Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekend (lots of) Fun - Photos

Weekend mainly is Zara's time. We try to let her has as much fun as she can. Saturday - Wall Painting She wanted to do some painting, but when I prepared her paint and drawing paper, she said "Zara want paint body. Paint face, paint knee". So we moved her to the bathroom. Let her do some painting on the bathroom wall, and paint her body. After that, I just washed the wall out and gave her a bath.
Artist at work Artist and her wall painting.
Sunday - Aquaria, KLCC. Daddy was contemplating if we should go to the zoo or Aquaria, I suggested Aquaria due to the hot and hazy weather. It was a good outing for Zara. She was very fascinated with the water creatures, and some of the other animals available on display, e.g. snakes, turtles, tortoise, spiders, frogs, raccoon (yes! There's even a raccoon). Before the trip, I told her she'll be seeing sharks, puffer fish, star fish, sea horse. I was a bit disappointed when I couldn't show her any star fish or sea horses, I felt kind of cheated. There really isn't much show cases on colorful sea creatures and coral reefs. The main attraction is the tunnel through the big aquarium with sharks, Murray fish, stingray swimming about and above us. If it wasn't for Zara, I don't think we would have ever gone.

Zara was very happy to be in the Aquaria We spent the most time in the tunnel. Zara kept saying "Shark fly high in the sky" after our visit because many times the sharks swam above us. More time in the tunnel. And at last, we saw some living corrals, with some colourful clown fishes.

And then I got this as a present from Daddy. A Samsung MP3 player. We were considering an iPod and this, but an iPod costs RM200 more for the same features. So the $ factor decided for us. Daddy got this for me so that I can play some classical music for the baby in the stomach. With Zara, I used to sit in front of my notebook with earphones stuck to my stomach. This would make me so much more mobile, and I can still move about and play with Zara, while the baby has a dose of his/her classical music.


Egghead said...

does Zara likes to paint naked or you force her to? LOL!

chanelwong said...

Zara really enjoy herself...I think you must hide the paint some where, or else, another masterpiece on other wall...

Sabrina said...

Zara's having so much fun.I don't dare to let Keith play with the watercolour coz' he might just put the paintbrush into his mouth.

Zara's Mama said...

I have to let her paint naked mah, b'cos she said she wants to 'do painting on the body'.

She's good though, she knows other wall cannot be painted. So far, she has not attempted to draw or paint the wall even though she's accessable to her drawing tools.

Oh my. Just tell him not to put in the mouth then. It's fun though, to see them work on the paint.

Jesslyn said...

eh, did she ever use pen draw on the wall?

kwloong said...

Cool hubby you have there. I also want to get a MP3 player but I want a MP3 phone, eying on a Motorola V3X.


IMMomsDaughter said...

Oi, you exposing the "Oleh leh" part of Zara ah? Lol....btw, daddy so good, give present everytime you pregnant one ah?

earthember said...

That's a good idea to let her paint in the bathroom.

Unfortunately, the bathrooms in North America and here are unlike those in Spore /Malaysia. There are no tiles on the wall for easy washing. Otherwise, I'm sure Dillon would have a good time painting too.

King's wife said...

Daddy can be so nice and thoughtful sometimes hor?

blurblur said...

Wah, Zara the budding artist, actually you can try let her do her painting on one of the walls in her room? I believe it would be nice leh..

Aiyo, your hubs so sweet leh...:)

khongfamily said...

Zara likes to paint very much, huh? And you let her paint on the wall somemore. It must be hard for you to clean the mess up.

So nice of your hubby to give you a present. So sweet!

may said...

hey, how come mom never let me do that when I as a kid? that's ingenious, painting bathroom tiles... can easily wash off!

Zara's Mama said...

So far no.. she is quite good in listening to instructions. We told her no drawing or colouring on the wall, and she never did it.

He asked if I prefer an mp3 phone, but with phone, I’m worried of the radiation I get when I listen to the songs. So I just got an mp3 player. I still have a phone which is a monochrome one.

Ok ok.. I cropped the photo.. No more showing the breast.. bottom I’ll never show. :P
Daddy where got give me present e.time when I’m pregnant. No, just this.

Oh well, you will have to find a tiled area to let him do the painting them, it’s really fun.

King’s Wife,
Err.. sometimes only. You know I know lar.

Err, she’s still sleeping with us, it means she’ll be painting our wall. I don’t think Daddy will agree to that, especially our walls are all white.
So sweet?? No la.. once a while must pamper me mah.

The wall is tiled, and it’s in the bathroom, the paint is washable paint. So after she finish painting, I just spray water on the wall, and that’s it. Not difficult to clean up.
Once in a while he has to make me happy, just like I make him happy. Haha.

