Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas and Boxing Day

So what did we do on Christmas day and Boxing day? On Christmas day, we went to visit my sister in the hospital again. She was all ready to leave the hospital for home, was just waiting for BIL to come and pick her up.

After the hospital we went to MIL's place. Daddy helped to paint the grill there, and I tried to get Zara to nap on the thin and narrow piece of padded cloth MIL provided. When I told Zara to sleep, she just leaned back so suddenly, and the thin material didn't cushion her head, so she knocked her head and cried. It took me some time to pacify her. For the rest of her nap, I had to stay with her just to make sure she didn't turn (and move out of the narrow cloth) and knock her head on the floor. I also took a mental note that the next time if we need to let Zara nap in MIL's place, we have to bring our own little matress.

Because I had stayed up very late the last few nights to blog, when it was time for dinner, I had this massive migraine (it always comes when I don't have enough sleep). When we arrived at the restaurant, I had no appetite to eat, and after just a few mouth full of rice, I retched. I got MIL and SIL to feed Zara dinner, while I rested in the adjoining furniture shop (which was also part of the restaurant).

It was a very bad night for me, went to the toilet many times to throw up, and the throbbing headache was very unbearable. I had an early night, and reminded myself I should not blog or blog surf till too late.

On Boxing Day, I was feeling better, since I had 1ohours of sleep the night before. We visited my friend, Sandy, who'd given birth almost a month ago, together with another close friend YC and her son Bryan. I have to say new borns do grow very fast, the baby looks very different from the time we visited him in the hospital.

While we did some catching up, the kids had a great time in Sandy's place, playing with Sandy's eldest daugther's toys.

Here's a shot of them, Kei Kei (Sandy's niece), Yen Mae (Sandy's eldest daugther), Bryan and Zara.

In the evening, after a bit of rest at home, Daddy decided to bring Zara to the Shah Alam Lake Garden. Zara again had a good time running and walking about in the park. She was curious about almost everything she saw on the floor, the ice cream wrapper, the fallen leaves, the tall grass. I almost freaked out every time she bent down to touch something (I can't stand her getting dirty).


L B said...

Sounds like you had a Good Boxing Day too :-) And nice pics.. Love the Andy Warhol!

blurblur said...

Your Boxing Day was filled with lotsa activities too:) I spent mine lazing at home..;p

Sabrina said...

I do experience the same when I have migrain. Ur headache gets worse when u throw up.

Fannie said...

Hey, have more rest and keep that migraine at bay...

I am like u in one aspect...i can't stand Ethyl getting dirty too...YUCKS!!!

She will be curious, touching here and there...I will be panicky...cleaning her here and there! LOL

But...I know she's exploring and growing...when can Ethyl run on the grass???

Contented Mum said...

I enjoy reading your blog, full of beautiful picture and memorable write up on Zara developemnt. It remind me of my own baby's development.
My girl and Zara is so much alike. she also likes to pick up whatever she sees in the park. I just let her lah, and without fail each time she will either bring back with her a dried leaf, a pebble or a stick.

maria aka twinsmom said...

it is always a joy to see our kid running in the open space right? like they syddenly have a lot of "freedom" LOL...

Lazymama said...

I have migraine and threw up too on X'mas day due to lack of sleep and not drinks enough water. :( For my case, I think the main culprit for the returning of migraine is due to lack of exercise and blood circulation no good.

My girl likes Zara too, loves to touch the floor. :P

geetha said...

Boxing day me ko oredi! Had a bad headache, coz' not enough sleep.

I too have to let my boy play in an open ground. He has never tried that. I'm sure le will love it, just like Zara.

Allyfeel said...

Zara's mama,

I see my friend suffered from migraine, it's no fun. Take care ok? Don't blog too late, enough rest then only can become pretty and healty ma... :)

Helen said...

