thank you.

Mother Superior said...

Hope it's not too late, but happy birthday, Zara!

Agnes, that's what mothers are maid of, planning parties, eating popiahs, and cleaning up puke! No fluke job indeed! Thank God for maids!!!

Twin said...

happy belated birthday Zara. Hope the poor girl is up and well now. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn! I am late!

Happy birthday, Zara! Many more wonderful years ahead. ;) Stay healthy and god bless. :)

Sorry! I am more interested with the pohpiah actually. :P


Mother Superior said...

Btw, I didn't mean to pun the word "made" when I said "that's what mother are maid of..."

Aaaaaa! Freudian slip!

Samm said...

most likely due to her teething lah. Gordon had that too, but not too bad.

Samm said...

and Gordon was sitting on my lap and looking at Zara's pics, giggling all the time. uh oh, he has the hots for ur girl lah......

domesticgoddess said...

sorry hor, I'm late :P
Happy Belated Birthday to Zara!

Zara's Mama said...

Mother superior,
mothers have to know how to multitask, stay up all night and still go to work the following day, etc etc. :(

She's definitely getting better.

what happened? Why do you come in as anonymous now?

That was what I suspected initially. But teething won't cause puking right? Only diarhea?

thank you, and better late than never. :P

Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday Zara! ( Sorry for the late greetings... wasn't online the past few days)

Phoebe said...

Happy Birthday Zara! ( Sorry for the late greetings... wasn't online the past few days)

Baby Smooches said...

Happy Belated b'day to Zara! She's a blessing from God...