Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Post Bali

After a week holiday in Bali, I had so much to catch up work wise and blog reading wise. Will need some time to clear some of these back logs. Although I have lots more to share, I'll have to do this only when I find time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you asked Zara how Bali was, she would say, "Drink" (she can't understand we went to Bali, to her Bali is the drink Barley). If you asked her what she did in her holiday, she can't remember the scenery or the car rides, but she recalled her encounter with the animals. This is how she remembers : "Pat pat snake" (she patted a snake in Lake Bratan, braver than Daddy, who ran away and hid behind me when the snake handler took out the big snake) "Hmmm... Pat pat ruh-coon (Raccoon)" (also in Lake Bratan) "Hmmm... Pat pat big deer" (she likes to punctuation her sentences with Hmmm nowadays. The deer was a wood carving found in Bebek Bengkil restaurant) "Hmmm.. Touch lion" (one of the stone carving she saw) "Hmmm.. Touch cow" (another stone carving) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My take on traveling to Bali: ~ Bali is a nice place to go to. If you are afraid of bombing, avoid the busy or the concentrated area, like Kuta. ~ I think it's ok to go with kids above 1yr old, but not below. Since drinking water is 100% mineral water, and it's not advisable to give any mineral water to kids below 1yr in fear that their kidney may not be able to handle the high mineral content. ~ Kids who can already take rice would have no problem eating in Bali, however, you need to inform the restaurant what you order is for kids so no spices or chili will be added. For younger kids, you may want to bring baby cereal along. ~ I sterilised Zara's bottle using only boiled mineral water, not even tap, just to be safe. ~ Every restaurant serves fruit juices, the water used to mix with the juice is also mineral water, I gave Zara lots of fruit juices, since she's not taking much vege and fruits while we were there. ~ Bali's main tourist attractions is not very stroller friendly (lots of steps, narrow path), using a sling or carrier will be better. Popular shopping street is better for stroller, but still very bumpy (uneven road surface and walking path). ~ Renting a car with a driver for the whole day cost (~10hrs) about 450,000Rupiah 350,000Rupiah (US50-US40) with petrol and parking fee all included. It's more worth it to rent a car, than to take a cab, especially if you are going to a few places. On our first day of travelling in cabs, it cost us 300,000Rupiah in total (Ellie's->Sukawati->Denpasar->Nusa Dua->Ellie's). We survived Bali, so I guess now I can probably plan for another trip to Thailand. :-)


sesame said...

That's good to know. I think Zara was very good overall and that contributed to the ease somewhat.

Wow, Thailand? Which part?

blurblur said...

Thanks for the info, very helpful to me...as i'm still trying hard to 'lure' hubby there..hehe..:)

Hmmm...Zara is trying to talk like an adult now...so cute! :)

Phuket is a nice place to go...;)

Jesslyn said...

good tips there! Thank you. Guess should be no problme hor for me to take Lyon for travel?

Loc Kee said...

aiya i didnt know the Under 2 Free for flight rules... miss the chance liao :<

anyway, thanks alot for the info. wil consult you if going.

mama bok said...

You not only survived Bali..! you came home with a great present..! kekeke!

domestic rat said...

Zara seemed a lot more well-behaved than the current imp (THE niece) I have at home. We have a hard time getting her to eat.

may said...

ahh, I'll know who to look for if I need advice on bringing young kids on holiday. the time we went, it was a whole bunch of adults -- or should I say, "overgrown babies" -- just out for a good time! heheh!

geetha said...

Good info there. Thanks.

Zara is very well behaved and acts very mature nowadays huh :) Its good, especially when you are going to have your second.

Your next holiday after delivery or before?

jazzmint said...

wahh so fast plan for next holidays. Bangkok environment is quite dusty..but I suppose islands like Phuket is OK :). Must go before the 2nd one comes along hehe

maria @ twinsmom said...

Zara very well behave, lucky you to enjoy the tour :D.

whao... just came back from Bali think about Thailand liao? tsk tsk tsk... LOL...

ky said...