** knock Knock ** Merry Christmas!!

Looking at your pics u definitely had a busy Christmas!! lol Love your pics... everyone looks so happy and perky... too bad you were the exception. :-P

King's wife has a nice tree!! Now time for everyone to disassemble the tree and decor... ** evil grin ** I just finished putting away my tree for next year. ** feeling LC and extremely accomplished.** LOL

Zara definitely having a swell time!! Good for her!! lol

King's wife said...

the baby looks different again. chubbier this time, and little resemblence to T as well. Good pics!

mom2ashley said...

that's terrible (the migraine bit).

yea.. and newborns do change quite fast ( as in their looks)....

Zara's Mama said...

Andy Warhol? Which one looks like his work?

lazing at home is good too... get enough rest, or spend quality time with Damien.

Funny isn't it? Why does it cause you to retch when you have migraine? Mine gets better after I'd spilled my guts out.

Yeah.. Why can't we just be like those Western mums huh? Let them run, explore, get dirty, then clean them up later. My excuse is Zara is a thumb sucker, her hands have to be clean or she'll suck her thumb and gets germs into her body.
Ethyl will be running in no time. By then, you'll have a good work out every day running after her.

Contented Mum,
Welcome to blogsphere.
Aah, I hope I could be like you, let her enjoy the freedom to explore, and worry about cleaning her up later.

Yeah, like suddenly fong-kam (released from jail)

Hmm, maybe dehydration also one of the cause hor? Next time I will try to get myself to drink lots of water if didn't get enough rest.
And you are right also, I think if the blood circulation is not good, easy to get migraine. I have to go back to my Chinese Dr to tune my body further already. Aigh.

Looks like everybody didn't have enough sleep!! :P
You have 2 boys and they never ran on an open field before? Try that, you can see them really enjoying the freedom.

yeah, or else next time you see me, won't convince to buy Drs Seager. :P

Huh? You took down your tree so soon? We normally put it up till CNY. Hang some angpow and turn it to a CNY deco mah. :P

King's Wife,
DSLR woh.. don't play play.

Hah.. I saw your monthly photos of Ashley, her looks didn't change much though..

Vyvy said...

you do take care, rest more rest more.

I'm 1 of those mums who don't mind my child getting dirty. I always let him mess himself up :p He's a boy u know hehehe. So for all i care, he can go pick up leaves, touch the plants, slap the ants (but not those big red ones), kick the sand etc.. i will let him do it and after we go home i'll clean him up.

I don't believe in being over protective and sterile. I want a tough kid leh. hehehehhe

L B said...

Aiyoh, the top one leh, with the 4 portraits!! :-)

Sue said...

Haha... me too, I also can't stand Ivan getting dirty. Sometimes I feel like I should just let him touch and feel the grass, roll around and stuff, but I just can't get past myself... so scared of the dirt and him putting his fingers in his mouth after that, not to mention the hidden sharp objects embedded in the sand/mud.

geetha said...

Yeap, I think letting them run off in an open field is the thing we should do on our next family outing. Planned to bring them earlier, but, time never allowed us.. hmmm, what's new ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Zara is a thumbsucker, that's why I'm more worried. If she doesn't suck her thumb, I won't be so paranoid.

aiyo.. how I know, me not a fan of his.

We really have to learn how to let go of ourselves and be like those Mat Salleh mum ler.

Start with the football field first. :P


this message comes in a bit late but i just want to say that Zara looks like "miss know it all" alreadi in those running free photos.. perfectly spelled out "hey,hey, i can do this on my own- no help please" lol. cute... real cute.


this message comes in a bit late but i just want to say that Zara looks like "miss know it all" alreadi in those running free photos.. perfectly spelled out "hey,hey, i can do this on my own- no help please" lol. cute... real cute.

Twin said...

hehe i know what you mean by 'can't stand her getting dirty'. Yeah .. i freaked out too when my kids picked up things from the floor as well. My hubby labeled me 'hygiene freak'. :Þ
Hope you are feeling better from the migraine. Camomile tea helps migraine. Do try.

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