Tuesday, July 11, 2006

How does she know how to use such words?

I'm so into capturing Zara's conversation these days because she's never seized to surprise me every day with her choice of words; and she's becoming so chatty, always talking when she's in high spirit. She likes to grope my breast or Tuyam's, (not sure if this is the symptom of breast feeding her too long), and she'll say when she does that, "Zara humsup (Chinese : act of a pervert)." (I told her before she can't do that, because that's 'humsup') When her VCD starts showing with the volume turned off, she said, "Oh shit! No sound." (I know this is from me, because I use SHIT very often). Calming herself, she talked to herself, "Daddy is here, mummy is here mah, no need to be sked (scared)". She farted and she laughed, "Mummy, Zara fart fart!" "Zara like a skunk." "Zara crazy girl!" "Zara joker" "HaHaHaHa" Note : This post was written a month ago, and didn't get posted it until today.


Ciss said...

Hi Zara Mama,
Just wanna let you know that I've been following your blog. Felt that u're such a cool mom. Zara speaks really well for her age. Very gifted with words and language. Does she speak any other languages?

Egghead said...

now we know how you and your hubby talks at home... LOL!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Kah kah kah "Zara like a skunk"...so expressive your Zara :)

sesame said...

LOL. She calls herself a joker! Zara humsup joker? And hehe...whose fart smells more like a skunk's? Daddy or Mummy's?

geetha said...

LOL! Very funny!
So canggih lah her vocabulary (like an adult) :P

Helen said...

You better becareful. No bad words about in-laws and other relatives in front of her... LOL

Vien said...

LOL!!! I burst out laughing when I read "Zara humsup." Er, you sure she didn't get the humsup genes from someone ar? Hahaha...It's difficult not to swear in front of the kids, huh? ;P

blurblur said...

Hahaha...your Zara really very clever and cheeky! :)

It's really amazing when you hear them talking like an adult, I like the part where she calmed herself...so cute! :)

YL said...

*palm face* are you sure you are talking about a not-yet-two year old girl?!?!?!?! :|

Zara's Mama said...

Thanks for visiting, and the compliments.. Haha.. I’m cool.. Let me tell that to my husband.
Zara unfortunately doesn’t speak any other language, except a little Chinese (so little, she probably only knows 2, 3 words), and some Malay she picks up from my maid.

Oh Shit.. the secret is out.

Don’t know where she learn some of these things. Probably TV.

Zara never say anything bad about me.. She’ll say Daddy’s fart smellier. :P

Sometimes she talks like an old man.. a dirty old man that is. Haha.

I’m watching my words.. but Daddy is still using those Canto swear words or the F word which always make me angry!

She knows she’s ‘humsup’ but she still wants to do it.. Aigh.. I think she misses the breast.
Yeah, we really have to control not to use any other stronger words (besides shit) in her presence.

Yeah.. when you are not expecting, they give you a surprise. Really amazing how their little mind works.

Yeah woh.. Not 2 yet, but talk like some dirty old man.

See Fei said...

kids really say the cutest words...zara is starting to be awared of the situations around her and reacting to it.

shoppingmum said...

I think I better watch my mouth too, my boy starts to say "shit" these days...

Jesslyn said...

kids say the darnest things!
Lyon too always surprise us with her words, got to record down one day!

mom2ashley said...

whoa...she really picks up fast!

chanelwong said...

oppss..must be careful when we talk in front of Zara..She is picking up fast...

may said...

soon she'll be saying more than just that... LOL! it's a growing process...

khongfamily said...

Hahah..I like the "fart" part. Zara is so funny! :D

Samm said...

Really funny. But Zara picks up lots of words, hoh. Especially from you. The daddy never talk at home one meh????

MamaBoK said...

She never fail to amaze me too.. ;)

Simple American said...

Oh gosh. I wonder what words she may have added in the month.

I have a horrid potty mouth. My son got my in big trouble with the missus when he was three. He sat playing something on his own. And then he just started saying the ef work loud and clear about five times in a row.

We ignored it. Thank goodness it only happened that once. My ears could not have handled another scolding like that one.

Gene Lim said...

oh boy...she got the "shit" word too huh...well Ryan did the same thing too eh..
Thanks to kit :)
She is soo amazingly smart... well done mom..u raise her well...except for the shit part..kekekke ;P

Zara's Mama said...

See Fei,
Yes she is starting to react to situations around her, and response by saying things we never thought she would say. Haha.

Very easily ‘influence’ hor them?

Yeah.. share with us what Lyon says!

Are you too more careful with what you say in front of Ashley? She’s also ‘listening’. :P

Yes, must be.

She’s surprising us all the time. Wonder what else is in store. :P

She just suddenly turned into a joker that time.

Daddy doesn’t talk to her as much as her, and doesn’t spend as much time with her as I do ma. So she learns more from me than Daddy.

Don’t they all do? Haha.

Simple American,
Hmm.. My hubby is just like you. He still uses those F words in the presence of Zara. One day if Zara going to say that, I’ll give him a good scolding!
I don’t know what else is stored in her mind, but she’ll say them when I least expect it.

Shit seems to be one common word most little kid picks up huh? Thanks to the parents. :P

HMom said...

thats really funny! So easy to forget that the little one is around when we adults talk

ky said...

Oh, I love this stage (between 2-3 yo). Though people complain abt the terrible two, but I find them most expressive and yet innocent then. Wait till they turn 3, and start using words to talk back or scold. That really give me headaches.

kwloong said...

At this age, Zara is absorbing it like a sponge. Hahaha..as Egghead said it, secrets are out!


Zara's Mama said...

Yes. We have to remember and not forget they are around. Haha.

Yes, they are so innocent and direct! Just love them at this age. I think I fear most when she reaches her teens.. Yikes.


Allyfeel said...

Ya..I have the same problem with using those words as well. Hehe...bb picked it up from me and also some cartoon show.

Humsup? haha...it will be a funny scene if she does it in the public. Bb will laugh out loud if I commented him being Humsup.

Anonymous said...

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