Thursday, December 29, 2005

Favourite things - books

Both Daddy and I read a lot at home; in the house, we would rather read than to watch TV (we are one of the rare few who don't subscribe to Astro or satellite TVbecause we're quite stingy). When we do watch TV, it is mostly the news (for Daddy) and a movie (DVD) for me. We introduced books to Zara as soon as she could sit up supported, her concentration span initially was of course very short, not being able to even sit through 1 or 2 pages of picture books. As her understanding of the language and her awareness of her surrounding increased, she starts being able to look at the pages for a longer period, and slowly begins to show more enthusiasm. The first book she really love was Baby, Boo! (the book that actually taught her how to kiss at 8 month old). After Baby, Boo! she seems to show more interest in books, even my novels (she likes to take it and flip the pages to check out what I was reading, probably wonder why I'm so engrossed in books without a single picture). Every night, before she goes to bed, either Daddy or I will read her 2 books. Most of the time, we asked her to choose her books from her little library; sometimes when we're bored reading to her the same book over and over again, to provide her with more variety, we picked the books instead. Even when there's no one to read to her, she sometimes would still flip a book and read to herself in her own language. Here are a few of her book moments... . . . . . . . . . . . . .


yl said...

cool!! another bookie mummy!!!! i like!!! good good good!! lucky Zara!!

crazymommy said...

Both my Dh and I are not exactly a book lover. We prefer our computer than books. However, we know it is very important to instill the love for books on our DD since young, so we started reading to her when she was just a 4mth baby. We are glad that we did that because she truly enjoys reading now. She will refuse to sleep unless we have finished reading a few storybooks to her every night. So, I'm very sure your little Zara will be a book lover like you and your hubby. :)

Jason said...

How comes there's a black/yellow/white photo one? Macam taken those days without colour camera nia.

Hehe. Good. Reading is a good hobby, unlike failures like me. :(

Lazymama said...

Very good practise! I wish I can do that for my girl too! I have read to her occassionaly but she likes to snatch the book and flip herself. Very difficult to read to her though!

She likes to flip books and magazine but not really read them, sometimes just tear them off!

I seldom watch T.V too. If have time, I would rather do some workout and reading.

L B said...

Order your collection of Enid Blyton now! :-)

Fannie said...

Ethyl doesn't like to watch TV too! And I'm not a TV fan either...we don't subscribe SCV! LOL

Ethyl loves to sit Zara..."reading her books"! little girl always snatch the books in my yours...all words and no pictures...but she enjoys! :)

Are we nurturing bookworms? :)

blurblur said...

We read to Damien every night he would ask me to read to him before he goes to bed! It's good to start them early, Zara looks so serious in the last pic (car seat), so cute!:)

Ah Pek said...


Contented Mum said...

Zara seem to be so engrossed in her reading. My Qi Ning also like to read and have a small library of her own. She will also pick her own book to read each day.

Twin said...

a little bookworm just like mommy. :) its really good that she love books - it teaches her imagination. yeah my kids love books too. we don't have a bok shelf for them. We just chuck it into plastic boxes . And at the end of all the reading, Denisha will sing the 'clean up clean up' song by Barney and tidy up all books back into the boxes. Little Darien is yet to understand the proper clean up process. He'll put the books into the box and take it out again ... sigh!

Helen said...

Hello, glad you and hubby are discovering the new joys of story readings!! lol

I agree totally with you that it is indeed more rewarding reading a book than to watch those programmes on Astro. (the exceptions being the discovery and News channel...) I, on the other hand are stuck with my Astro subscription as my parents cannot live without Wah Lai Toi!! LOL (having Astro in the house itself is really tempting for me.... I gave in 99% of the time watching the programmes... not to mention I'm blardy kiasu. Paid already for Astro so, hentam gau gau lar!!)

Instilling reading habit in a child is vital !! Good for you!!

Take care!!BTW, how's the fresh cherry blossom getting on??

yvy said...

WAH!!! good move mama!!! :) this is a VERY VERY good step to take n ensure that kiddies love to read. build their mind up.

after all the first 7 yrs of a child life is the BEST time to mould ur child. good luck - i see a genius in the making! ;) i totally support u!


Anonymous said...

