Saturday, December 10, 2005

Shopping Day again

I took off on Friday, and met up with King's Wife and her girls for another day of shopping (what else can you do in the afternoon with 2 kids and 1 toddler on tow?). Before we hit the mall, we went to the famous jeweler's place to collect some exquisite crystal bracelet I'd ordered. I love crystal (semi precious stone and diamonds!) jewelry because of the different healing properties the different crystals hold. and I love them simple and wearable all the time, something which I don't have to remove even when I'm in the shower. The famous jeweler was busy completing the last bit of stringing, leaving her twins to host us. Zara was one who never stand on occasion, she made herself feel right at home; she spotted the twins' bike, and immediately climbed on it; she saw any thing resembling a toy, and started taking and playing with it. Until one of the twin could not stand any more and went to complain to mummy. *See where her fingers were in the photo, she even wanted to control what was to show on TV* I got 3 different bracelets, one using garnet, another using peridot, and one more combining amethyst and rose quartz. For the latter design I got one for Zara as well. I also got a pair of earrings for my niece, Alicia since she's into jewelry now. King Wife's got herself a pair of earrings as well. They are all quite pretty and dainty, and reasonably priced. Zara loves her bracelet as well. When I put it on for her, I'll tell her, "See, pretty pretty". She would then walk to Daddy and point to the bracelet, and then to her kakak and do the same thing. After 'showing off' to whover is around, she would then remove it, very swiftly. Probably a bad idea to get jewelry for her. After jewelry shopping, we went to Mid Valley. I used to go to there everyday when we were still staying in Seputeh, but rarely now since we moved. I had forgotten how bad traffic can get there. It was a working day, but the traffic was hellish, and the car park was very full! It took me almost 1hr to get a parking spot! Such an anticlimax for a shopping spree. As usual, we just walked around and browsed at things, the only objective we have was that Samantha (King's Wife's youngest) wanted to buy a Christmas Present for Zara. This 8yr old niece of mine is such an angel, wanting to use her own pocket money to buy a gift for her cousin. I told her not to spend any money on Zara, but she insisted. She told me in advance she didn't have a lot of money, so I suggested she get Zara hair clips, since Zara had none. She chose a very beautiful pair in the end. This year, the Christmas deco in Mid Valley was very nice. The theme must be White Christmas, because every where and everything was in white. All so gorgeous! This shopping spree didn't cost us much, just got some baby biscuits and diaper for Zara, and then a pair of sandals with heels for myself (since there is a dress code in the office now, and my colleagues have been commenting on the flat comfy sandals I'd been wearing). Again, Zara was such a sport throughout, no complaints or fretting. Then again, she has her best pal, Samantha che-che with her. I have another 2 more days of leave to clear before Christmas, which means 2 more retail therapies to go to!


Helen said...

Lucky I dun stay in KL or any big city with so many shopping opportunities!! LOL If not, I sure pok-kai already!!

Hair clips for Zara? That 's sweet... are you going to let Zara grow her hair long?? I know I'm old fashioned... but I always think little girls in pig-tails are soooooo cute!!

Hee Hee...dun forget CNY is just next month... u sure u don't want to hold back a little on your shopping sprees ?? lol

Fannie said...

i hv done quite a bit of shopping too! :)

Have yet to get myself anything...whatever I buy are for my 2 darlings!

Samantha is really a sweet girl...she luvs kids, i believe...

Maybe King's wife can consider number 3 hor ;p

Lin Peh said...

You very high maintenance la. Hubby must be rich ! ;-)

1+2mom said...

I know the Mid Valley sure very jam if later then 11am, so now we seldom go there. The bracelets very nice.

Zara's Mama said...

I would love to grow Zara's hair long.. but my problem now is how to make her hair grow!!
She has so little hair because Daddy refused to shave her. You have any family secret remedy? Or any lousy whiskey you want to get rid off, so I can take it and apply to her scalp (that's what my father has been telling me to do, but I'd never tried it, worried Zara may take a liking to whiskey or brandy).

Most of the time I buy for Zara onlyl, but sometimes must pamper myself a bit too.. :P
King's Wife close factory already, unless accident. :P

Lin peh,
Hello, I'm working ler! Whatever I spend is MY MONEY! Not hubby's! So to him I'm low maintenance, because I don't use HIS MONEY!

