Wednesday, May 10, 2006

This and That

Zara loves Roti Canai (Prata) and Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) very much. If we have it for breakfast, she'll be hanging around Tuyam, shouting for "Canai" or "Emak". She's smart, she'll take the part without the gravy or the sambal, if you give her those other parts, she would say, "Don't want. Spicy!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We went to Jusco after meeting some mummy and daddy bloggers in Kidzsports on Sun (read about it here and here), since it's members' shopping day. I got Daddy to look after Zara at the toy section while I went to grab things I need. Daddy joined me at the cashier once I'm done. I then realised Zara was munching on something. Me : You bought something for Zara to eat? (since the pram with all Zara's goodies was with me) Daddy : No Me : *shocked* Then what is it she's eating? Daddy : *quickly checked Zara* Zara, open your mouth and show Daddy. *dug into Zara's mouth, and scrap out some nut like thing* What is this Zara? Me : *angry* Where did she get that from? Picked up from the ground? Or did you see someone giving it to her? Daddy : I don't know Me : *even angrier* You were looking after her, and you don't know?? What were you doing?? Daddy : I'm telling you I was looking after her and I didn't see her picking up anything or anybody giving her anything! Me : ("Yeah! You are blind!" But I didn't say that) Please be more responsible when you are given the task to look after her!! Men! Didn't even realise his daughter is munching on something and how she got hold of that something to much! *slap head* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm trying to quicken the process to wean Zara. Every time when she asks for milk, I tell her I'll go make a bottle of milk for her. She'll protest, "Don't want. Don't want bottle! Want only mummy's breast!" But she'll suck on the bottle anyway when the bottle is placed near her lips. She's still nursing for her first feed and last feed though, I let her get her 'fix' then will supplement with some formula since I know my milk suppy is very low now. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zara sometimes like to call us by our names "Mummy XXXXX (XXXXX being my name), where you (where are you)?" "Mummy XXXXX, come!" "Daddy YYYYY (YYYYY being Daddy's name) come home di (come home already)." And I don't know who taught her this, but she likes to say, "Ah Ku ZZZZZ (ZZZZZ being my brother, the King's name) botak head (Malay : Bald headed)" since my brother has crew cut. (Tuyam denied teaching her this) . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zara as a whole is a very good girl, the only problem I have with her is during dinner time. She likes to climb out from her high chair, and scoop food from the dishes laid in front of her (she eats together with us, we don't feed her at a different time). She likes to complain about the food, "Don't want" "Don't like" "Not nice" "Blech" are some of her complaints. The last 2 days, I played a children music CD for her during dinner time. It did wonders! She sat down throughout (it could be us readjusting the height and depth of her chair too, since she's using Tripp Trapp, which we need to adjust the chair occasionally based on how much she has grown), chewing her food, while we can see her mind working on the songs (she has this far away look). She took lots of chopped vege (something she would spit out on normal days), rice, and fish. And because she's busy with listening to the songs, she left our dishes alone. I wonder how long this 'trick' will work on her.


mumsgather said...

"Blech" Hahahaha. This little Zara is getting to be cuter and cuter each passing day!

L B said...

Hahaha... choosey choosey eh? But you didn't try whatever Zara was munching happily away?
I am early today... Might even get the Gold if I can only type faster.. faster...

L B said...

Dang!!! Slow slow slow!!!

Egghead said...

fuh! poor zara's daddy kena whallop like that :P

blurblur said...

Fwah..ahmeen very fierce leh..Daddy got sked sked a not?;p

Zara always amazed me with her speech abilitiy..hmm..botak head..did she hear anyone said that of her Ah Ku before?

I teach Damien our names too..but so far he has not start calling us by names yet..hehe..;)

Mother Superior said...

Zara likes to "this and that". I wonder if she'll be like that when her sibling comes along.

Btw, how are you coping with pregnancy?

may said...

your little girl certainly is getting very vocal indeed! and choosey too... as most girls are. hmmm, fast learner, that... ;-)

Jesslyn said...