Psst, you can still do that painting if you want, even though you are much older now. I suggest you try it with your boy friend one day.. Ahem.. painting in the bath.. that’s nice and erotic.

Lin Peh said...

Wall painting ? Yao mo gao chor ah ? If wall is for the kids to pain, peeple won't invent paper lor ! LOL!

Why only play classical musik for the baby ? You have something against the pop culture kah ? LOL!

Greenapple said...

Zara really has nice features. I like her eyes!

荦怡 said...

like to visit your blog, it "force" me,
to spend more time with Joelle....
painting is fun,ya next time i must let her experient it too at our New House.

Always thinking must bring her to Zoo, underwater word but.... still "told-told" only....
feel so sorry to her.....


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shoppingmum said...

Wa lau, that's a nice painting on the wall! Luckily it's on tiles and can be washed away, if it's on the wall, then how? :)
Your tummy's showing, but not too big yet right? :)

jazzmint said...

wah so nice...got mp3 player for the lil one :). I never had any time for music for the 2nd one, probably that tells why he doesn't like music mobile now :(.

aiyoo..ur artist paint until face also got hehe.

how's ur pregnancy going? Update a bit lah

YL said...

hohoho... so Zara has experience war-painting... next time can be a top-notch image consultant since she started so young!!:P

Vien said...

LOL! I did exactly the same thing when I was preg with Belle. I placed both the earphones on my stomach. Isn't it fun to see them move and move or stay quietly when the music is on?

Askinstoo said...

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sesame said...

That Aquaria reminds me of our underwater world at Sentosa. Very similar. Likewise, if it's not cos of Gavin, unlikely we would have gone to that place.

I suppose as parents, we tend to visit those places we visit (or would visit) only when we were younger all over again cos of our kids.

mom2ashley said...

sounds like fun painting all over yea....

we brought ashley to aquaria too when she was a couple of months old. she did enjoy seeing all the movements (fish) around and above her though...will plan to bring her again when she is older.

mom2ashley said...

you didnt see any see horses? they were on the smaller tanks after the huge pillar-like aquarium. - or at least they had it when we visited aquaria the last time...

geetha said...

Wah, so sweet of daddy you buy you teh MP3 player.. concern father indeed :)

She enjoyed the visit to aquaria.. and didn't know she missed the sea horses right? So, okay lah.. ;)
I know Champion will like it too. Was it crowded over the weekend?

See Fei said...

wow... i like the aquaria. guess Zara too. maybe one day she will become a marine biologist and travels the 4 seas of the world!!

Zara's Mama said...

Lin Peh,
Aiyo.. creative mah. Must always paint on the paper meh. Just like you, must always use military pose meh?
Classical music got class mah. Don’t want baby to be a born rapper or hip hop dancer.

Thank you.. Daddy would love what you said. Because Zara took after his eyes.

Ask mummy to bring you go night safari, Sentosa sea world, bird park ok? Ask mummy not to be lazy.

If it’s on walls, Daddy will be screaming loh.
Am only 4mths, not very big yet, but yes showing already.

Haha, your hubby didn’t get you an mp3 to play music for Vyctor huh?
She purposely painted her face, part of her art work.
Pregnancy nothing much to update ler. Just write about Zara more interesting.

Hehe.. Aunty YL next time remember to hire her huh? She can make you be like model. :P

Yes. I remembered Zara’s time, she wouldn’t go to sleep until she had her dose of classical music. Once she had it, she would stop her kicking and go quiet (I assume she went to sleep).

Do you think the underwater world in Sentosa more worth it? I think you get to see star fish and sea horses and more colourful fishes right?
Yeah. In my entirely I had not visited the zoo in M’sia, but when we have Zara, we’d already been there twice, and there’ll be more to come.

I remembered your post about that. You saw sea horses? We didn’t see any. : (

Daddy once a while has to be sweet.
We went on a Sunday, I would say it’s ok. Many people, but not crowded.

See Fei,
Wow. One day she’ll be dentist, another she’ll be marine biologist. All needs lots of education fund. *faint*

Helen said...

Hey, the tummy is showing ler.... lol

Waaaa, now got spanking new MP3 player lar... Wait, I'm ulu. U mean you can listen to the player without earphones? *pls dun laugh har.. never seen these things before mar..* Errrr, I still got my walkman around here somewhere...

Zara's Mama said...

My tummy really showing already hor? See.. cannot hide it like Samm.
Mp3 player? I'm as ulu as you. Now learn how to use it loh. You need to use the headphone to listen to it, unless you bought the speaker.
Pst, Ah-rain-wannabe never asked you to buy one for him? Then you'll know what it's like.

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