Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Quantifying Love / Pregnancy Update

Daddy: Zara, do you love Daddy? Zara : Larf Daddy : How much do you love Daddy? Zara : Two Me : Zara, what about mummy? Do you love mummy? Zara : Larf Me : How much do you love Mummy? Zara : SEVEN! Haha. Daddy 0, Mummy 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm already into my 2nd trimester. Tummy is already showing. This time, it's protuding front wards instead of going side ways like the time I have Zara. My appetite is getting better, although I'm still not able to eat as much as I used to when I have Zara. Because of my age, my next hurdle is doing the amniocentesis around 16weeks (this round I'm not going for the tripple blood test). For those of you who don't know what this is, it's to inject a very long syringe into the abdomen to collect amnionic fluid. The fluid collected is then sent to a lab for culturing to check if the baby has any genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. The wait time for the result is 3 weeks. A long wait! I remembered the last time when I have Zara, I didn't celebrate until the amnio test came back to say everything is ok. I didn't dare to celebrate. It would be the same this round.


Twin said...

hehehe the '2' and '7' part is really really cute.

Twin said...

if i'm not mistaken i think the amniocentesis test also tells the sex of the baby. yeah??
R u excited?

mom2ashley said...

does the amniocentesis process hurt?

Egghead said...

ask Zara how much he loves my son! :P

Jesslyn said...

LOL at egghead's comment!

Agnes, dun worry too much, everything will be fine!..see, Zara is a healthy girl too!

momm said...

ahh... sounds like a baby boy on the way!!

nat's momm

blurblur said...

don't worry, i'm sure things will turn out fine. :)

LOL at the 2 and 7..hmm..let me go ask how much Damien loves me..hehee..;p

geetha said...

Oooh, there is s adifference in your tummy shape.. may be a boy? ;)
Good luck with the test.. don't worry, it will turn out fine.

Wah, can quantify her love. So cute.. Champion only says "I love you so much!" :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Really funny your Q & A with Zara on whom she loves more.

When I was preggie with Mei Mei, my gynae also asked whether I wanted to do the amniocentesis test but due to risk involved, we opt not to. Thank God all's well.

aVieo0o said...

Maybe its a boy! =)
Hey I wanna email you something, think you can help me with it =)

Could you drop me a line at

Please and Thanks =)

aVieo0o said...
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Msau said...

boy or girl, small or big oso doesn't long as baby is healthy everything then is the best liao hor??
**wonder am I being sour grape or wat ..:P**

Tracy said...

Zara was smart by saying she loves mummy by the 7 cos she knew dat daddy will not be jealous mar. (heehee)

Aiyo, how come ur amniocentesis test will take 3 weeks to know the result leh? Mine took only 1 week wor. The wait was really 'killing'.

I think Zara's going to have a 'didi'. Don't worry, everything will be fine.

Zara's Mama said...

Wonder how her little mind works.. :P
Yes, amnio test will also let you know the sex of the baby.

It feels like an ant bite, it’s more the anxiety that affect one more.

She’ll probably ask, “Who?” :P

Still need to go through loh. : (

Don’t know girl or boy, but as long healthy enough loh.

I hope so too.
Only they can quantify love in such a manner. :P

I really wonder if it’s a girl or a boy. I hope it’ll turn out fine too.
That’s Zara’s way of quantifying her love. Champion’s one is the accurate way. :D

Did you do the triple test? My gynae told me my risk is still low and from the scan things look ok, it’s really up to me if I want to do or not. But I’ll go for it just to make sure things are ok.

Sex to me doensn’t matter, as long as healthy.

Yeah, for me healthy is most important. But hor, I still like girl more leh.

Zara's Mama said...

How come yours only 1 week? I heard they have expediate test, but my gynae told me for the results to be accurate, the cells need to be cultured, so it'll take at least 2 weeks to do so.
Didi or not never mind la, as long healthy. :P

sesame said...

Oh, I remember the anxiety the last time I had to do it. And we didn't even tell our in-laws that I was pregnant until after the test results were okay. I can understand how you feel but it'll all be okay. :)

I cannot picture a tummy that grows sideways. Flatter or rounder? Some pple say the shape of the tummy determines the sex of the baby. I wonder how true.

jazzmint said...

wah so fast 2nd trimester liao!! Hey take care and eat more hehe...lemme know if u need the cl contact

Tracy said...

Sorry Agnes, I made a mistake. I checked my record, the results of my amniocentesis test took 2 weeks. And I went for the 3D scan too - could really see the features of the baby very clearly. There are 4D scans now.

Simple American said...

Congratulations on your victory. But did Daddy really stand a chance. :) haha

Pooching straight out. That means a boy right? ;)

Zara's Mama said...

Oh.. the last time I had Zara, my waist line increased first.. so it went side ways.. then only rounded. This time.. it went forward immediately.. My waist still looks the same from the frount.

Yeah.. so fast hor?
Let you know if I need CL contact. I didn't want to get one, but I think better to get one to make life easier for me.

My result came back about 2weeks+ with Zara. You did 3D scan? I don't know if I want to know how my bb looks like before he/she is born... still considering if I should go for one.

Simple American,
Yes.. he could not stand a chance with me as competition!
I don't know the sex yet.. so I can't tell. :|

may said...

I larf zara's mama too! so the cute leh!

Vien said...

LOL! Zara's daddy not jealous? :P Good luck in the amnio test. Pray that baby will not approach the needle.

Mother Superior said...

Oh, I wish you well, dear. It must be trying times. I can't forget the amnio I had to take to confirm if Grace was mongoloid. The wait was long and dreary and as always, thank God that all went welll.

Will pray for you, if you can tell when you'be going for it.

HK pictures are good, and hey,I like the maternity dress the green sandals. Green's my fav colour for clothes, followed by purple.

Sue said...

Haha... you sure she didn't just utter a random number?

Abt the amnio test, cross my finger for you that all will go well!

HMom said...

I am sure everything will turn out fine. GOod luck! Do u want to know the sex?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Did not do either test. Good luck to you & hope all's well.

Allyfeel said... so clever to rate her favourite parents now. :) No bad eh, score of seven.

Allyfeel said...

Good luck on ur test and everything is gonna be fine, dun be too tense abt it.

domestic rat said...

Don't think about it for the following days. Everything will work out well. ;-)

kwloong said...

Zara 1, Daddy 0. Zara make mummy so "lum" hahaha.

ky said...

My gynae told be to be prepared for the amnioic fluid test during my second pregnacy too, though I had not reach 35 yet, if my blood test comes back with concerns. The result was alright, and I didn't have to go thro' the ordeal.

Will pray for you too!

Helen said...

All the best to you. :-)

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