Saturday, February 11, 2006


Since it's closed to Valentine's day, some folks started talking about soft toys. Here is his, and here is hers. I used to collect soft toys too. You know the ones that came with a minimum purchase from McD? I used to stuff myself with McD every week, just so I could collect the whole range. What a waste of money (and calories). When we moved to our current house, I had to give quite a lot away (to scavengers), there's no room to keep all of them. With Zara, I have to be careful not to start another big collection. No furry ones for her, as it may cause allergy. None with loose parts, because she may accidentally choke on them. Here are 2 of her favourite, and they are definitely infant safe. Mr Blue. She calls it Boo. Mr Blue is like a comfort object for her (besides the breast and thumb). When she's tired, she asked for Boo. When she frets, we gave her Mr Blue. She would search for Mr Blue's mouth, place it next to hers, and then, she would start sucking her thumb. Mr Blue originated from Ikea. I had to get her two of the same kind. One for upstairs, one for downstairs, and just in case it went missing and couldn't live without it.

Top 2: Mr Blue helping Zara to nap. Bottom L : Zara making Mr Blue dance by moving it around. R: Even in the morning, if she saw Mr Blue, instinctively, she will still grab it and suck on her thumb

Lamb. She calls it Nam. Lamb was given to her by Nurse Tay, the midwife who helped delivered Zara (we later became friends). This is the only one that can substitute Mr Blue. She uses it like Mr Blue, but most of the time, she just plays with it. When she's holding on to Lamb, she likes me to sing Marry Had A Little Lamb and then she would move Lamb around as though it was dancing

Here is her Lamb moment


Ah Pek said...

haloo, why is he playing with the racoon i bought from wings? it's supposed to be my valentine gift to you wor.

P said...

ah pek : lol

Do they stick with those for a long time?

Perhaps it's in the genese cause my son can never stick to 1? The amount of money I had to spent cause he gets fed up so easily


Or am I doing something wrong?

Zara's Mama said...

Ah Pek,
My child is a SHE la.. *pengsan*
Wings' racoon got something between the legs one la.. this one don't have! You want me to buy you lou-fah-ngan-keng?

I don't know if they'll stick to it for a long time. But Zara has been 'playing' with these 2 for half a year now.
Maybe because yours is son, you know la, boys likes variety, cannot stick to one even for wife. :P

Lazymama said...

I never fancy soft toys, so do my girl! Save my pocket!

But I do feel that it looks so nice for girl to hold a soft toy. :)

YChing's security object is her "chow chow", the pink blanket.

L B said...

I just read somewhere on The Star that soft toys are outselling roses as Valentine's Day Gifts this year.. How true that is, heaven knows. It could just be a marketing ploy by soft toy manufacturers.

Zara seems to really love her softies.. :-)

sesame said...

I think kids find some security in some of their fave toys. Like their friends. For example my boy loves The Incredibles and we used to have to put his fave t-shirt or the toys near him when he takes his nap.

Btw, I like Zara's pix with her hair parted sideways. Makes her eyes look even prettier cos they're big.

Harimau said...

So cute of her with the softies! Like my little man, his favourite is a lamb that his grandma bought from Malaysia! And he has a puppy that he brings with hime everywhere! He brings it with him to daycare, to sleep, to supermarket, till the puppy so dirty. And when I have to wash it, I need to find a sunny day, else not dry and he will be looking for it high and low!

pearlvanoyster said...

little zara reminds me of myself..i used to have a blue soft-toy as well, think it was a little dog and i couldnt part with it..
btw, little max choose his toy last nite when we went shopping, think he's learning real fast :)

pearlvanoyster said...

little zara reminds me of myself..i used to have a blue soft-toy as well, think it was a little dog and i couldnt part with it..
btw, little max choose his toy last nite when we went shopping, think he's learning real fast :)

Cocka Doodle said...

Kids these days are so lucky. when I was a kid,we were too poor to afford fluffy toys.
So I played with my willy most of the time. LOL

jazzmint said...

i'm a sucker for soft toys...collected the mcD series of it's all sitting in a big bag, waiting for faythe to hoi chiong :P

JoMel said...

How does she associate Mr Blue with thumsucking??? So cute, but so strange, but so cute! Hehe ;)

shoppingmum said...

Used to keep lots of stuffs toys last time. Justin doesn't really fancy them, but I place a soft toy dog beside him when he sleeps at night, as a company.

Jesslyn said...

