Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Photos - Play

Zara wanted to play with some paint on a rainy day, she started making a mess. So I stripped her and let her paint herself silly in her tub.
When I was not looking, she found my really really old tampons, unwrapped the plastic wrapper, and started playing with it.
We were at my sister's place on Sunday, and she had a good time playing with her cousins. Here is here trying to strum the guitar. She's trying to do a yoga bridge, after seeing King's Wife's daughter Samantha did it. And here is her extremely tired, waiting for daddy's car at the lobby of my sis' apartment


may said...

she almost looked like a little warrior putting on war paint before a battle! heheh!

awww, mista boo... how are yooo?

Tracy said...

Wah seh, she tattooed her face and body. Modern painting? What an art!

Zara thought the tampons were some kind of 'crackers' (where u pull the ends and pop it goes)? Kakakakaka.

mom2ashley said...

wah..leonardo at the nude!

Simple American said...

When I first saw Zara's pic in bloglines I was worried she had a bad scratch on her cheek. hehe You know for just slapping on some paint, the colors have a pleasant mix to them. At first I thought you had painted a dragon on her.

Playing with tampons huh? Good thing she don't try on.

L B said...

er, now I suddenly remembered playing with KOTEX when I was *very* young... thus my fascination with playing Doctors & Nurses...

Vien said...

I bet you'll get a flood of comments on those tampon pics..hehe.

Egghead said...

LOL! isn't she too young to be doing body tatoo and playing with your "stuff"? LOL!

jazzmint said...

wahh....body tattoo :P

Jesslyn said...

wah, u really let her mess up like that hor! I wouldn't...lazy to clean up them later!

Zara's Mama said...

See.. innocent mind thinks differently. Daddy thought it was too sensual to post these photos. *slap head*
Mista boo is doing fine!

Hee hee..
I don’t know what she thought it was, but she spent a good 10mins checking it out.

Easier for me.. just host her down after. :)

Simple America,
At a glance, it does look like she has hurt herself.
She did all the painting on herself. I never helped, just watched. Maybe to her, it was Barney she drew.
I don’t think she knows how to ‘use’ it.. but if she’s 7yrs old, I would be worried she’ll attempt to put it on.

You started young eh? Being fascinated with the body and things they use of the opposite sex.

Lets see what fascinates people more. The painting of the tampon.

Let her start young.. you started LLS on light saber young too ma.

Body painting.. not tattoo.. : )

She already made a mess, that’s why I stripped and put her in her bath. After that, just bath her, and the paint will all wash off. If it’s not washable paint, I won’t let her go near.

sesame said...

Wah, that's some mess. She's into body art? Hahaha...I've never let Gavin tried painting at home. Hehe...not sure if I should attempt it.

AsleyLee said...

Oh,good idea to play painting in bathroom! Easy to clean later too!!
But i think i can't confine Jo in the bathroom, sure he wants to paint other things other than his body!

Wow, playing tampon, hehehe...cute!

blurblur said...

Wow..Zara very artistic!She can paint, play the guitar, do yoga pose...and erm...'play the tampon'(new instrument??);p

Very good idea of letting her do the painting in the bathroom, wonder if i can do that with my super active Damien...;)

maria @ twinsmom said...

wha wah wah... the look on her face holding the brush in the tub so lan-si leh, like she know she is a master like that LOL...

geetha said...

Zara doesn't paint on paper ah? Very strict look, with the body painted :)

Hmm, Champion and Zara can do yoga together lah.. Champion also does the same thing!

domesticgoddess said...

wah... into body painting liao??

Robin said...


anyway, a good wash should do the job..

a friend's kid got hold of their condoms and openly used it as a rubber band to shoot his friend in class.. and was caught by the teacher.. oops,

Baby Smooches said...

she's got this really cool cool look on her face in the picture of her in the tub with paint!

khongfamily said...

Paint in the bathroom...what a good idea. Just play with the paint as she likes and clean at the same time. Smart move!

Zara's Mama said...

It's messy but she likes it so much. That particular day she was really getting all dirty so I thought what the heck, stripped her let her get all messy, I can just host her down after. :)
You should let Gavin try it occasionally.

Hui Sia,
Yeah.. easy to clean up. Zara is still small size, so can still fit her nicely in the toilet. :) Josh is probably too big.

Looks like super model's lansi look or not?

Zara paints on paper too, just not that day. :)
Haha Champion likes to try out yoga pose too? They look so cute when they try to imitate right?

1st round.. but she liked it so much, maybe will let her do again.

Of course the paint is non toxic and washable. I won't risk it. :)
Oh my, it must have been a shocker for your friend.

Baby smooches,
Yeah, like what Maria said, very 'lansi' :)

That's right! But make sure it's washable paint. :)

Gene Lim said...

she is soo cutee...such a young age knows yoga liao ar... ;)

Sabrina said...

Wah.nice body art.She should join the world tatoo convention.Hehehe

Allyfeel said...

She is getting chubbier la. And she got a "LCLY" face ler on the first top left photos. HAHAHA :)

Luckily she is too young to know where to insert that tampon thingy.

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