Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Aunty May's birthday

I don't get to use mummy's computer that often, that's why I cannot write this earlier. Last Thursday, while Daddy took airplane to go work work, mummy brought me kaikai (Chinese: go out) together with Ah Kim and Alicia jiejie. We went to this place called Delicious. Mummy said it was Aunty May's birthday. When we arrived, a few yai-yai (Chinese: naughty) uncles were smoking outside. Mummy just waved Hi from inside. Uncle Ah Seng was siting alone, not joining the smoking gang. Mummy chose a seat for us, then brought me for a walk. When we came back to the restaurant, all the uncles and aunties have arrived. Every body has seated and talking. I could not make out what they were saying, but they were loud, it made me got scared with all the noises, so I just sat down quietly. I was happy when my mummy gave me some prawn crackers from Ah Kim's plate. I just munched on my prawn cracker and kept to myself until this naughty uncle took Mr Blue away from me. I had to shout and cry in protest. I was being good, why must this uncle disturb me? I was so glad when Samantha jiejie came and they brought me out to play near the fountain. It was better than siting inside with all the noisy uncles. Later, some uncles mentioned they wanted to fork the aunty in the restaurant because she wanted to charge them RM100 to cut and eat Aunty May's cake in the restaurant (no wonder the aunty quicky kept the forks so that the uncles cannot fork her). So we left and went to sit outside to cut Aunty May's cake. Jomel jiejie (she said she's jiejie woh) said she wanted to bring me see baloon, but she bluffed me. There was no baloons, only flowers. Anyway, it was better than hanging around the noisy uncles.

Zara no eyes see. Mummy and the funny, noisy gang

Aunty May wanted me to help her blow the candle on her cake, but my mummy always told me candle will burn burn me, so I dare not go near the candle. After that, uncle Ah Seng showed me his dirty teeth. My mummy warned me, if I don't brush my teeth, my teeth will be like uncle Ah Seng. Now, I always brush my teeth every night, I don't want to be like uncle Ah Seng, nice face, but horrible teeth. I was very glad when mummy brought me, Alicia and Samantha jiejie home soon after the cake was cut and eaten.

Mummy later told me these are the other people who went to Aunty May's dinner who didn't disturb me : Uncle Chicken, Uncle JKN, Uncle GBYeow and Uncle 9393


geetha said...

"Zara, mummy bring you to a boring function is it? You seemed to be glad to be back. At least you learnt a thing or to from all those adults ;)"

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

That naughty uncle thinking your blue blue is from his 'BinTai Bag'.*Shake Head*

Jesslyn said...

Wien & Lyon: zara, next time don't join those noisy gang hor, come and join us! we play masak-masak in toy house lagi syok!

may said...

Zara baby, I love you!!!
thank you for coming to my birthday party, and showing me Mistah Boo too. next time we go kai kai again, ok? (and we don't invite all the yai-yai uncles... teehee!)

L B said...

WAAAAA, the Masked Raiders Strike Again!!!!! Hehehe, nice nice nice...

Anonymous said...

as i know .. delicious charge only RM25 to cut outside cake wor... RM 100?? tats too muich eh!!

King's wife said...

ok, now Ah Kim will teach you how to pronounce fork properly. It's F-U-.......

Lin Peh said...

zara zara...dun cry dun cry...."kor kor tai nei tai kam yee. OK ?" LOL!

Zara's Mama said...

Aunty Geetha,
I learn if people charge me RM100 for a cake, I can fork them. :P

Uncle 9393,
I think that naughty uncle thought Mr Blue is the doll he kept in his cupboard.

Wien and Lyon,
Yeah, next time I go and play masak masak with you all better.

Aunty May,
Thank you. Sorry I didn't blow your candle for you hor.
Next time we go kai kai you make apple crumble for me hor? My mummy said loh mai kai also..
Please? *bambi eyes*

Uncle LB,
The other uncles all a bit 'siao' hor? Go where also wear mask.

Maybe because those uncles too noisy.. that's why they purposely charge want to charge them a lot.

Ah Kim,

Naughty uncle,
You no more kor kor.. you gold fish uncle.

michelle said...

It looks like a great party!!

jazzmint said...

looks like everyone enjoyed themselves. I love the food @ delicious, nice yah

mom2ashley said...

did you all have the chocolate brownie???? it's delicious! the chocolate brownie at the one u branch is the best!!!

mama bok said...

i like zara's perspective of the outting.. kekkeeke!

Simple American said...

What is a gold fish uncle? I know somebody tried to kidnap my wife when she was little by enticing her with gold fish, but her sister saved her.

Nicely written Zara. You could teach my son a little about writing. When I come and visit KL you can meet another jie jie and kor kor. Okie?

JoMel said...

Zara, next time jie jie bring you go see real colourful baloons ok? promise... ;)

blurblur said...

I like the way you tie Zara's hair..very cute!:)

Looks like a fun outing for all...except Zara? hehehe...;p

sesame said...

Wow, another blogger's meet? So funny those fellas with a sanitary towel over their mouth. Oopps...

Gene Lim said...

hahahaah..this is funny.. :) great outing...but next time zara ask mummy to bring u elsewhere ler...there no fun..no friends like me play with me..all noisy uncle disturbing only ;)

Allyfeel said...

Zara, next time those uncles disturb you again ya just tell them to "go away" in a nice manner. :D

Looks like you enjoyed yourself meeting mommy's blogging friends lately eh?

Zara's Mama said...

It was.. but I think a bit lost for the kids. :P

Food there is really good.. I like it too..

No.. b'cos May baked some.. so we had home made one instead.

Yeah.. :P

Simple American,
Aaah.. that's gold fish uncle.. some one who tries to lure little girls with gold fish, and then get sexual favour from them..
Your wife was lucky to have been saved!

Uncle Simple American,
OK.. next time when American kor kor got his own website.. remember to ask me to review huh?

Jomel jiejie,
Don't bluff me any hor?? But it's still better than following any of the gold fish uncles la.

Maid tied it.. I could never get her to agree to tie her hair, but maid could. :P
Yeah.. I think she was so happy to go home and just played with her cousin jiejie.

You can imagine loh.. how foul mouth these people are since they have to use sanitory towel. :P

Aunty Gene,
Yeah loh.. Kidzsports more fun.. More korkor and jiejie. :P

Aunty Allyfeel,
Actually I already said, "Don't Want".. but they don't care.. so I have to cry loh.
The aunties are nice in the party.. the uncles very loud.. Zara sked sked.

HMom said...

Zara is very sociable. Bravo to you!

HMom said...

Zara is very sociable. Bravo to you!

See Fei said...

Zara, next time invite uncle 4fei, ok!? hope to see your entry more often...


little zara must be the centre of attention- getting all the teasing from the adults.

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