Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My father's birthday - photos

We celebrated my father's birthday on Saturday in Swiss Chalet, Ampang. It was a long drive for us. There were at least 10 Korean restaurants, 2 Korean supermarkets and 1 Korean hair dresser on the row of shops where Swiss Chalet was. There were many Korean kids and adults walking about and talking in Korean on the street. It was as though we were in Seol. We chose this place because the whole top floor of the restaurant were allocated to our dinner group which consist of 19 people. My eldest sis arrived last with Tasha. Tasha is about 5months now, and so chubby and cute. Every body gathered around her to hear her coo and babble.

While waiting for our main course, Daddy stuffed himself silly with home made bread (his all time favourite), and so did Zara (also her favourite).

I have to say the soup and the salad were wonderful. I had crab bisque soup and shared a salad nicoise with Daddy. For main course I had fried trout. It was horrible. It's just my taste buds I believe. Can't stand fish with very strong metal taste. Blech! Every body who had steak said the beef was divine.

While we were having dinner, Zara was so happy to have her cousins playing with her, she was running around, dancing, doing all kinds of silly stunts. She even wanted to walk on the wall because my youngest nephew suggested she can do it like spider man. My father grinning upon seeing his cake. The restaurant even lighted some sparkles on the cake. Zara said "Ah Kong's cake brink brink (blink blink)". Dad then distributed ang pows (Chinese : Red packets which contain money) to all his grandchildren. Zara was very happy to collect them although she has no idea what they contained.

Zara really had a good time but when it was back at home, oh my, she was crying and fussing, and it took her 1hr to settle down and sleep.


L B said...

Awww! How loverly to have a nice big birthday with the family!! Zara's amazing, always amazes me.. She looked so Pretty in Pink.

may said...

Zara's dress reminds me of the frocks my uncle used to buy for me from UK when I was young. I loved wearing them and twirling around.

and Tasha is soooo adorable!! *pinch cheeks*

mama bok said...

How nice to have family gathering like that..! i really love it.. ;)

mom2ashley said...

your dad must have a had a great time as well - to celebrate his bday with his kids and grandchildren

1+2mom said...

Tasha so cute ler, i also want to carry her.
My oh my, Zara too excited b4 that till cant sleep well at nite.

mom2ashley said...

just wanted to let you know that thebabyloft.com sells the weleda toothgel you've been looking for..

jazzmint said...

haiya, zara must be not happy with the angpau lah, that's why whine when got home :P.

Your dad must be so happy celebrating his 70+ bday with all the cucus around :)

AsleyLee said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you daddy!

Emm..your daddy looks like "Mahathir", hehehe..

Simple American said...

She is so pretty and cute. Got a little wound up. You see this is when she should share Daddy's beer. ;)

And the big girls belong to King's wife. Such beauties. I can send over some pump shotguns for keeping the boys honest. I tell you nothing makes an impression like cleaning the shot gun when the date arrives. And the dissussing the types of shot you have and the damage they could do. Makes a good impression on the lad.

And last and not least. Your dad looks so good. Very happy indeed. So he has to give red pocket on his birthday. Hmmm. Have to reconsider moving. The expense just went up.

Gene Lim said...

wow..that is one good celebration for ur father :) i didn't know Ampang got Swiss Chalet huh...that's cool.. they are famous with their chicken and ribs overhere..although i haven't try it be4. Kit said the chicken is kinda soft..is like they boil it b4 they pour the bbq sauce.
Zara fussed because she missed all the kids playing with her huh...well, soon she will have one sis or bro to play with her..wont be that bored anymore liao hor :)

mumsgather said...

Haha. Zara had too much stimulation from all that excitement eh?

Egghead said...

Zara dunno what is inside the red packets? lucky her! my son throw the red packets away after pulling out whatever it contains ler... LOL!

Vien said...

Zara looks so cheeky.

Cocka Doodle said...

After blowing out the candles, did anyone push a candle deep into the cake and get grandpa to pick it out with his teeth?
That would be so much fun.

Robin said...

cute cute zara.. what are going to do with the big angpow?

Buy a car?

sesame said...

Kids usually get cranky when they're too tired. Btw, Tasha is looking cute.

Hehe, how come no pix of the food to make us drool?

Helen said...

Zara looks so pretty... but surprisingly or shall I say disappointingly, she's not wearing anything sexy??! :-P

Hey, be careful when you carry your sister's baby. Your cleavage is spilling over... (OK, I notice all these things one.. lol) That's one deep longkang ler... lol

Your daddy must be a looker in his days. How old is he??

Twin said...

Yeah i've heard of the korean street in ampang. Haven't tried dinner there b4. My kids are the same when they have outings. Play too much i suppose. They'll grow out of it.

geetha said...

I guess she was too tired after playing with her cousins..

Nice birthday for grandpa hor.. with all his grandchildren. Birthday wishes to him :)

blurblur said...