Midvalley is really a crazy place to shop, unless you go early early morning.
The bracelet nice huh? If you want, can ask the famous jeweller to make for you also. :P Her price is cheaper than getting from outside.

L B said...

Woh.. Nice place you have here. Will take me awhile to read up! Meanwhile I just noticed more emails coming in from you... Must run! I wish I could take pretty pics of MidValley's White Christmas too.. Bye bye.

mom2ashley said...

i havent even started xmas shopping yet! i'm bad!!! thinking fo taking a few days leave before the long hols to shop...

jazzmint said...

wow so lucky got leave to clear somemore...I only have 3 more days to carry fwd to next year cause year end closure going to minus 4 days :(

Zara's Mama said...

l b,
thanks for visiting! Please run.. I had some questions for you at your site. :P

The sales has started, good time to shop.
Btw, might as well you didn't get the Jusco shopping day voucher. The toys I bought was on 15%, not it's 20%.. #$%!#^!^^

Some more hor, beginning of the year, I took 1 extra month off after my maternity..

I always accumulate 1 years leave to carry forward.. For those just in case situation.. :P

Passerby A said...

Very beautiful bracelets!!!

blurblur said...

Nice bracelets:)

Wah, i guess Zara loves shopping too lah, same as the mummy;p

I'm taking 1 or 2 days' leave to do my christmas shopping as well..sooo...looking forward to it:))

Jesslyn said...

Ya, I do love shopping & spend own money too! hehee
I think I hv to take leave again for my shopping, as with kids around, only can do window shopping!

Zara's Mama said...

The Diva,
Thank you.

Yeah she loves shopping, and look around. I think maybe because I brought her shopping almost every night when I was pregnant with her. :P

How about Damien?

With kids around very difficult, unless you got someone to come along and can help to look after them when you want to try on things.

Egghead said...

nice wor!
got get BIG discount or not? just mention my name... LOL!

Helen said...

LOL.. no family secret to make hair grow, I'm afraid!! Zara will probably has more hair when she's older... is it that important to shave?? If not, then dun lar!!

Allyfeel said... small knows how to show off the pretty bracelet already. NVM, keep for her till she is old enough to appreciate em.

Haven't been to Mid valley for quite a while, the X'mas theme looks very stunning.

Wah, what kind of dress code? I can't wear jeans to work. Flat sandals so far no problem. But ur big organization mah...

Zara's Mama said...

Got discount, because she knows I'm a reader of your blog, and I can name 5things LLS can do and proud of it (1: show KKJ; 2: Poo in pool; 3: stomp around; 4: pick up shit; 5: crawl around like a dog and bang his face while doing it). *LOL*

I thougth the Chinese believe by shaving it'll make the make the hair grow faster?

Dress code includes nothing sheer, no spagetti top, must wear court shoes, skirt can be more than 1 inch above the knee..
Aigh.. for customer facing staff ok la, I don't see anybody, nobody see me, should not be applied to me.
But I didn't care about the court shoe part.

Fannie said...

Agnes, i shaved Etyhl's hair when she's 4mo cos her hair is dropping too much.

AFter the shave, her hair groeth is not as fast, but no patches and has nicer looking locks.

Now near CNY leh, if really wana shave do it after CNY lah...if not botak not very nice leh.

maria aka twinsmom said... isabelle in your blog! thank you for you and King's wife's support :D.

hahaha.... I doubt your Zara will wear it. anyway give her some time.

blurblur said...

Agnes, Damien loves shopping just like me too..:)) We're bringing him to town this weekend for our christmas shopping! Finally the daddy's out of his "prison of books"...hahaha...

Zara's Mama said...

my very stubborn hubby won't want to shave la. Sometimes I feel like sneaking out to shave her, but if her hair doesn't grow evenly, I'm probably going to get lots of nagging from hubby.

Our pleasure. I found some nice design of bracelet from the web. When you have more stones, you let me know, I want to do more but this time probably more complicated ones. :P

haha, when you were pregnant with Damien you also did a lot of shopping ah?

blurblur said...

I can shop and shop until my legs got cramps then i'll stop, rest for and shop again..hehe..;p

shiaulin said...

most probably can't have white christmas this year which i hoping so much... see, no more snowing where come white christmas??!! :( btw, nice bracelets and sweet Samantha :)

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