Me not really like soft toy, but hubby bought all the Hello Kitty series from McD, just for me!! Now is the girls turn to play with them!! hehe...


the pix with Boo are sweet and girlie but the pix with Nam are so boyish..looks like a twin bro and sis.

my 2 lil fellas sleep, eat and bath with their ultramen....

Sue said...

Hmm... Ivan is stuck to his "lampin" only :P But so cute to see lil girls with soft toys... only thing I dislike about soft toys is that they tend to collect dust and most of them goes out of shape after washing...

Passerby A said...

LOL... I went back to my mom's place today and cuddled my old stuffed lion. I do that everyweek. The lion was bought in the 80's. Yikes! Ophelia wanted to bring it home but Hubs said NooOOoooOooo!!!!!

mom2ashley said...

ohh..she holds the elephant's trunk and suck on her thumb! i wish ashley would do that...she like to grab my hair and suck on her thumb instead!

Zara's Mama said...

Yee Ching is a simple girl.. just her chao chao will do.
And yes, it looks cute to have a girl hold on to a softoy, but for Zara, when we're out, no softoy for her. Don't want outside dirt to dirty her softoy which she put so close to her. :P

All the softoy companies should thank you.. you started with Cindy Moo! Everybody just follow the wind.

Gavin's security object is the Incredibles. Haha. Cute. Any characters will do? Has it been replaced with Chicken Little?
I thought the one with the lamb was a bit boyish looking, although cute.

Aaah.. tht's why you need to buy two.
Tht's our fear too. When they are too attached to their softies, they'll feel very heartbroken loosing them or if they are in the wash.
I think I'm going to get another Mr Blue if I go to Ikea again.

Do you still have your blue softie?
Haha, Max starting to learn how to choose his own toy.. Clever!

Cocka Doodle,
I thought when you were a kid, you like to catch bugs and fry them to eat. Or you like to swing around on your fan, no?

But Faythe only likes her monkey right? :P

She actually associate soft fabric with thumbsucking. Breast pad, socks, linen, my t-shirt, etc. Mr Blue makes it look more elegant. :P

Does he ask for the dog when he couldn't find it?

Hubby bought the whole series of Hello Kitty? Wow, must have eaten lots of McD.

Two Little Fellas,
Haha, yeah. One so feminine, One os musculine.
And Ultraman seems to be lots of boys' favourite huh?

Yeah, tht's the thing about softoy. Btw, Ivan's lampin can be washed or he wants the one with smell on it? I heard some kids cannot accept the object if it's been washed and have no more 'smell'.

The Diva,
It was your lion? Your comfort object? Haha.. Should let Ophelia inherit it. :P

Actually I don't know what that Mr Blue is. He's not an elephant but has a snout or trunk.
Looks like you are Ashley's comfort object!! Btw, how did she cope when she saw you coming back from your trip?

Helen said...

What kind of animal is Mr BLue?? lol

Looks like a cross between an elephant and an ant eater. :-P

I had this Teddy bear I cannot live without when I was a kid. THe bear is still with me, but , sadly neglected. I don't like to cuddle anything (not even bolster or pillows) when I sleep. Guess I'm not too fond of any cuddling nowadays... even hubby. 3 minutes I can endure, more than that, I get irritated! lol

earthember said...

Dillon has exactly the same Mr Blue. He calls it Roo, instead of Boo, because it's a kangaroo. Yes, he can't sleep without it too.

momm said...

you can buy for her diaper pull up pants. it's very convenient.

blurblur said...

I'm a soft-toys collector...and now Damien has taken over my "hobby"..but..isn't it abit girly to collect soft-toys since he's a boy hor?? Hahahahha...

Zara's Mama said...

Wow, you are fiercely indepandant woh. Don't like cuddlies.
I have to have my bolster, even as an adult.
Man cuddle you ah? I also cannot tahan if it's too long, their bones are so hard, and skin so rough, not nice one if hug long long time.
E*ember said Mr Blue is a kangaroo woh.. come to think of it, it does look like one.

I didn't know it was a kangaroo.. but now you mentioned it, it does look like one.
I wonder Dillon one is dirtier and smellier or Zara's one. :P
We wash them frequently, but her smell still clings to them.

Diaper Pull Up Pants are more expensive, that's why we still keep to the normal diaper.

As long as they are not Barbie, it's ok ler.
Help to build their imagination, playing with the softies.

Allyfeel said...

That's a nice lamb, it looks like the one in Saseme street. :)

Bb has 2 favourite softoys too. One is called Bb and the other, Doggie.

Zara's Mama said...

BB's fav soft toy is called BB ah? Calling himself? :P
You named the soft toys or he did?