Zara looks pretty in that sweet pink dress! She's a little girl now! :)

Guess your dad must be very happy to have all his children and grandchildren celebrating his birthday for him! Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad and here's wishing him happiness and good health! :)

JoMel said...

come zara, jie jie show you balloons.. come zara, jie jie hold the angpow for you...

shoppingmum said...

I like the baby's haed band, looks very cute!
Your taste buds start to change, still like fish? I couldn't take fish during preg, makes me puke most of the time.

Cocka Doodle said...

gosh! Now that Helen has pointed out the cleavage!
I would have mistaken you for a cow!

**runs off**

Lin Peh said...

I tink u more happier than Zara when she got the Ang Pao ;-)


zara is getting prettier...especially in her pink dress. i like to see her trotting around happily. so fascinating to see her bloom into a lovely toddler.

your dad looks so healthy and good - must be the booster from the happy cucu...

Zara's Mama said...

This only happens on my dad’s birthday. All the rest of the people just have little birthday celebration. Then again, he’s giving out angpow. Who’s to complain yeah? :P
So you know what colour you should use for her gown? *ahem*

Lucky you!! Zara doesn’t have many clothes like this. Daddy always seems to prefer her to be in pants. Men! *slap head*

Mama bok,
Yeah, it’s nice, it’s only my dad’s birthday that we can gather so many people together.

Yeah.. He likes to be fussed about, my dad. :P
And thanks for the update on the tooth gel.

Cute hor? Like a doll.
Yeah. Too excited until it was hard to get her to sleep.

Haha.. maybe hor.. she had a peek and then got angry. :P Yeah loh.. he’s very happy.

Hui Sia,
Thank you.
Yeah.. I think he does look like Mahathir. My nieces used to point to the TV when Mahathir is on the news and said, “Ah Kong on TV”.

Simple American,
Hm.. bad influence you are!
Yes, those are King’s Wife’s kids. And yes, they are beautiful. The thing is in Malaysia, it’s illegal to keep any arms at home. *Sigh* I like your idea of cleaning the shot gun when potential dates drop by. Should I migrate to US then? Hmmm.
When you are above 60, you are supposed to give out red packets on your birthday. That’s the Chinese tradition. You married a Chinese didn’t you.. hmm.. so you know what you need to do when you turn 60. You have to keep tradition alive man! :P

I believe the one in Canada would be the same as the one in Ampang. Because we had a big party, they only gave us 3 choices for each course. Hubby and I would definitely go back to try out the a la carte.
I think Zara just got over stimulated. :)

That’s right, and who suffers? Mummy. :)

Wah.. your son very money face who.

She is.. at least during the dinner.

Cocka doodle,
Your birthday we’ll know what to do.. Thanks for giving me ideas. Hee Hee.

Education fun! That’s where it’s going. To ease mummy and daddy.

Yes. Tasha is a cutie.
It’s tough to take food pictures when you have to keep an eye on the toddler and feed her at the same time. Next time, I’m bringing my maid!

Once a while, must let her wear something conservative ma. But she didn’t like it when we put on that dress for her. She said HOT. 
Alamak, like that also you notice. I hope you don’t look at men’s bulges. Hee hee.

You should go there and try out the Korean street.. It’s really strange feeling. More Korean than Malaysian.

She was over stimulated. *sigh*
Only on grandpa’s birthday we have celebration like this. How unfair.

Thanks for your wishes. I should make him read my blog hor?
Yes, Zara is a girl now.. a running around too much girl. :P

Wah.. I thought only Uncle Goldfish do such things one?

Looks very girlish hor? Tasha?
Daddy doesn’t fancy things like this, that’s why Zara didn’t use any headband when she was younger.
Actually with this pregnancy, every thing tastes horrible. Simple food like bread and yogurt tastes so much better than other things. Maybe my body is telling me I need all these good food instead of the crap I’d been taking (nasi lemak and roti canai).

Cocka Doodle,
But I am a cow.. I provide milk to my baby.. well not as much as it used to be.. but still.. And please look at other things instead of the tummy and the cleavage ok?

Lin peh,
Yeah.. I was counting the return of investment (investment on dinner, vs return from ang pow) heh heh.

Two Little Fellas,
Thank you. It’s amazing to see how quick she grows. Sometimes I wish time can stop.. but then it’s impossible.
My dad has a good life all his life (because we’re good kids, he doesn’t have to have any headache). That’s why he looks healthy. :P

Simple American said...

I always tell people that I am half Chinese. That always gets me a peculiar stare. Then I respond that my better half is Chinese. Better half is nick name for spouse.

Of course recently I have also looked at how people have sex changes. When I leave the states for good I want a race change. Then I become 100 % Chinese. Can I do it? Wonder how much surgery and cost to do that?

Allyfeel said...

Lil Zara looks so pretty in that Pink dress. That really is a nice 3 generations gathering. I bet that's the best birthday gift for your father.

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