Friday, May 05, 2006

Bali - II

Day 3 ~ Saturday 29th April We hired a car with a driver for the day. Our plan for the morning was to visit the Southern coast of Bali, however, we changed our mind after speaking to Sam, from Ellie's. Instead, we asked our driver Ketut (almost every body is named Ketut in Bali) to drive us up to Tirtagangga, East of Bali using the coastal road. We wanted to stop to look at how salt are produced traditionally in Bali on the East Coast, but the road leading to that stretch of the beach was closed for construction. After more than 3hrs drive, we reached Padang Bai, a port on East of Bali for ferries to Lombok. We had seafood lunch there, and then headed inland.

Padang Bai : a port mainly used for travelers to get to Lombok. Clear turquoise water, very popular for snorkeling and diving.

Another hour or so, we reached Tirtagangga, the best surviving Bali royal water palace.

Around the water palace, Zara was fascinated with all the sculptures, especially the ones in animal forms

What surrounds the water palace fascinates us most. The lush green hilly rice fields, with lots of walking paths, makes a very nice stop for Zara to stroll around.

Zara very happy to be 'free' and not confined in her carrier or the car

Rice fields at the foot of Gunung Agong, seen here with its peak shielded by the clouds

We made another short stop at Candi Dasa, a small coastal town for coffee.

I love these photos. Zara was very chatty and was talking to me, while Daddy took these shots

It was then another 3hrs drive back down to the South. We got off at Kuta and did some shopping and had our dinner there. DVDs were going for USD1, I bought 10 Barney DVDs for Zara, and 2 sets of clothing. I'd gone past the phase of buying attractive handicrafts which I'd no used for. If I don't see a use for it, I don't buy it, it helps with the pocket. In the night, Zara slept soundly, while Daddy and I watched Four Weddings and A Funeral on DVD. (Ellie's had an extensive selection of DVDs for loan, and each room is provided with a DVD player.) It was a very long day, to be confined in the car most of the time from 10am to 7pm to see scenaries like this, I thought it wasn't worthwhile. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zara's moments in Bali We brought along Zara's comfort softie, Mr Blue to Bali, but unfortunately, it got lost in KLIA before we took off. Guess who became Zara's comfort object? Me! She's always saying : "Mita Boo, where you(where are you)?" followed by "Want suck suck Mummy's breast." (her exact words, no kidding! And her pronunciation for "Breast" is perfect!) "Want drink milk milk." And she continued to mumble, "Don't want Daddy's breast. Don't have milk." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ She didn't have any bowel movements the day we did the traveling, I was getting a bit worried. Then she surprised me while we were having tea at the cafe in Candi Dasa by holding my hand and telling me suddenly, "Mummy (in a sweet tone), poo poo oh-di (already). Change dar-per (diaper) pis (please). Smeh-wee(smelly)." in one breath. Since then, she's telling us to "Change dar-per" every time she does her poop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think I'd been telling her she can't do this and that too often. One day during the trip, while we were getting ready to go out, she was singing (tuneless but I know she's singing) her own invented song. She sang and swayed, "Ten-not (Cannot) Ten-not Do Do Do. Ten-not Ten-not Do Do Do." It was a jaw dropping moment for us, followed by lots of laughing.


domestic rat said...

Did I see little Z pulling Mommy's ear in one of the pics?

Sue said...

Zara's too cute! And what a waste to lose Mita Boo that way :(

I actually had the same thoughts when I was in Bali, safe for the few places where there were great picture taking opportunities (there were 2 or 3 places which are really nice), most of the places were quike boring and bland, nothing to shout about...

Allyfeel said...

The Rice field and water palace pics are very nice. aaa...I could see ur face clearly in these photos. :)

Zara has been very chatty lately eh? With a new life emerging, do u plan to stop breast feeding?

geetha said...

Nice scenaries.. I didn't know Bali got lots of things to see, until now :)

Suddenly she seems to be growing real fast, huh? Very clever oredi.

So, breatfeeding doesn't really help in family planning hor..

michelle said...

10 Barney DVDS? Wow, should have tumpang you.

Mama BoK said...

So cute..! and what a wonderful time you've had.. and lovely pictures too.. :)

Jesslyn said...

Those green green pic so pretty, expecially where zara walk at the green path one! seem like 走在乡间的小路!

may said...

oh gosh, she actually knows to tell you she needs a diaper change? that's one smart little girl! I think if I were here, I'd just sit there with a frown on my face and smell coming out of my backside... LOL!!

the pictures of you and Zara are lovely :)

L B said...

