Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wawa & Baba Black Sheep

Zara has been calling herself Wawa instead of Zara lately. It must have been the influence of the Chinese song 泥娃娃 (Nu Wawa - Doll of clay). I tried to correct her yesterday. Me : Zara, what is your name? Zara : Wawa. Me : No, not wawa. Your name is ZARA. Zara : *pointed to her chest* Wawa Me : You can call yourself Wawa if you want, but your name is ZA-RA! Zara : *quiet* Me : Tell mummy again. What is your name? Zara : Wawa's name Cookie! Me : *giggled* Your name is cookie? A biscuit? Zara : *laughed* Hahaha. Wawa's name cookie! Me : Your name is not cookie la. Your name is ZA-RA! Zara : Hahaha. *repeated after me* Not cookie la. ZA-AH! Me : Yes. Your name is Zara. Zara : Not cookie! *giggled* Nowadays, I could really have a 'conversation' with her, and I can see, she has some sense of humour. She has also started singing quite a fair bit. With all the miss pronunciation, most of the time, we could still make out what song she's singing. Here's Zara's attempt to sing the song Baa Baa Black Sheep.


Egghead said...

can I call her Wawa next time I see her? :P

Helen said...

Wawa is a good nickname ler.... Like egghead, maybe we'll call Zara Wawa next time. lol

Jesslyn said...

Lyon called herself as 小可爱!哈哈!becos SIL always call her like that.

Let her listen more often, she will sing to u one day, just as Lyon did now, although out of tone! :P

may said...

wawa wawa! ermmm... maybe your next kid's name can be Wawa? teehee!

chanelwong said...

Zara helping you to find name for your next one ar?

I think she knows her name is Zara but purposely act don't know...

geetha said...

She finding herself nickname..
Hey, if you want her to stick to Zara, amke sure don't let her use Wawa.. then follow until big girl ;P

Vien said...

looks like Wawa need more practice in singing..later can join Malaysian Idol. :D

mom2ashley said...

what a clever girl. can sing on demand. she seemed a video shy a bit...

sesame said...

She's quite a tease huh? Know how to "pull" your legs...

Tracy said...

Hahaha, Zara's getting bored with the name Zara and tried to call herself Wawa for a change?

Zara's Mama said...

She probably won’t know the difference. :P She thinks it’s still her.

Sounds very similar to her name too, pronounce by a younger kid. :P

Haha.. wah.. this Lyon lagi clever to give herself nick name.
She’s listening almost In the car (CD), at home (DVD/VCD), at night make mummy sing, etc.

Zara & Wawa.. hmm.. must book the domain name first.

Haha.. if I let her name the next one, it’ll probably be snake or worm. :P
Yes, I think so too, she purposely act don’t know.

That’s why I’m trying to correct her.
She knows her name is Zara, but she still calls herself Wawa. Maybe because she knows it means doll, and she wants to be a doll.

Malaysian Idol? Don’t want ler.. get criticized so badly by the judges.

She’s just shy I think. Even without the camera, she would still look away. When we asked her why, she would say, “wawa shy”.

Yeah.. always trying to pull my legs.

She thinks she’s a doll mah. :P

shoppingmum said...

Wawa is a nice nickname, she made a good choice! :)

Gene Lim said...

hehe she is young she got a nickname already? ;)

Cocka Doodle said...

Oi? I thought you have settled for the name "Zucchini" if its a boy, no?
Starts with 'Z' right?

Simple American said...

Maybe Wawa is her stage name. haha

Get down Zara and boogie woogie. hee

amanda said...

It's so adorable to think of herself as a Wawa. I used to think I was an apple when I was a baby. I hope Bevan won't be thinking that he is an Orange. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Now that Zara can converse, don't you think it's simply adorable what she has to say?

blurblur said...

Wawa Zara..hey, that's a very nice name mah..;)

She can have conversations at such a young age,i'm really very impressed! (though i've said this many times, but can't help lah!:P)

HMom said...

haha. ZAra is at that stage where she gives funny replies and knows she is being funny!

kwloong said...

She got a nice tone, can train her for future Malaysian Idol. :D


Allyfeel said...

She is so so cute....She can sing so well eh, the tune is there. I can catch it. Is it the girl thing? BB can never sing like that and never willing to sing.

Wawa and cookie can be her nickname ler. hahahaha!!!

L B said...

Wawa is cute!!!! I also wanna be wawa!!! As in WAAAAAWAAAAA!!!

wHOisBaBy said...

your conversation with zara was so cute. she wants to be called wawa. yea, nickname ... wawa ... cute cute like a doll.

Fannie said...

They are such good entertainers when they ing don't they?

I always felt so entertaining when Ethyl tried to sing with Barney or Hi 5 vcds and dancing at the same time! :D

domestic rat said...

Hahaha... how did she link cookie to her name? So cute...

See Fei said...

better download the video. in case one day Zara become the 22nd Malaysian Idol! can make some money selling pirated vcd of Zara singing baa baa black sheep in petaling street heheheh...

YL said...

i just noticed: your blogspot name is so wat happens when you want to blog about the next one?? or you are planning to start another blog???

my name suggestion if it is a boy: Zane.

my name suggestion if it is a girl: Zennie??

AsleyLee said...

Wawa, such a good name too! Hehehe...

Jo eats a lot of alphabets when he sings ABC song, funny!

荦怡 said...

Zara is clever! she can having a conversation!!! Good job!
wah! better then me lei...(im 4mths older then her lei!)

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute of her singing..she actually lets u record it that's so nice. Faythe will attempt to grab the camera and keh poh

Zara's Mama said...

It’s nice for now, because she’s still small and cute.. :P

Haha.. influence by TV.

Cocka Doodle,
Zuccini is copy right reserved for your cucu ma..

Simple American,
Baa Baa Blacksheep have you any wool.. *in a rap tune*
Err.. but it doesn’t seem politically correct if you want to make it into an album. Haha

Wow.. Apple? How come?

Yes.. and am surprise the words that she can produce.. haha

Her mind seems to be extra mature when it comes to talking.. And sometimes she also tries to be funny, this wawa of mine.

Yeah.. she sometimes calls herself a joker!

No.. no.. I don’t want her to be Malaysian Idol.. Some of the judges are so ‘wicked’ with their comments!

Don’t know if it’s a girl thing.. She’s very into singing these days. Maybe it’s mummy’s genes. I used to perform on stage singing and dancing at 3, 4yrs old. Haha.

Wawawa.. you eat so much these days when you returned home, your colleagues will say Wawawa as well.. Or will they say Ooh Lala instead?

Yeah.. Wawa is a doll in Chinese. She won’t let anybody use that name except herself. She copy right it. : - I

Ethyl too is singing to entertain mummy and daddy? Yeah, they are so cute and fun when they are singing.

Domestic Rat,
I don’t know how she link herself to cookie.. I think she was just trying to be funny.

See Fei,
Walau eh, so much foresight huh you? She may become the next Sarah Brightman you know. Quick quick, be nice to me.

Aiyo.. don’t know.. Maybe just change the title of the blogname, no need to change url so troublesome right?
Zane? Not two syllables. I want names two syllables.

Hui sia,
Ha, Zara too.. suddenly from G jumps to RST. Eh, you are back and with connection?

Never mind, Mei Mei will catch up soon.

She attempted to grab it many times.. it’s hard to get her to sit still so I can tape it. :(