Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bali - III

Day 4 ~ Sunday 29th April We hired Ketut's car again for the day. This time to get us inland to Danau (Lake) Bratan, near Bedugul. It is a town located 1400 meters above sea level. As we got nearer to our destination, the weather got cooler, and we started seeing rice terraces. Bedugul is a small highland town, a bit like our Cameron Highlands, popular for its vegetables and fruits.

Rice fields on our way; a stop before arriving Bedugul; at the Bedugul market; happy to get myself a pair of beaded slippers for less than RM30

There was some religious ceremony which has just completed when we arrived at Lake Bratan.

Around Lake Bratan; Pura Ulun Bratan, a small temple, can be seen on the pix, built on a small island in the lake; Zara trying out one of the boats for hire; Zara checking out the 'big swimming pool' (that's what she called the lake)

running around and exploring in the park surrounding the lake

For lunch, we headed for a nice restaurant in Pancung, about 20minutes away. It is located on a slope, so you get a good view of rice terraces. It's slogan for the restaurant, "A view to dine for".

Zara occupying herself during lunch. Pulling out petals from chrysanthemums, stopped only to munch on some prawn crackers.

We then headed to Ubud, where we'll be staying for 2 nights.

We chose the Barong Resort right in Ubud town. When we arrived, we got a bit worried, seeing that it's located right at a busy street, but was quite surprise the rooms are all tucked further in, and it's very quiet, only sound we heard was birds chirping. It's almost 3 times the price of Ellie's and hence more luxurious. The elegant room came with a little court yard, where we could choose to have our complimentary breakfast and afternoon tea; a huge bed to roll about (for Zara) and a sunken bath tub. We also got complimentary shuttle service to any where we wanted to go within Ubud, and 2x 1hr massage (I used them all since Daddy doesn't like massages).

Zara happy to be bouncing on the big bed; the little court yard; Zara feeding in style; and Zara playing in the sunken bath tub

Since there was still some sun light, we brought Zara to the nearby Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It's very shady in the sanctuary and rather well maintained. Monkeys were every where, but did not come near us, until I purchased a bunch of bananas. A couple jumped on me to snatch the bananas giving me a fright; and Zara started weeping (still cradled in her carrier) seeing me attacked.

After this incident, every time I ask her, "Are the monkeys naughty or good?". She would reply, "Naughty!" "Beat mummy (she thought the monkey beat me)." "Snatch many manana (banana)." "Zara sked(scared)". I seize this opportunity to tell her it's not nice to snatch things, and she must always ask nicely if she wants something.

Monkey Forest Sanctuary

As for dinner, we went to this very popular restaurant called Bebek Bengkil (or Dirty Duck). It's a very nice pavilion-style restaurant with a rice-field backdrop. Extremely romantic setting. With a toddler, and to prevent her from mosquitoes' attack, we took the seat at the main pavilion at the entrance of the restaurant.

The signature dish, crispy duck (duck seasoned with herbs boiled until cooked, then deep fried), delicious with the Balinese sambal

Zara having the drum stick; I was busy eating, and she came and hugged me and said, "Mummy, miss you (probably thought it was the same meaning as Love you)"; Daddy let her try his beer, and after a few dip and lick, dip and lick, she really behaved a bit strangely (I think she got tipsy).

Day 5 ~ Monday 1st May We just hanged around in Ubud, shopping. I bought some absolutely gorgeous handmade silver and beaded jewelry!

Yes, market again!

Offerings for prayers around Ubud

And for dinner, it was Bebek Bengkil round 2.

Our dinner : Balinese starter (absolutely fabulous), some smoke fish pate (even Daddy who is a fish lover complained this dish is a bit weird), and of course crispy duck again; Zara 'supervising' and checking out the surrounding; resting on a cushion; and thumbs up from Zara and mummy

Day 6 ~ Tuesday 2nd May

Time to pack up and go home on our afternoon flight!

We had breakfast at our courtyard; Daddy getting Zara to read on the plane; Zara running about in Changi (since we took SIA).


Simple American said...

I love Zara's facial expression when she is running. Such pleasure.

Wah! What kind of man makes his wife endure not one but two massages. Haiz... kekeke

Y'all really had a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing all of your pics with bloggoland.

