Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend This & That

Zara suddenly wanted to be a baby again. Funny little girl. After her bath on Saturday morning : Zara : Baby! Oo-Weh Ooh-Weh *immiated baby crying*. Me : Are you baby or jiejie? Zara : Baby. Mummy cayee (Carry) *stretched her arm out* I carried her by placing an arm around her back, and let her sit on my hip. Zara : Don't want. Me : But you want mummy to carry right? Zara : Cayee! (Carry) *she moved her head and wanted to lay it on my other arm* Me : Oh.. I craddled her, let her lay on the nooks of my arms, just like a baby. Me : Happy? Zara : Happy. Me : Who's baby? Zara : *pointed her chest* Za-ah (Zara). ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday afternoon, a contractor went out with Daddy to the hardware shop to buy some stuff to help us with our rat problem in the house (yes, we have some residence rats who do tap dancing everynight on our roof). When they came back, Zara got excited : Zara : Daddy! Me : Yeah. Go say Hi to Daddy. Zara walked to the door, stood for a while (and probably found out there's another person with Daddy), turned back. Me : Why? Go say Hi to Daddy ma. Zara : *grinned* Shy shy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daddy went for a haircut near my Dad's place (where we used to live). Immediately we turned into the residential area, Zara said, "Ah Kong (Chinese : maternal grandfather)!" Me : Yes, we are near Ah Kong's house Zara : Ah Kong, house! *stretched her arm out* Ah Kong, cayee (Carry) Me : Ah Kong not here. Zara : *turned and face me* Mummy cayee! We called my father, and arranged for him to have dinner with us, so that Zara can see him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Near my dad's place, we saw the ERL train passing by. Told Zara it was a train. She got very excited and kept pointing and repeated, "Tain! Tain!" We thought we'd give her a treat. After Daddy's haircut, we went and parked our car at Tun Sambattan station, and took Zara on a monorail ride. We went to Berjaya Time Square, visited the Borders Bookshop (which Zara likes a lot, especially the children's section), then took the monorail back to Tun Sambattan. Daddy carried Zara all the way on the monorail ride, he pointed to her the Klang river, the buildings, we passed, the roads below. When we got out of the station: Zara : More more! Tain! Me : Finished already. Now we go and see Ah Kong ok? Zara : K. Me : "Zara happy?" Zara : Happy! Tain!


mom2ashley said...

she's so that she can communicate in some way with you, its just amazing how they speak their minds..

may said...

as she grows bigger and bigger, carrying her's gonna get heavier and heavier... heheheh! wahhh, Mama is gonna grow some good arm muscles leh!

Cocka Doodle said...

How come big Russ don't catch mice?
Too fat to climb up the roof ah?

Zara's Mama said...

And you will be surprised how they pick up some words when you never spoke to them before..
Every day is a surprise. :P

Yes. Mummy's arm very muscular now. Unfortunately, that's the part I excercise most.. :(

Cocka Doodle,
Err, if I tell you Russ is leashed up in the night would you believe it?
It's true, we leash him up because he tends to like to run outdoor and fight with other cats.
That also explains why he's so fat. He used to be thinner when he was free to roam about, and catches birds and insects and snakes in my dad's plc. Now.. as he's excercising less, he's also getting fatter.

Potential Mom said... ah very clever lar..can say alot words!! she learn speaking very fast!! praise praise...


Jason said...

Zara is picking up lots of words, and really fast too. Can express herself very well already. Haha. But she always stay quiet when I met her twice. Esshh.

Fannie said...

she's beginning to communicate with more proper words! :)

good job!

Passerby A said...

Hahaha... it's a phase. Ophelia used to tell me she is mommy and I am baby - until she wants me to carry her, then she is baby and I am mommy!

shiaulin said...

Zara baby har, same here with Xuan. Whenever i ask Xuan "where is mummy's baby?", he will pointed to himself.. haha.. :D

Allyfeel said...

Oh how come I never thought of bringing bb to sit in an actual train? *slap head*. He loves train so much, must play with it every morning.

Zara must have been very excited. :) Hmm... this little girl, so clever.

So is the little tap dancer hook?

maria @ twinsmom said...

emm.... I like the Border's children section too, I think so far their is the best :D.

Zara's Mama said...

Potential Mom,
Thank you Millie jiejie.

Err, when Jack met with the giant, did he speak to the giant? No right? Same concept loh. *LOL* No la.. I think she's still shy in the presence of strangers.

