Monday, July 24, 2006

20th Month Update

Zara is 20mths, 4 more months till she's 2yrs old. ~ Weight 9.7kg (0.5Kg in a month, yikes!) ~ Height : 81cm ~ No new teeth sprouting. Her 4 Cuspids (canines) are still not fully sprouted. Dexterity : Climbing up and down stairs while holding on to the side of the stairs. Able to feed herself while using a fork. Language : ~ She can count 1 to 10 now. ~ She's started reciting the alphabets A to Z, but skipping quite a few letters in between (e.g. a, b, c, d, e, f, g then skip, and go straight to q, r, s.. etc). ~ She's able to identify and name shapes, e.g. circle, square and triangle ~ She sings and recite the nusery rhymes to herself a lot, and is getting pretty good at it. ~ She even sings part of some Chinese children songs even when she doesn't speak the languge (through memorising the sounds). (and lots more which I'd captured in some of the posts) Feeding and Food: 3 meals and 3 milk feeds a day. Eats a lot of snacks in between, like fruits, biscuit, chocolate, home made ice lollies, nuts, raisins, cheese etc. Her current favourite junk food is chocolate (she especially loves the dark chocolate with marzipan that Daddy got from Germany), and fruit gummies. She 'orders' her food nowadays, asking for "bread and cheese", "egg sandwich", "yogurt", "pancake" for breakfast. "noodle", "porridge", "fish ball" or just "egg" for lunch And dinner she knows she always have what we have and she only ask to eat what we're eating. Emotions : A loving girl, not afraid of strangers, but will check for our approval before being 'friendly' to one. She knows being nice is not to be rude, not to say words like stupid, or push people away. She knows being nice is to say thank you, please, sorry when needed. She loves watching Barney, Richard Scarry, Wheels in The Bus; and watches at least 2 shows a day (her max). She's in the midst of being weaned off thumbsucking (oh I'm so going to miss seeing her cute little thumb in her mouth).


Jesslyn said...

weaned off thumbsucking? she wean off herself?

Wien still suck her thumb!!! *sigh* very headache...

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara has very good manners, some more can seek approval before being friendly to people wor, really good girl.

geetha said...

Eh, how you weaning her off thumb sucking ah? I need to do the same with lil' President, although it is sooo cute ;)

sesame said...

I think Zara will grow up to be a sensible Jie Jie with good linguistic skills. She will be a good help to you when you have your 2nd child.

mom2ashley said...

wow she has really grown! they do look so cute sucking their thumbs ya!

kwloong said...

Her development looks very good. You really put a lot of effort in communicating to her. I can see that she learn very fast too.


blurblur said...

What more can i say? She really impressed me and i am sure she will be a very good jiejie. :)

Ahmeen, you did a good job with her! :)

See Fei said...

her speech development is equivalent to an ipoh fren daughter (> 2years old) that visited over the weekend.

good for Zara, she doesnt have the single child syndrome that my fren daughter has. she is afraid of strangers.

earthember said...

Good thing she's weaning off thumbsucking. You surely don't want her to have a deformed thumb. I've seen it in many kids, it's not very sightly.

Voltboy said...

Just out of curiosity. Would you be pushing lil' Zara to learn Chinese later? So she doesn't have to just memorise the sounds. =P

shoppingmum said...

She weaning off by herself???? How?

Zara's Mama said...

I’ll blog about it later huh? Keep you suspended first. :P

She ‘knows’ doesn’t mean she’ll practice.. Haha.. I have to remind her all the time to be nice.

Stay tune.. will blog about it (monitoring her to see if she’ll really succeed). Yes..they are really cute when they suck their thumb,

From our conversations with her.. she seems to be a bit unhappy about having a ‘baby’.. I hope she’ll cope though. For our sake.

Yes.. they are really cute.

Yeah she learns very fast and we talk a lot to her..
I just hope I can do the same for the 2nd child.

I hope she will be a good jiejie too.

See Fei,
Every child is different though.. so maybe your friend’s daughter will catch up soon. Do you know if you friend spend enough time with the kid?

But I’ll just miss her being so so cute. *sigh*

I’m trying to speak to her in Chinese once a while.. but she will just ignore me when I do that or she will just tell me “bu yao” or ‘Don’t want” as in she doesn’t want me to use Chinese. But I’m still trying.

Zara's Mama said...

I'll share later.. :P

Ricket said...

Isn't it fun to watch her grow?

Helen said...

I think it's a good thing Zara is not afraid of strangers. That makes her so lovable!! lol

I've seen kids who burst out crying when i approach or try to be nice to them. *roll eyes... as if I'm that ugly meh...??!* Fine, no ang pows for non-fans of mine! lol

See Fei said...

the mum is not working and should be spending enough time with her. but maybe she (daughter) is isolated as they dont mix with their neighbours

Samm said...

About the thumb sucking thingy.... u remember the last 3d scan i post on my blog sometime b4 Malcolm was due? He had a hand over his left cheek. I thought he had his left hand there. But, apparently, it's his right hand with his thumb inside his mouth. Does that quite often now, especially when he's about to nurse. Hope he doesnt turn into a thumb sucker.

Zara's Mama said...

Definitely fun. I never knew parenthood is so much fun. : )

I wonder if it’s training or by nature.
I know some parents like to frighten kids by saying “after uncle will catch you”, etc. We never frighten Zara that way, but I wonder even if we did, was she going to be afraid of strangers.

See Fei,
Oh boy. Zara is also pretty isolated. She has not kids her age to play with. I’m really thinking if I should send her to nursery next year.

Thumb sucking is so natural though.
We had to decide back then if we wanted to give Zara the pacifier or the thumb.. We decided to let her have her own control, so it was the thumb.
Luckily she’s going to wean off soon.

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