Saturday, December 31, 2005

Adios 2005 Welcome 2006

2005 has been a good year, mainly because of Zara. Nothing has prepared me for this, but I started to realise the joy of motherhood I started understanding the capacity to love, to care for, to nurture another individual I saw the first smile, the first sit, the first crawl, the first swim, the first step, the first dance I heard the first laugh, the first word, the first singing, the first phrase I experienced her first kiss, her first hug, her first snuggle I nursed her first fever, her first fall 2005 I fell in love all over again, this time more passionate than any other times I'd experienced with a man. I became a mother and fell in love with my daughter 2005 was all about Zara, Zara and Zara, and I know the coming years would be the same too 2005 was a good year, with Zara, everything is good Thank you all for reading my blog, for sharing the joy and pain with me
Happy New Year to All Of You!
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sesame said...

I've been moved by many of your posts about how you have tried so hard to conceive Zara. I even shared that with my husband. You're very persistent and very strong. Zara is very fortunate to have a mum like you.

May you find more joy in 2006 with your daughter and your family!

blurblur said...

Lucky Zara, she's fortunate to have a mummy like you! Continue writing about her growth and touched our hearts with your posts!:)

Here's wishing you a Happy 2006 filled with Love and Joy:)) Cheers!

Passerby A said...

What a cute little hoodie-poncho!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

King's wife said...

her first sit, or first shit??
It's great to have her around too. We all love her dearly. May your journey with her continue to be filled with excitement, more love, joy and laughter....

1+2mom said...

Happy New Year to you n your family!!!

Very happy to have kids celebrate together :)

Mei said...

Happy New Year!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Wishing you and your Family A HAPPY NEW YEAR

JoMel said...

Happy new year Zara and mummy and daddy.

Cherry said...

Happy New Year!! Zara is such a cute baby...I read all your entries about her. She sure has grown up fast!!

mom2ashley said...

yea.....2005 was a good year for us too...very special! more so after the birth of ashley!

yl said...

little purplish-blue riding hood!! :D all the best for all of us in 2006!!

Mama BoK said...

Happy New Year to you and yours..!!

yvy said...

:D sweeet!!!

Alicia said...

Zara is sooooo cute there!I'm so happy she's my cousin and your my auntie!Was that the photo from the swimming pool we took the other day?She has been a great cousin to me!

With lot's of love,
Alcia(ur fav niece)

maria aka twinsmom said...

hahaha... this picure is cute :).

nice new year post.

btw, I moght not have enough amethyst and rose quartz to restring the bracelets, might need to add clear quartz. remember to bring your peridot too.

crazymommy said...

May you and your family have a very Happy New Year!

Vyvy said...

very well written, i think you wrote the mind and hearts of all mummies on earth. :) may you and zara have a great year ahead!

michelle said...

Happy New Year, so 2006 another new kid on the blog??

Allyfeel said...

Happy New Year to Zara and Family. Thank you for sharing your brave story in life.

×£ÐÂÄê¿ìÀÖ£¬ ÍòÊÂÈçÒâ¡£

Mother Superior said...

It's been great reading you blog, and reading all your joys of motherhood. You're so right, life ahead will be filled with Zara, Zara, and Zara, till of course, another sibling comes along.

Regardless, may your days be merry and bright, with Zara and blogging.

Fannie said...

good...great...wonderful moments of motherhood shall continue...:)

Happy year ahead for u, Zara and ur hubby! :)

L B said...

Dear Zara's Mama & Zara.. Love ya all! Happy New Year, and may the peace and harmony consume all your waking moments!

Jason said...

Happy new year to you and your family.

Cocka Doodle said...

Happy New Year to Zara, mama & dada!
May 2006 showers all of you with much love,laughter and happiness!

JoeC said...

HEY ZARA's MAMA! you've got spanked at I Talk Too Much, yep, got a review there. So, what's your take on said review?

Jesslyn said...

Happy New Year to u too!!
...a kiss to Zara, from Auntie Jesslyn ya...she is so cute in her hoodie shirt!

Contented Mum said...

Happy New Year to you and family too! Yes, life is filled with so much joy because of the little one in our life. Zara looks so sweet in the photo. May we all continue to enjoy our motherhood.
Did you know that it was your blog about Zara that actually inspire me to blog about Qi Ning? Thanks for your wonderful blog about Zara, is very inspirational!!

momm said...

hey hey!!!! Happy New Year!

Twin said...

Happy new year 2006!

Twin said...
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jazzmint said...

Happy New Year!!! Zara looks like little blue riding hood in the pic hehehe

Helen said...

You have a wonderful blog and looking at all the photos of Zara growing up, is very very touching.

You are extremely frank and open about your feelings and that is why I love your blog!!

Keep blogging! :-)

Zara's Mama said...

Thank you for sharing our story with your hubby.
After knowing how unlucky some people are, we'll know how to count our blessings. :P

Thank you.. You are a good mummy to Damien too. We have to encourage each other.

The Diva, 1+2mom, Mei, nie3nine4, Jomel, Cherry, YL, Mamabok, Yvy, Crazymum, Mother Superior, Fannie, Jason, Jesslyn, Byrdie, Twin, Jasmine,

King's Wife,
First dirty poop already experianced in 2004.
How do you say ah? If not the first sit? The first sit up?

Having a little one in our lives do make a big difference huh?
And Thanks la, for having her in your house.

To my favourite niece,
Thank you for 'sayang-ing' Zara, and always taking care of her when Kakak is not free.

Ok, will see how to pass those bracelets to you.

Have I? I guess all mums feel the same huh?

Hopefully. God willing. :P

aiks, the Chinese didn't show up. Hope it was something nice you talked about.. :P

L B,
Thanks, that's sweet.
Muak to Uncle L B from Zara.

Cocka Doodle,
Thanks. Eh, how come your blog only 1 post one? So lazy to continue?

Ouch, such a bad review. Aigh, maybe because in my blog there's no scandal.
Anyway, will dedicate a post for that.

Contented Mum,
Glad that it was through reading my blog that you wanted to start yours. Now, we have another good blog to read. :P

Hey, that was sooo sweet. Thanks so much for coming by so often too.

geetha said...

So much to talk about when u're a mother huh!

Enjoy, and continue experiencing the wonders of being a mother. Its a never ending joy!


Zara has a good start in her life already by choosing the 1st class mom in the world.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you fall in love again (with another baby-of couse) in the year 2006.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah. Every day is a new experiance.

Two Little Fellas,
Thank you thank you.
2nd one? I hope so too, but not forcing it.

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