Lyon no more using high chair lor, cannot sit still la! so i just on her favourite cd song and feed her.

...psst psst, finally got the deal with Wien : switch on lyon's cd when it's her feeding time, else this jie jie will occupy the TV *sigh*

earthember said...

Zara's learning very fast for her age. I can just imagine how cute she sounds when she calls you and your hubby by your name.

It's not just her, I love roti canai and nasi lemak too. ;)

jazzmint said...

oops..i commented, but forgot to login and closed the window *arghh*

anyway, i was saying daddy always like that, doubles our worry rite.

i'm oso having same prob with u during dinner time, she likes to point at our food and demand to taste it. Good idea, shall try n see if it works for faythe too :)

Baby Smooches said...

Brendan likes calling me by the name whenever I don't answer him fast enough!

Reading your weaning experience makes me think about how I'm gonna face that in the very near future cos Eryn only wants the breast the whole night through!

AsleyLee said...

Man is man, always blur blur one! If this situation happens to me, sure we have a big quarrel later on...

ky said...

*sigh* Some men just couldn't pay a little more attention when come to looking after kids. Mine ah, one time, didn't even realise he had lost his son, until I asked him where is my boy? Panick like hell, cos' he couldn't tell me when and where he last saw him.

Samm said...

Gordon doesnt have much of an eating problem, but he does like to spit the last spoonful out. Especially when i've just put on a nice clean shirt for him after a bath.

He doesnt fancy large chunks of food. He'd spit it out the moment it enters his mouth. I must snip snip snip everything as small as possible. Even fish....

geetha said...

Good that you found something to distract her during meal time.. I cannot leave lil' President in baby chair.. he will climb and stand on it!! So scary.

Sometimes guys don't get to the details.. the yfail to realise the importance. That's why we need MOTHERS ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Cuter and more and more mischievious.. :P

Oh, she eats what we eat nowadays.. so I know what she's tasting.. :P
How come you are staying up so late??

Like that not wollap already.. wollap means kena longer lecture.. :P

Ah Meen can be fiercer.. but because in public place, and I was queueing up to pay, I give him chance only.. *sigh* the way men look after their kid.
I suspect King's Wife's maid might have thought her botak head.. I don't use that word.. so it can't be from me.
Damien good boy ma.. Zara geeting very cheeky liao..

Mother Superior,
When I tell her got baby, she said, "Don't want baby! Want Zara".
So far so good.. but haven't gone to see gynae yet, since still early stage.. Wait for another 2 weeks. :P

Haha.. this is the right we have since creation time. :P

Our high chair can adjust based on her growth.. so it's still very comfortable for her. And I like her to eat together with us.. so that she knows dinner time is family time. :P
Good huh, strike a deal with Wien. They both eat at different time? Lyon no high chair sit where then?

Ahh.. I must record down her calling one day.
Sometimes she calls me by the name, but I told her it's not nice.. Don't know if she understand it or not.

Yeah loh.. these men cannot jaga kids and ensure their safety one la.
See if it works for Faythe too.. and see how long it'll last.. :P

Baby Smooches,
Haha.. Bryan also very cheeky huh.. and clever to get mummy's attention.
As long as she wants it.. give it to her loh. It's doing her good anyway, unless it's making you feel inconvenient.

Hui Sia,
haha, you also garang like me one ah.. *high five*

Aiyo.. your hubby even worse, lost the kid some more.
Really huh? Why their brains work differently.. I think it's because they cannot multi-task. If concentration split for a secon.. the other task (looking after the kid) cannot handle already.

Gordon is such a good boy.. No eating problem, can sit still for long long.. Aah.. good training from you.

Zara too.. always want to climb out.. but we have already warned her.. she will fall.. hopefully she understands.
Yes.. that's why we need mothers!

michelle said...

Hehehe..You scold the wrong person, should scold Zara for simply picking up stuff and putting in the mouth.