Hmm, and I am right below may's diapers....

These pictures are so pretty! They are worth a thousand words too.. Great to see, and read..

Egghead said...

very the cheap wor those DVD!
good quality ah?

maria @ twinsmom said...

"Don't want Daddy's breast. Don't have milk." -- LOL... I am having my lunch while reading blog, this line made me 喷饭 LOL...

the picture are lovely, I like the 4 pictures you taken with Zara :).

blurblur said... more mita boo...poor Zara..

Ya lovely pictures you've got here..especially the ones on you and Zara, really sweet.

Wow, she's speaking in sentences...way to go, Zara! :)

sesame said...

Zara is sure chatty for her age! Whoo hoo! She can express herself quite well!

I loved the rice fields in Bali. I could spend an afternoon in their cafe overlooking the rice field and listening to their gamelan music. The place I feel is rich in culture, but most of the locals are too sly for my liking.

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
Yeah.. she likes to pull of my ear rings nowadays.. *sigh*

I think if we plan well, we will only get to see all the nice sights.. the not-so-nice ones we can give it a pass. But this trip like I mentioned earlier, my fault for not bringing the guide book. :(

Drs Seagers at work? :P
BF-ing wise, I think I have to stop. Actually milk flow is already very low.. she's sucking for comfort, but after sucking, she still complains she wants more milk. :(

Bali is beautiful, if you know where to go.. :P
BF-ding doesn't help with family planning. In fact in blogsphere, there are a few mummies who got pregnant when they were still BF-ding.. Shoppingmum, Suzette and MSAU are few of them.

yeah.. I wouldn't mind.. Because DVDs are not too difficult to carry. But too late liao. :(

We did have a great time.. thanks to Zara being good.

Yeah.. I hope she'll grow up to enjoy nature like we do.. then we can bring her go hiking.. (but I have to get back in shape first la) :P

It's pretty easy with her now.. she tells us what she wants and what she doesn't want..
I like those pix too.. maybe will blow up and frame them. :P

You sync up with May to leave comments too?? *roll eyes*
Maybe soon.. maybe soon.. Maybe will have
I planned to name the 2nd one with a name starting with Z too.. will probably need your Italian connection to see if there are nice names. :P

Aiyo.. ~RM4.. what quality you want leh? I tried 2 of them.. they seem very good.. Although the print out of the DVD sleeve was a bit cheh-kai and they don't provide you with a DVD plastic sleeve. But for ~RM4.. I shouldn't complain.

This Daddy always teases her, until she quickly said she didn't want Daddy's breast liao.. Nowadays, always also said Don't want Daddy's breast.

I think mummy more poor thing Zara lost her Mita Boo.
The chatter box age begins.. but she still has lots to learn..

yeah.. istn't it amazing.. That's why I feel anxious having another.. Starting all over.
Yeah.. those serene rice fields are really nice huh? And yes, the locals can be a bit of a money sucker. There's always a reason behind what they do.. ($-related).. but I think time is bad for them with all the bombing, that's why they are like that. :(

mumsgather said...

The Zara moments are timeless. She's growing up fast isn't she. I like her song too. "Ten-not (Cannot) Ten-not Do Do Do. Ten-not Ten-not Do Do Do." Hahaha.

mom2ashley said...

it;s always so nice to read the zara moments! looks like she is going to be toliet trained very soon since she can already indicate to you that she has pooed! clever girl!!!

Simple American said...

It's tough be a parent. Sometimes they just ten-not do do do no. Cannot be helped. But that was cute. You just have to make sure she can have ten do do do time as well.

You and Zara looks so good together. Makes me think of that Paul Simon song. "The Mother and Child Reunion" which may not be its name but is a part of the chorus.

Change subject. Have you caught up on 25 Years Ago? I have been holding off so you would not get to far behind.


very refreshing...all the greeneries...and especially the loving mummy+daughter moments :)

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. those moments have to be captured.. or I'll forget forever..

She knows when she's peeing and pooing, but she just doesn't want to use the potty. :(

Simple American,
I allow her the freedom to do things most of the time, but not things that will endanger herself (which makes quite a lot of things too)..
Aaah.. I have to go look up that song.. My hubby probably has it.
I will I will catch up.. I want to know if it was Kim or Lee or Little Bit or whoever you'll end up with.

Two Little Fellas,
too bad I don't take photos like you do.. or else.. they'll be even nicer.

Twin said...

she's so good with words now. i see she enjoyed her trip in Bali - can plan for another one then.

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