L B said...

Really enjoyed your Blog-travelog! Like being there, hor? :-) So, in January?... Zelia?

Jefferene said...

I love the pictures of Zara in the park, surronding by the yellow flowers. Looks really pretty, both the scene and baby!

shoppingmum said...

Wah, no wonder you're MIA for a few days. I haven't been to Bali, but will surely go there one day when my kids are older. BTW, congratulations on expecting baby no 2!!!

may said...

Zara drinking beer already? heheheh! I love those photos of Ubud, reminded me so much of my trip. hey, get your camera out, time to take pictures of all your souvenirs and show them off!

eve said...

hi there....congrats on the good news... guess we will be delivering togeder geder la...yay..i m pregnant too..just found out 3 days ago... expected date of delivery in jan too i long for those holidays..lucky u..

Gene Lim said...

Great trip :) i bet u guys enjoyed urselves the fullest :)
Little Zara is soo adorable .... lovely pictures!


i was browsing up and down..up and down...very nice and colourful photos. i always thought when people go to Bali, they will just hang out by the seaside and be a beach bum for a couple of days.....but to my surprise, you and family just spent 6 days in Bali packed with activities.

i like watching lil Zara absorbing in the dear.

AsleyLee said...

I love the bath tub very very much! Your snapshots were quite sophisticated!

King's wife said...

after telling you abt my experience with bananas at the Monkey Forest place, you still went and bought some bananas??? **roll my eyes**

maria @ twinsmom said...

Zara 没有打醉拳? LOL...

Samm said...

Happy Holidaying in Bali. Lei Jau Hou Lerr.... what a wonderful way to kickstart a pregnancy. Me now, dont wanna sit for long anywhere. Backside and backaches.

After reading this, i'd really love to Bali one day. Sure no more bombing ledi ahhhhhhhh

sesame said...

Wow, love your accomodations at Ubud. Looks luxurious.

I was attacked by the monkeys there too. They're quite wild because they're so ussed to pple.

Loc Kee said...

wow Zara so small oledi got 'Out Country' experience ohh... nice trip and Great pics taken.
make me 'Heart move move' :p

Congratulation on your Shocker!!!!! ya, there will be someone to play with for zara.

mom2ashley said...

looks like lots of fun..i can't wait!!!! and zara got tipsy from the beer??? LOL!

blurblur said...

Fun filled trip with lots of activities..and the pictures are lovely!

I showed hubby your post, hoping to 'lure' him there with all your nice pictures and description of Bali..he told me: "hmm..let me think it over first.." don't know think for what!!! Man!

Mama Kat said...

Wow, nice place to go for a short trip.. See Zara enjoy her trip.. I love the pix of the footsteps.. so sweet...

Congrats on the Shocker.. Zara will have a sibling soon!!

ka..t said...

What a lovely holiday you had! And Zara is such a darling in all your photos. As usual, you are very methodical in documenting your journey!! :)

I liked that you roamed about the country and mingled with the locals. I'm sure Zara will pick up your 'wandering' ways!

Helen said...

Hey, this Barong Resort looks very nice ler.... Is that the so-called 'bath tub' Zara's dipping in? lol

I'll be back in the afternoon to slowly scrutinize ur pics!

earthember said...

Zara looked like she had a wonderful time, running around and exploring.

Has she gotten over the loss of Mr Blue? Are you planning to buy her another?

HMom said...

Looks like loads of fun!

We may consider B ali for the end of the year. Do you recommend bringing the kids?

geetha said...

So much fun lah... nice, nice.

The picture of Zara examining the flower is sweet :)

Selba said...

Ah... finally you are back from your Bali trip! Glad to see Zara, you and your husband had a great time in Bali.

Next month, my division will be having an outing to Bali, we will staying in Kuta :)

Egghead said...

the picture where "Zara 'supervising' and checking out the surrounding" is soooooo cool!

jazzmint said...

wah the bathtub very nice hoh..sunken somemore!!! Looks like a good trip for 3 of you + 1 :). Hey, how come you are on SIA? I thought u got the free tickets from AAsia?

ky said...