Heehee, Bali is barley water to Zara. Hmmm.., the trip must had been a good experiment, planning further away trip liao. Great!

L B said...

Excellent review.. as always. I've yet to set foot on Indonesian soil, so maybe this could be the twig to break the camel's bacl.. Can't believe your hubby hid behind you when the ular turned up!

AsleyLee said...

Zara is cute, Bali = Barley!
So fast to think for next trip? You better take more rest!

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, Zara being well behaved really motivate us more to go for our next holiday. :P
Next holiday, thinking only.. don't know will ever materialise or not.

I wrote that so you can show your hubby and persuade him to go ma.. :P

Should be no problem.. Especially Wien can help out also.. :P

Loc Kee,
Now you can bring SS2 to go loh.. but SS2 too young la.

Mama Bok,
Not made in Bali one woh, the present..

Domestic Rat,
Haha.. Zara likes to eat, but cannot stay still.. so we'll have to give her a book, or tell her a story when we do feed her.. tiring!

Big babies don't need strollers, you'll need lots of games and booze! I bet you must have had loads.

If I can.. I really wish to fly and go some where else.. Once the baby arrives, I'll have to be home bound again for 1 year +.

Yeah loh.. Some island in Thailand will be nice. But just thinking.. 'thinking' doesn't neccessary means happening.

If I can, I really want to be on holiday every day la.. :P
Too bad I'm not tall and pretty, or else sure will go and apply for air stewardess job already. :P

Yeah.. a lot of kids tied Bali to Barley. My niece did that too, even at 8yrs old. :P

Yeah, and if you have a baby to bring a long.. it'll help too to know how to handle the kid.
Yes, my hubby is not a brave man.. I think I'm braver than him.. :P

Hui Sia,
Must take some rest first.. thn only plan.. :P

Ryan Boy said...

Very nice blog! My Mmy love Bali too, she plan to visit Bali soon.. so thankful for all the information & attractive photos, it make my mmy "crazy" for tat!;p

thanks for those information... so mmy might bring me along!

momm said...

we brought natalie to australia twice so far. once when she was 16 months and the other was 2yr 9mths.

we explained to her that she was going on a 'holiday to australia'. repeated that several times. and amazingly when we brought her there the 2nd time round she remembered the meaning of 'holiday..'

when it came to washing milk bottles, we topped up her liquid detergent into a used mineral water bottle. so that we don't have to bring the hold bottle of detergent for a 5 day trip.

you might wanna try that the next time.

~natalie's mom~

Samm said...

Cheers for sharing tips on travelling with a baby, especially when the terrain isnt too stroller friendly. U know i never leave home without it, hoh. The sarong sling will definitely be on my wish list this time. Yours looks good too, Baby Bjorn right.

Simple American said...

I would be right behind Zara's Dad when the snake came out. Just don't like snakes.

Hope they have beer, cause I am not drinking mineral water. Hate that taste. Blarg.

Helen said...

I really gotta hand it to you that 3 of you are indeed brave to go Bali alone. lol Especially if you're going to the road less taken. Yep, I'll definitely take in ur advice if ever I go Bali.

But, for the 1st trip, I'll most probably opt for the security of a tour group. lol

Ricket said...

I saw the photos of your previous blogs, very nice leh. I like the green green padi field.

Allyfeel said...

Thanks for the info. Enjoyed reading them. I have been to Bali once but never bring bb along. Hope in the near future bb will have a chance to go holiday with us. :)

joeymiller38722822 said...
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HMom said...

Wow, Zara patted a snake! She's one brave little girl!

I wouldnt really recommend Bangkok for kids as its so polluted and not really baby frinedly. Phuket might be a better option.

HMom said...

Wow, Zara patted a snake! She's one brave little girl!

I wouldnt really recommend Bangkok for kids as its so polluted and not really baby frinedly. Phuket might be a better option.


Thanks for sharing- great infor for us parents.

Thinking about the next trip already?? i guess might as well now before the 2nd one come along-rite?

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