Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hickory Dickory Dock

A mouse went into our laundry room, and caused some excitement in the house. We closed up all the windows and the doors, and put Rusty our cat in the room so that he could catch the mouse, and then we watched from the window what Rusty and the mouse were doing. Here's what Zara said while watching. "Kory, Kory, Dock, Mouse went up the clock." "Mouse climbed up hang clothes there!" (refering to the coat hanger) "Mouse climbed up the sky!" (referring to the mouse up on the curtain railing) Then when she saw Rusty chasing after the mouse, she said, "Wow, Rusty so angry. Catch the mouse like a monkey." (In the end, Rusty being fat and lazy, quit after a while. It was Daddy who smacked the mouse with a broom when he got back from work. Zara didn't see how ferocious Daddy was though, as she was asleep when Daddy murdered the mouse.) The following day, I asked her, "Where is the mouse now?" Zara : "Go up to the sky oh-ready (already)." (she last saw the mouse in the curtain railing) Me : "You want to go and catch the muose?" Zara : "Don't want." Me : "Why don't want?" Zara : "Becauzzzzzzzz (dragging the word while thinking what to say)... Zara scared."


Egghead said...

at least Zara didn't call that mouse "mickey" and ask to pet it :P

Jesslyn said... kan-cheong moment u still can take pic hor! If me, probably stand on a chair and see it run about!

blurblur said...

Eewwww...a mouse!!! I would have jump and hide away, it just makes my hair stand..sked sked.

Zara very good, still can do the narration..hehe.

Lin Peh said...

Daddy is not so useless afterall huh ? So, does daddy get to sleep in bedroom after he manage to wack the mickey ? LOL!

geetha said...

OMG! I can't imagine having your pet to eat the mouse? Eeewww!
Very clever to sing along that song :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

If it was me, I would have screamed like nobody's business, pai seh hor? U stil can click click for pix, I really salute you :)

Zara's Mama said...

Haven’t exposed her to Mickey mouse yet, so I guess that’s why she didn’t link the 2.

The mouse is in the room with all windows and doors shut. It can’t get to me. So I don’t have to be afraid. :P

Kids have no fear yet.
I felt my hair was standing, but it cannot come to me, so it’s ok.

Lin Peh,
Now Daddy hero already, or course welcome to sleep on the bed already.

Oh, the cat won’t eat the mouse. Normally he would kill it, and then we’ll have to chuck the body away. But he’s getting really lazy, so he was just chasing it for a while and then gave up.

The mouse can’t get near me, so I’m not afraid. If I’m in the same room with it, I would have screamed as well.. Haha.

Cocka Doodle said...

Your pussy can't catch mice ah?
Ok lah, ok lah...if it's of any consolation to you, my cock can't crow either. *grins*

ky said...

This is an amusing post. :) Wow, Zara can really describe well!

sesame said...

Wow, she's quite good with her words already. Can use the nursery lines to describe the scene. Very good!

kwloong said...

Hickory Dickory Clock
The mouse went up the Coat Hanger
The broom came on
The mouse go squash
Hickory Dickory Clock


may said...

dejavu... and just a couple of nights ago while hanging out at McD's @ Mutiara Damansara (opposite Ikea), there was a mouse just outside the door! eek! but didn't come into the restaurant lah, so that's ok...

sengkor said...

pity zara. everyday also scared this and scared that.

Vien said...

hey, you want to rent my mouse-buster team: Tiger the cat and Puppi the dog? LOL! Both of my pets (in msia) are experts in tag-team mouse catching.

mom2ashley said...

i'm surprised that you managed to even catch a photo of the mouse! hahahah....they are such a nuisance huh!

YL said...

must be that the place is too clean... so its a long while since you last had any mouse running in the house... that's why Rusty's mouse-hunting skills went... well, rusty. so who's fault is it??

Sabrina said...

A mouse went into my MIL's house oso the other day. Ate her almonds, potato, etc.

AsleyLee said...

The camera always by your side? You still able to take the picture while your house under troubled? The mouse so acting in front of the camera!

Helen said...

Your Rusty reminded my of Garfield. LOL

Thank God you're not those ladies who are terrified of rats. (are you?) :-P

Zara's Mama said...

Pussy is fat and lazy.
What’s your cock’s excuse?

Haha.. she just said what she saw. :P

Next time can she be those TV reporter, giving live telecast. :P

Wah, you really very good with ‘story telling’ and ‘nursery rhyme’ re-writing who.

I bet that must be a big one. This one is a little fella, kind of cute.

Want to sponsor ‘keng foong san’?

Wah.. next time can call them for help huh? My cat is really getting very lazy! *sign*

Oh well, they were locked up in the room, and nothing happened for a while.. so out came the camera.

Yeah.. our fault for making Rusty so Rusty, and giving him that name too. *sigh*

Wow.. greedy mouse.

Hui Sia,
Camera upstairs ma. Just go and grab. Yeah, the mouse very ‘action’. Can stare at the camera and pose some more.

Yeah, that fat fella is pretty useless.
I am terrified of rats, if they are those big ones. This one was a cutey small one. So not so afraid.

Gene Lim said...

what an adventure for everyone huh :)
way to go daddy! :)

See Fei said...

if i couldnt get ticket to zoo negara, will visit your house. got hippo, got pig, got cats, got mouse...


Simple American said...

Feed your cat too well. ;)

I'm scared of mice too. But I swing a mean broom when I must.

LaundryAmah said... come we have such similar experiences...we had a mouse that ran up to our room before and it got itself trapped in our walk in wardrobe! Yucks..thank God Daddy and maid managed to corner it and smacked it death! Yikes..and my son never forgot this incident!

Allyfeel said...

aiyoo....and who took the shots?? Still so steady and no fear of the big rat at all. *me run away in lightning speed*

Anonymous said...

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