Yeah.. thank you.

The Diva,
Haha, Ophelia is smart! She knows when she can 'role play' to her advantage.

They are all mummies' babies! But to go Ooh-Weh Ooo-Weh to cry like a baby, is it a girl's thing?

Yeah, should bring BB for a monorail, LRT or KTM ride.. I bet he'll be very excited.
These few days no more tap dancing.. I think they can't get into the house any more (we didn't set up traps, but rather blocked every available entrances for them to get beneath the roof tiles or get into the house)

Yeah.. It's the best, and they always have bargain books which are very good buys.

Simple American said...

Funny how small children can be so shy at times and other times be too brave almost.

I wish I had a blog when I was at home with my daughter. Of course that was in the bulletin board days and I had not even heard of the internet.

L B said...

Zara's speaking a lotta words already! Isn't it time to get a lil brother for Zara, eh? What happened to all the watermelon seeds, lotus seeds?.. Fast fast, chop chop!! Or crack crack..

Mother Superior said...

Grace is turning 7 and she still thinks she's a baby, insisting on Papa carrying her from bed to toilet EVERY morning. I refused. So I got flabbier arms, lor!

HMom said...

Maybe Zara is hinting that she wants another baby. *Wink*

Its really cute when they tell us in their own way whats on their mind

ky said...

Don't you find it amazing how young children are able to recognise places they have visited before. Eu can even guess where we are heading by the roads we take. Think the young ones are much better navigator than me!

michelle said...

She is still the baby of the family mah.

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Yeah, sometimes when they are in one of their moods, they are shy even with those close to them. Other times, they can even behave very brave in front of strangers.
Before I started a blog, I actually kept a journal for Zara, and also one during my pregnancy.

Cracked and popped lots watermelon and lotus seeds liao.. but but...
aiya.. still not successful.

Mother Superior,
Haha, Grace is cute huh? Still want Daddy to treat her like a baby, and Daddy actually oblidge!

Trying trying..but no success story to tell yet.

Yes, I don't know how they do it though. She knows when we're near Bro's plc, or my dad's plc or my MIL's plc. Amazing, more so because she only gets a little view since she's still short and she cannot see the whole view of from the window.

Yeah, she'll always be my little baby. :P

Egghead said...

my son also like to imitate the crying sound... something like "ong-eh.." sigh... my wife lor... teach him sounds like that... LOL!

shoppingmum said...

Rats on the roof? Better get rid of them soon before the cucu-cicit appears!

domestic rat said...

Not bad. Free weights training sessions! Next time must post a picture of your muscular arms.

blurblur said...

I'm really impressed with Zara's speech..she's fast in picking up words! Clever Zara!

Hehe..Damien still calls himself baby up till now..and i still call him baby.To him, he's the only baby to mommy and daddy, no one else :x

sesame said... 3 year old sometimes wants to be Incredible Boy, sometimes be the baby Jack-Jack. He also loves taking the train, like Zara! Must have been fun for her.

jazzmint said...

hehe so she knows what she wants and request for's very easy to manage rite :). At least less crying

eve said...

my girl , karen is oso like tat..she's 3 this yr..always wans mommmy to cayee her like a baby.( yeah , she pronounces carry exactly like zara)..when she wans to take her milk ,she'll do the baby noise n point point at her bottle..yes , at this age , they just soak up everything they hear n see..sometimes u wont even remember u had said it b4..

Zara's Mama said...

It's actually good for him to say different sound, to help develop his vocal muscle mah. But why they like to be baby when they already a baby?

Looks like the problem solved for now *cross finger*. For 3 days no more tap dancing.

Domestic Rat,
I'll post my muscular arms and bendy back one day.

But does Damien ask you to carry him like a baby leh? Zara now wants us to carry her like a baby!1 *slap head*.
Yeah, she's picking up words very fast.. amazing really.

Gavin aka Incredible Boy aka Jack Jack.. that's so cute.
So what does he do each time when he 'became' them? You must blog aboug it.

Yeah, it's easier to manage.. but her pronunciation not prefect, so sometimes must really ask her repeat a few times before we get it. By then, she may get very angry. :(

Wow.. toddlers' universal pronunciation, Cayee!
Your little Karen is so 'manja' yeah?
Yeah, their memory is like sponge, absorbing everything.. really amazing!

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