It's great that Zara loves books. She looks so engrossed reading them.

We've started reading to Leisha too. She seems to make lots of sounds everytime she looks at the colourful pages, like she's telling a story herself.

We bought some really nice books from Pink Elephant. It's situated in a bunglow house in Section 16. Good selection (it has pop-ups too)for a very good price I must say.

jazzmint said...

faythe is same as yching too...she will just grab the book and flip herself, most of the time upside down :(...and she cant sit still goshhh....u are lucky and i think all the reading is why zara speaks fast

Jesslyn said...

When i read book to Wien, Lyon will come & kacau & grab the book; so i read to her, then she crawl away & play other toys pulak..hai..

Passerby A said...

We also started reading to Ophelia really early (dun care she understand what we were doing!)... now she loves to look at books on her own and loves to be read to....

Zara's Mama said...

you like? you like means must sponsor I buy book loh. LOL
I thought maybe I should start joining a library already.

That's good, you instill the interest in DD early.
Maybe she will make you both books lovers :P

My hubby la. He likes black and white photos.
You ah, got read also mah. Read blogs loh. Still reading.

Try again with Yee Ching. Initially, Zara was like that too. Just want to grab the book and flip or tear, now, she can sit through a whole book.

Where's your collection? Can pass to me?

We are probably nurturing book worms. :P
Zara loves to watch TV too though. But I only put educational programs on for her now.

Once you start, it's hard to turn back hor? Now I bet Damien can't sleep w/out getting some reading done first.
About the pix, yeah, she was very serious, and mumbling in her own language. Probably doing the 'reading'.

Ah Pek,
Thank you for your wishes! Oh Kao Satu! YAAAAAAM SEEEENG

Contented Mum,
Qi Ning also the same? Haha. Our next generation all will be very smart one ler like that.

Wah, Denisha so clever. Maybe I should teach Zara the clean up song also.
She is also like Darien, just take out from the shelf. Don't know how to put back. Aigh.

That's also one thing about not wanting to have Astro at home. Like you said, pay already sure kiasu, want to make full use. And the more you use, the more addicted you become (esp those series, watch 1 episode, sure want to watch 2nd, then 3rd, then.... aiyo.. no end).
Cherry blossom? Not yet go to China town to chck out yet. Aigh.

Thank you for your support!
Happy New Year to you too.

Pink Elephant in Section 16? Can give me the address? Maybe I can go check them out. I normally try to source them from 2nd hand shop.

Like what I said to Jefferene, you try to read to her again. Start with short stories. Getting the right book is important. Once you get her hooked on the first one, the ones that follow will be easier. She'll be asking for more and more.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence one. Haha.

The Diva,
Yeah, I read your post about bringing her to the bookshop as well. She seems to like books to!

Samm said...

Gordon loves to read too. He can now recognise a few letters of the alphabet when i write them on the doodle-pro.

mom2ashley said...

it's great that zara loves book huh...i should prolly start ashley on books too..

Allyfeel said...

it's nice that zara likes to read at such young age. I think I made a mistake of introducing CD's and tv to bb too early.

Initially he would sit thru and listen and flip those illustrative story books but now he can hardly sit still to listen to me. I am still trying to read to him now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but i dont hv the address Agnes. I do hv the owner's phone number though, it's 0123769242, her name is Viji. Her bunglow house is situated behind Eastin Hotel.


Me & hubby are book junkies.. have a room with 3 1/2 wall full of books.. a bunch of books for the kids too.. BUT come to think of it-we have not been reading to the kids for quite a while now. hmmm... the buying never stops tho', just not putting them to good use.

you did a great job!

Zara's Mama said...

Wonderful! Doodle Pro does help as well huh? Keep them interested.

Start soon, with a good book for her age.

I introduced VCDs and DVDs to her very early too. But for bed time, it's always books because it caused less excitement and could calm her down to prepare for bed.
Still not too late to try it on BB. Will still work.

Thanks for the number.

Two Little Fellas,
Wow, 3 1/2 of walls in a room filled with books. I have always had this decorating idea, to fill the walls of a room with books, but then, in M'sia it's hard. Because the humidity and the dust will not allow us to store books this way.
Time to take out the books you bought to read to the boys already.

Anonymous said...

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