It's nice to have a trip together before you get heavy and the baby arrives (though you did not plan it for that reason).

Allyfeel said...

Wow! It looks like a very nice and fun Bali trip. Especialy the yummylicious food and shiok shiok massage. *Drooling*

Zara is so sweet. I adore her eyes!

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Hee hee.. I'm so thankful he's ticklish.. makes me have all the massages and not worried he'll go to massage parlours who can be a bit seedy. :P

Thank you..
Zelia? Let's see what my husband said.. Any nice boys name? Zalbie? Kaka.

I find that she blends in very well with nature.. hope she'll love nature like we do.. then there'll be more of such trips and shots.

Yeah loh.. MIA until didn't know you have popped!
Yeah.. next time you must bring the whole family there..

Ubud is nice isn't it? I should have stayed there day 1.
Hmm.. let me see if I can get a good pix of them. My camera doesn't do micro shot that well like yours.

Hey, you too?? Wow.. Good and congratulations!! Now we can trade tips and experiances.

Yes, we really enjoyed ourselves. Aaa.. if only we can do a holiday every month.

Two Little Fellas,
We like nature, and I told hubby if we wanted beach, we could have gone to an island in Thailand. That's why we did all these inland trips to see the rest of Bali. I should have done a more relaxing trip, for the sake of Zara, but she didn't really complain, so...

Hui sia,
Bathtub is the price of staying in a good resort, but we only indulge in this once a while.. most of the time is to have clean and cheap rooms. :P

King's Wife,
You told me meh? I asked you about Bali, your reply was.. err.. that was so long ago woh.

Haha.. almost already.. was swaying left and right.. :P

Avoid the bombing area loh. That's why we didn't stay in Kuta even though that's where you get the best hotel rates and very convenient to move around and eat.
Luckily we did this trip, wonder if I would have gone if I knew I was pregnant.

I heard the monkeys in Uluwatu are even worse.

Loc Kee,
Now below 2yrs old, flight is free ma.. after that must pay, so bring her fast fast loh. Thanks.

It'll be your turn!! Envy envy! Arr.. don't we wish we can just keep going for holidays?
Now if you offer Zara beer, she'll say Don't Want.. If you asked her why? She'll say Mabuk.. :p

Tell him it's very safe. I think a lot of ppl are still worried about the bombing, but if you avoid those areas.. they should be alright.
See if successful or not huh you to lure him there. :P

Melody's Memory,
Welcome.. We really did have a good trip.
Yes, Zara will be jiejie in 8mths time!

That's what we hope she'll be as well.
Nature lover, and not those who only like big resort hotels.

Yeah.. the sunken bath tub is nice.. aaah.. don't I wish I have one at home.. *dream*

I'm a kiasu mum la.. she has 3 Mr Blue at home.. one upstairs in the room, one downstairs, one as backup if either one of them sent for washing.. So my back up is gone.. I'll probably have to go get another. :P
She was so so so happy to see Mr Blue when she was back.

For your younger one maybe not.. B'cos they use 100% mineral water, and young babies shouldn't consume mineral water as it may affect the kidney.


Kuta?? Not afraid of bombing? I avoided Kuta because of that.

And she likes to be called Supervisor now.. haha.

Oh now.. we took SIA, Daddy claimed airmiles to go.. We didn't go for the airasia free tix.. timing not right.. Too bad.

yeah.. Now, I'll have to be house bound for another 2 yrs, until newbaby is as big as Zara before we can go to such countries.

Thanks.. yes, the food and massage were great!! Arrgh! Too bad back to work now.

Greenapple said...

those are some great pictures! really enjoy reading them.
those must have been some great family time huh?

btw, your man is very tall hoh?

Cocka Doodle said...

How come you so happy coming out of the curio shop ah?
Like 'chup toe kam' liddat.

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, it was a great family holiday!
My hubby is quite all.. compare to me. :P

Cocka Doodle,
Found good deal ma.. happy loh.
Just like you.. see pretty girls.. also happy mah.. right?

Helen said...

Done looking at pics. I spotted carrot juice and beer. lol

Blogie-Talkie said...

Many visitor on your site, Z's mama
Really enjoy watching the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

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