Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hong Kong Shopping - Photos

For the first few days in Hong Kong, I tried to shop for clothes and shoes for Zara, but I couldn't find anything. They were either the upmarket brands where every thing are ridiculously priced (even after discount); or they are cheap low quality stuff sold in the markets. The more popular local brands like Giordano or Bossini only have clothes for kids 3yrs and above. I was getting disappointed with the shopping. On the last day, however, I saw there was a sale on in Zara! I love the kids clothes from Zara, they are ideal for Zara because she is tall and lean; most of the other international brands like Osh Kosh and Mother Care do not fit her well because they are made for bigger size kids. Here are the loot I got for her, most of them are from Zara (which became more affordable after discount). Baby doll clothes are very popular now in Hong Kong. People with flat tummy wearing 'maternity' looking blouse. I got myself one which will cater for the growing tummy. I also got myself a pair of sandals and a bag.

And what is going to Hong Kong without buying the extremely good quality dried sea produce/海味. I got the viagra prawns mentioned in Domestic Rat's blog too, but they are from Southern China and not Sarawak. I bought double of everything below, because I have to give them to MIL as gifts for keeping an eye on Zara and maid during the time I was away.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Zara modeling her new clothes from Zara.

I got her a watering can from Hong Kong too, she really loves it, and immediately wanted to help Kakak water the plants.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I wonder when I'll go to Hong Kong again (the last time I went was 20yrs ago with my mum and sis), it's not a holiday destination I have in mind. So I'll wait for my next business trip. What I like about Hong Kong ~ The transport system, cabs, busses, MTR are very good and extensive. ~ The porridge in Hong Kong is superb, so creamy and delicious. Anybody knows how to make porridge like the ones you find in Hong Kong? ~ The roast goose is to die for. What I don't like about Hong Kong ~ People smoke indoor, in buildings, in restaurants. Blech! ~ Food or dishes whipped out from restaurants are extremely salty for my liking. ~ Every where is so crowded, and there's no green lungs!


blurblur said...

Wow..buy things for Zara, yourself, MIL and even Tuyam..how come never buy for hubby? ;p

I love the 2nd photo of Zara modelling, the pose like so pro leh..got potential to be a model! ;)

You didn't buy the roast duck back ah? hee hee ;p

Egghead said...

whoa! that is a whole lot of clothes for little Zara!!

Jesslyn said...

Zara wearing Zara brand's cloths..hehe..so nice hor!

Agreed with u, HK porridge really really delicious!

Someone taught me using high heat to cook thru out the cooking process. I tried and found it taste better! But still cannot compare with HK's, perhaps different in rice that we are using.

geetha said...

Wow! So many dresses for Zara. I'm sure she'll love those pretty dresses. Very cute model you have there ;)

I didn't like the food in HK.. a bit salty and oily for me :)

See Fei said...

did you bump into Lenglui...she also just came back from HK!

hei that viagra prawn what good for ha? can get locally in MY or SG or not?

Anonymous said...

Wowww..that really lots clothes for Zara, and sure lots of kisses from Zara to Mama :).
I like Zara's brand too, but cant find in Ipoh, I usually drive down to 1U. Did u show Zara that Mama especially buy for her cos got her name printed at the label :b.

Helen said...

Pretty Zara, Pretty Zara!! lol

Hey, nice colours u got for Zara lar.... your dress & sandals look pretty too!! Are u spotting a tummy??

Apart from Hoi Mei, any 'booster' like the one Lilian mentioned?? :-P

Welcome back!

khongfamily said...

Wahh..so many clothes for little Zara, from ZARA :P If I have a girl, I will buy as many as yours too!!

mom2ashley said...

wow you sure did alot of shopping eh?

King's wife said...

I love the green sandals!!!

Zara's Mama said...

I didn’t buy anything for Tuyam woh. Hubby I got him a mug, and the hoi mei is for him loh. Haha.
Yeah, the one with her standing really looks like a pro huh? But only that one photo, the rest of it, she wouldn’t want to stand still. *sigh*
I wanted to buy the roast duck back, but after eating it for 4 consecutive meals, I didn’t have the ‘appetite’ to pack one back.

Yeah.. for her 2yrs old birthday, for her Chinese New Year.. a long long time no need to buy clothes. :P

Yeah, Zara for Zara.. hahah.
How to make them so delicious huh? Let me try your method to see how we can get such good porridge huh.

She seems to like them, but she prefers the shoes (she always like shoes) and the watering can more.
Yeah, I wonder why they make things so salty there.

See Fei,
Who’s lengloi?
Viagra prawn is more delicious than normal dried shrimp. You can get in Sarawak for sure. Not sure if you can get it anywhere else.

Adrian & Alvan,
Aiyah, she doesn’t understand la. When you ask her who bought the clothes for her, she’ll say “Daddy buy”. *slap head*
Actually I should show her the label hor.. good idea. The kids clothes area really nice from Zara, very stylish, and yet classic looking. And yeah, the whole of M’sia only 1U has it. What a shame.

