Monday, July 03, 2006

Hong Kong - Photos

I was back at home on Friday evening, Zara was very happy to see me, she has forgotten how upset she got. She hugged and kissed me, touched my face as though trying to 'feel' I'm real, smiled all the time and looked at me affectionately. For dinner she insisted, "Mummy sit with you (me)". And kept following me every where. At night, she told Daddy, "Don't want Daddy sleep with you (me), want mummy sleep with you (me)." And she wanted me to hug her to sleep. Everything was just like before, she didn't need any 'warm up' time. Here are some photos taken during my trip.
My first meal; after I arrived and checked in to the hotel, it was already 3pm, so I just walked to a near by coffee shop (茶餐厅) and ordered carrot cake (生煎箩卜糕) for a quick bite. I had a table all to myself, but if I lifted my elbow any higher, I would have touched my neigbour's elbow. The tables were laid just so close to each other. Around the hotel. I was staying in Causeway Bay 铜锣弯, a very busy shopping district. Shops were opened till 10:30pm - 11pm. My first taste of the roast goose rice 烧鹅髀饭. It was in a small little neighbourhood restaurant 强记, but it was pretty delicious. Some safety propaganda in the MTR station. View from the meeting room in the office. Dim sum lunch with colleagues. Dried sea produce shops 海味铺 at Sheung Wan 上环 (an area popular to get dried sea produce). I bought quite a fair bit from this shop. The famous Yung Kee Restaurant 鏞記酒家, which supposed to serve the best roast goose in Hong Kong Island. The display of Yung Kee facing the main entrance.


Egghead said...

Zara also use "you" to refer herself one hor? I still thinking of a way to correct my son... LOL!

See Fei said...

welcome back!! got grew fatter or not with all the good food!?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Nyummy dim sum to die for! Zara really missed you so much hor?

Sue said...

Wow... very succulent roast goose. I suppose little baby inside got all the yummy things from HK huh :)

jazzmint said...

wowwww........yum yum..i love roast duck/goose

geetha said...

Food looks delicious *yum, yum*
Glad that Zara was excited to have you back home :)

blurblur said...

Welcome back! Zara so fast change of hearts once she saw mummy - don't want daddy! LOL

Wah, that pic on the roast goose rice makes me drool...non-stop...;p

Vien said...

Good to be back, eh? :)

sambal-belacan said...

haha - she's so cute. thinking that 'you' means 'me'. kids do say the darndest things eh?

gosh i so want to go on a holiday...after seeing ur hk and M2A's beijing pix. hope u had fun. yung kee is the best!!

domesticgoddess said...

wow... you made me 流口水! heh heh heh! kids don't hold grudges like adults ;)

GG said...

Wahhh.... foodddd.... !!! Something i can't resist. slurpp... post more pics pls! hehehe

sesame said...

Happy to learn that Zara is all affections again to mummy. They forget very fast one right?

Your carrot cake looks delicious...

Simple American said...

So did your hubby find the Paul Simon song, "Mother and Child Reunion"? It is really applicable now. :)

I wanna go to HK and just eat eat eat.

may said...

siew ngor fannn!!!! waaaaaaa!! and I love that platter of dim sum, ooooh... I could almost taste it in my mouth!

I missed you too, especially on my hughugclub charts!

Cocka Doodle said...

Did you get a chance to bump into any HK movie stars?

Sarm Kap ones included. ;p

Zara's Mama said...

my husband is trying to correct her but I think it's common for kids this young to make this mistake. So, no big deal. They'll correct themselves when the time is right.

See Fei,
I think sure got. Now worried about my next visit to gynea.

Psst.. actually I find our dim sum is nicer. But their roast goose rice and porridge is to die for.

Me too.. I ate the same rice for 4 meals, until the last round a bit jelat already. :P

M'sian food is still the best though!

Yeah.. after 'using' and 'abusing' daddy, see mummmy come back only, 'chuck' daddy aside. Clever hor?
Yes! Hong Kong roast goose is the best!

Good to be back.. but.. I miss being able to spend on company's expense.. Shhhh.. don't tell my boss.

Go! Time for another holiday for you. Even if it's Bali, it's still nice.

Domestic Goddess,
Which pix you like most?? Yes, kids are so innocent, they don't hold grudges like we adults.

Food is something most M'sian love huh?? Wait.. I haven't checked, are you M'sian?

Yeah, they forget very fast.. Which is good. :P
Carrot cake is so so.. but can't complain.

Simple American,
I found out that she's also very attached to hubby now after my trip, probably because he looked after her well.
"Mother & Child Reunion"? I bet my hubby knows the song but I don't (I grew up listening to Chinese songs).
You must go to Hong Kong, M'sia, Singapore just to eat eat eat.

Best siew ngor fann!! Dim sum..? M'sia can do as well la.. no big deal. But they probably have more variety.

Cocka Doodle,
No woh.. Not even the keh-leh-fehs.

Jesslyn said...

still home sweet home hor!
I miss HK dim sum now....very nice hor, Malaysia's dim sum no fight although they claim there are HK style!

Gene Lim said...

welcome home mom :) aweeeee..isn't she sweet :)
I am sure she is super happy to see u!
I love roast goose too..better than the roast duck..we have it here too..but have to get it at Scarborough..
1 whole roast goose will cost abt CND 20 bucks..included taxes is not soo bad.. :)

mom2ashley said...

welcome back home. good to know that zara welcomed you with open arms eh?

domestic rat said...

Did you try the steamed milk pudding there? It's a very popular old store. Awesome...and that goose meat looks wonderful! Wish I can sink my teeth into some right now.

YL said...


HMom said...

looks yummy! I bet you couldnt wait to give ZAra a million kisses

kwloong said...

Wow, you make me miss Hong Kong. Glad to have you back.


Helen said...

Roast ngor looks good ler.... not to mention the dimsum. So, what do u think? Is HK dimsun better than local ones?? I still got no chance to try HK dimsum. The last time I went HK I was 7 yrs old...

Too bad you're female... if not, I bet u can furnish us with some clubbing pics... lol

Zara's Mama said...

But I like M’sian dim sum woh, just that Hong Kong has more variety.

CND20 for the whole goose, that’s not very expensive. It costs HKG360 for a goose in Hong Kong.

What about you? You didn’t mention if Ashley needed warm up time?

Domestic Rat,
Yes I did. Double steam milk pudding from Yi Shun. It was very delicious! Yes, the roast goose is just so awesome! Argh.. I have to find out where I can get this in KL.

Yeah.. mother and daughter no隔夜仇. Hee hee.

Oh yes, both of us couldn’t wait to shower each other with kisses. :P

Miss the food only right? Besides this, really nothing much to miss.

I like M’sia dim sum more really. They are less salty. Although there are more variety in Hong Kong.
Yeah.. if it’s not for this Biz trip, I wouldn’t have gone there for a holiday, it has never crossed my mind to go there for a holiday because it’s not a place to relax.
Haha, I prefer to shop than to go clubbing. We’ll have to wait for the Linpeh and Cocka to go for their biz trip, then they can tell us about the piao mei stories.

GG said...

zara's mum, yup! I'm frm Pg island. Just a sharing, if you love penang food, check out Lilian Chan's blog , found another nice one from KL ppl . Happy blogging!

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