Must forgive the guys, they are less observant and pay no attention to details. :P

mom2ashley said...

you'd prolly dont want to use up all your tricks (music during dinner) in your bag or she'll get used to your tricks and you'll have to find another...

Simple American said...

Still not sure what roti canai is. I have found a Malaysian restaurant in Houston. Wonder if they might have some. Wonder if the missus might want to go there for Mother's Day?

I find duct tape is an invaluable parenting device. You can duct tape Zara in the chair and she will never get out until you cut her out. Worked great when my kids toddled around. Just try and keep the tape off bare skin. Very stick and the kiddos scream when you yank it off.

(That was a joke) I never could get my kids to stay in the high chair. I spent half the meal putting them back in a sitting position. Now they are older and I am trying to work on posture. It never ends.

Jason said...

Hehe, Zara is progressing very fast. :D Each time I read your blog, new surprise from her.

sesame said...

As long as the CD is interesting, it should work for quite a while.

maria @ twinsmom said...

keep changing the music CD LOL... we have changed from Hi5, to wiggles, to Dora, now Winnie the Pooh.

parenting expert said it is not good for kids to dine with TV, I really hope the eexpert can come to my house and show me how to do it LOL...

Cocka Doodle said...

Hmmm...Zara getting very chee char.
Hmm...wonder who she picks after?

Gene Lim said...

ohh boyyy..she is just soo cute and adorable..getting wiser and wiser each day huh ;)
must teach her eat spicy food eh :) malaysian maa..that's what i am trying to teach ryan to eat spicy.

Men usually not very detail like us moms when comes to babysitting. If i leave Kit to babysit Ryan just one dinner meal..ryan will just eat all junk food instead of proper meal. :(

Ryan have the same problem with the high chair thing..that is why we stop letting him use the high chair..we let him use the adult chair with a booster seat. Thank God he eats everything even vege..he loves green leafy vege. :)

Vien said...

Music, eh? Must jot that down. Will definitely use that when mine starts fidgeting around.

Allyfeel said...

I noticed also ler, if I on the TV or something of bb's interest, he will just gobble down food unconsciously. :D

It's still work for him now that he is 2 1/2 years-old. is a little careless sometimes but after long lecture, I think he wld learnt already kua...

Zara's Mama said...

You are a really forgiving person.. what a virtue!

Yeah.. it's tough to keep up with her. First it was giving her a book.. thn giving her her own set of cutlery.. I wonder what is the next trick. :P

Simply American,
It's called Roti Prata in most places. It's a very thin flaky pancake, to be eaten with curry.
When I saw duct tape, I thought you were some kind of a weirdo. Almost wanted to report on you..
Phew.. luckily you were joking.

Of course ma.. growing..

Or.. I keep buying new ones. :P

Oh.. mine is just music CD, not VCD or DVD. I try not to let Zara watch TV and eat as well.. although I know that's the easiest option. I keep that as the ultimate weapon.. used only when she totally refuse to eat, and not feeling well.
On other days, I prefer her to sit with us, and join in dinner. :P

Cocka Doodle,
Me loh.. who else..
Tonight you'll meet her.. your offer for baby sitting her still valid or not?

Gene Lim,
Spicy food at her age.. too young.. sometimes she accidentally takes some, she'll be crying.. with real tears flowing, and fanning her own mouth.
Yah.. Men are quite hopeless when it comes to looking after the little ones.

Haha.. you have to start filling up your bags of goodies/ideas.. Vien will be joining the bandwagon soon.

Sabrina said...

Must be very careful with children at that age. Last time, my MIL gave keith a balloon to play with. When I came back from work, I saw him chewing something and quickly dug it out. It was part of the balloon which he was playing with and MIL blamed the maid for giving it to him. She was the one who always like to give him dangerous n dirty toys to play all the time.

TWO LITTLE FELLAS said..., you put her in front of tally during dinner time too-huh? that's the trick i used when the going gets tough- it works most of the time ;P

wow, lil zara calling you guys by name alreadi- she is good.

Anonymous said...

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