Suddenly I just love green. :P My tummy very big this time round.. Aigh.. can’t be like Samm, 5, 6 months still can’t see tummy.
Hah? Booster? No woh. Tonic like Viagra? Aiya, already got 2nd one already, boost hubby for what, after he no avenue to release, bleeding nose everyday pulak.

Girls have more choices, and lots more variety. Next one ok, you try for girl.

Yeah.. if Zara wasn’t on sale, I would have bought nothing.

King’s Wife,
I spotted it last day, or else would have told you and check with you if you wanted a pair too. :P

sambal-belacan said...

lovely lovely dresses. very productive shopping! hk shopping is actually v expensive, but heard that the summer sales are one of the best in the world where even designers slash prices. not true?

i too love hk congee. try using calrose rice. heard that it makes good congee.

sesame said...

Wow, the dresses for Zara from Zara looks very nice...Hehe...only clothes from shop of her name will do. She looks very pro in that picture with pants. Maciam model! Your dress also look very pretty nice combination with that green bag and green shoes.

I love food in HK. I remember the best horfun was eaten there. They call it rice stick noodle. Now, I can find it in Singapore.

jazzmint said...

wow that's a lot shopping :). Agree with u zara kids stuff are pretty cool and better designs compared to mothercare (which I find a bit not so chic :P). But KL Zara expensive lerr..

wahh, now she can pose for u liao hehe...she looks so happy with the watering can. Looks like you have a nicely maintained garden too :)

kwloong said...

Wow how come Zara got more clothes than u? Hehehehe...Nothing special for hubby? Yeah I miss the food especially dim sum there and my hk friends.


Gene Lim said...

love all the outfits that u bought for Zara... and ur green sandal..match the bag and the dress :)
with the sea produced stuff u bought from HK..u can cook good porridge.. :)
but i dunno how the process like..i heard they put some oil to let it become silky and shinny? not too sure ;)

domestic rat said...

Gosh! You bought the viagra prawns... Hmm... for hubby??? Heehee. And that's alot of shopping. I was expecting zero harvest since in your earlier post, you seem unimpressed by the stuff there.

may said...

Zara's wearing her own line of clothing!! *wink wink* such a natural on the runway too!

I haven't been to HK since the 90's, I think it's been a good 10 years ago at least. hmmm, must plan a trip in the next 5 maybe... wanna try that roast goose!

Helen said...

hahahaha what no outlet for hubby? I heard pregnant ladies can enjoy sexlife until the full term ler..... lol

reneereeve said...

the secret to the porridge is:-

soak rice with a lil cooking oil and salt to taste overnight before cooking the next morning...during cooking time, when about to be done add unsweetened soya milk to kacau until creamy! try it!

L B said...

I realised how much time one can spend just on blogging alone! Without going anywhere else outside of the Blogs, I've been continuously commenting for 30mins already, and I'm not even halfway through my H U G H U G C L U B ! Arggghhhhh........ Waaaa, I saw Goose!!! I saw a pretty model!! I saw... lots of flashes!! Must run.. Biggest Hugs to the best mummy here!!!

earthember said...

I like your loot, esp the green sandals. The Chinese food is pretty good too, isn't it. I haven't visited HK, but hope to do so in the next couple of years.

Twin said...

i like the way her hand rested on the couch .. hehe she really know how to pose. Next time can become model :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara's so clever pose also with price tag on :) Btw, The Big Kid also said even after discount things are also more expensive as compared to KL.

Zara's Mama said...

Wonder how her little mind works.. :P
Yes, amnio test will also let you know the sex of the baby.

It feels like an ant bite, it’s more the anxiety that affect one more.

She’ll probably ask, “Who?” :P

Still need to go through loh. : (

Don’t know girl or boy, but as long healthy enough loh.

I hope so too.
Only they can quantify love in such a manner. :P

I really wonder if it’s a girl or a boy. I hope it’ll turn out fine too.
That’s Zara’s way of quantifying her love. Champion’s one is the accurate way. :D

Did you do the triple test? My gynae told me my risk is still low and from the scan things look ok, it’s really up to me if I want to do or not. But I’ll go for it just to make sure things are ok.

Sex to me doensn’t matter, as long as healthy.

Yeah, for me healthy is most important. But hor, I still like girl more leh.

Simple American said...

What's it mean by green lung?

My wife makes a good congee. But then she is from HK. Maybe I can ask her what the secret is.

Zara is cute as a model. So industrious as a gardener too. haha

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Green lungs are green strips of land just dedicated to provide some 'green' to the area, and no buildings should be built there.
Yeah, do check with your wife how she makes her porridge.

Vien said...

zmm, the trick to good creamy porridge is to soak the rice overnight, then pound it to pieces (not too fine tho'). If you have overnight cooked rice, you can add a bit when cooking those broken rice. My dad is a pro in cooking porridge.

Sue said...

Wahh, end up buying a lot too on the last day huh :P You make me feel like going to HK too... their kids clothes there are more diverse and the last time I was there Ivan was still so little!

chanelwong said...

Wah Zara got soo nice clothes from mummy...

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