Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cute mistakes she makes

Zara speaks a lot, and she's picking up words from us daily. Being only 20months old, she makes some really cute mistakes. Sauce is Horse to her. As in Soya Horse and Chilli Horse. She would say, "Don't want Chilli Horse. Spicy." Anything that has pines, or prickly she gets them mix up. Porcupine is a Pineapple Puffer fish is a Pine Cone Pine Cone is a Porcupine But a Pineapple is a Pineapple. She pronunces the BL sound as BR. As in "the light brink brink". And when something drops, she says "Opsy Dentally", fusing the phrase "Opsy Daisy" with "accidentally". She calls a biscuit, bis-kot, as how Tuyam pronunces it. Recently I corrected her, and now when she said biskot, she would self correct and mutter, "biscuit, not biskot, biskot is Mayay (Malay)".


Egghead said...

I think you will call her cute even if she hits you :P

kids will be kids!

sambal-belacan said...

gosh...i'm still shocked she knows what a puffer fish is! or a porcupine for that matter! do u conciously teach her all these 'canggih' animals through books and tv?

Zara's Mama said...

Actually, I don't tolerate rudeness from her. No saying "Stupid", no pushing adults away, or no hitting adults.
I love her, but I don't spoil her. I practise some discipline at home.

Zara's Mama said...

Actually, it's not just adults, but b'cos she doesn't interact with kids so much.. I don't see her being rude to kids as yet.

Sambal Belacan,
She likes to flip through my visual encyclopedia and point to objects and ask me for the names. So we just tell her what they are since she's interested.
And we point out new items or objects to her and tell her their names and what they can do. She seems to like that and pick up lots of words from these situations.

IMMomsDaughter said...

"Biskot is Mayay"..heh heh..Her mispronounced words really cute.

blurblur said...

Aiyo, this wawa really very very cute! :)

The mix-ups on pine...really very funny..puffer fish is pine cone, pine cone is porcupine, porcupine is pineapple BUT pineapple is pineapple...wah my head is spinning...LOL...;)

geetha said...

Very cute mistake.. and very clever too :P
Very rhyming lah her mix up :)

irene said...

haha...ya, consider quite smart in speaking little jingjing calls "dog dog" as "kok kok", "fish" as "shee" (like blowing sound", cat as "mau mau"(in chinese), all things can be eaten called "mum mum" only..

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. that's why i want to capture it.

Haha.. head spinning hor.. It makes me dizzy trying to capture this too. :P

Maybe that's why she got them all mix up.. Hee hee..

She's still young.. Wait till she expend her vocab.. you'll see lots of this mix ups. :P

may said...

dun pray-pray, she'll be spikking pehfek engrish in no time! ;-)

sesame said...

Pronounciation not so good but she already knows a lot of words for her age.

My boy's mistake: Teacher = Picture. Mountain = Pountain. Swimming = Slimming.

It's normal and actually kind of fun to hear them speak like this in their cute little voice.

Samm said...

Come a few months, if she ever rides horsey on her newborn sibling... then u tell me whether that's cute or not, k. Freaks me out when Gordon tries that with his brother when my back's turned. Cheeky lil boy

Zara's Mama said...

And pehfek Mayah too.. thanks to kakak. :P

Yeah.. all these pronunciation mistakes make them look so cute. But if it's spoken by an adult.. you'll think that they are Ah Beng or Ah Lian..

This is pronunciation mistakes.. makes it cute.
For mishap, or misbehave, or any mistakes related to physically harming herself or others, I won't find it cute, definitely.

Simple American said...

Would be fun to see you compile Zara's dictionary. Could be one of those cute coffee table books.

I love Opsy Dentally. Bet that had you rolling when you hear her say that.

YL said...

"Porcupine is a Pineapple
Puffer fish is a Pine Cone
Pine Cone is a Porcupine
But a Pineapple is a Pineapple."

ermmm in this case, wat is a puffer fish??

shoppingmum said...

My god, her vocabulary is really far more advanced for her age! She's gonna be a chatterbox someday :)

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Haha.. but she's growing each day, and she's going to have less words said from her own dictionary. :P
I tried to correct her when she said opsy dentally, but she seems to be able to say dentally better than daisy. Funny girl.

I hope she won't point to mummy's stomach and said puffer fish.. :P

She is already a chatterbox! Haha..

Mother Superior said...

Zara is really funny and cute! I like "opsy dentally". Very accidentally wrong! Btw, that's a five-syllable word. So, Mama, keep talking to her. She'll be a lawyer some day, incidentally.

mom2ashley said...

wow! i am surprised that she is picking up real quickly! i think you guys are doing a great job with zara!

Zara's Mama said...

Mother Superior,
It's strange she can say the 5-sllable word, but she can't say Opsy Daisy. :P
We talk a lot to her, but nowadays, she seems to be overtaking us. Haha

Keep talking, and keep pointing out things to her and name them, that's what we do for her. Their minds are asborbing like a sponge, every moment is a learning moment. Amazing!

earthember said...

I like the way she self-corrects. So adorable. Kids do learn fast, don't they?

Well, looks like she would be chatting herself away soon.

See Fei said...

no dialect for Zara?

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, they do learn fast. It's just so amazing.

See Fei,
Err.. no. Actually, I'm trying to speak to her in Mandarin.

Anonymous said...

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