Monday, July 10, 2006


A few years back, I'd been on the Dolous ship with King's Wife and her girls when it docked in Port Klang. It was more to bring the girls to visit the ship then to check out its book shop on board. When I heard Dolous is back again in Port Klang, I told Daddy about it, and we decided to bring Zara there on Sunday. We arrived at Star Cruise Terminal, West Port 15minutes before it was due opened (@ 2pm), there was already a long long queue awaiting to get in. Upon seeing such a long queue, Daddy started cursing and swearing. "Such a long queue!?" "You are crazy to want to come!" "Only Malaysians would queue up for such at thing!" Zara was asleep, so she didn't hear any of daddy's ranting. I just said, "You don't want to queue then go home lor." "You stay in the car and wait then. I go queue up, and call you when you can come." (It always work if I pretended not to care and let him make the call, hee hee.) So Zara and myself waited in the airconditioned car, and Daddy went to queue up. It wasn't that bad, within 10mins, he called and told us to come, it was also good timing as Zara has awaken from her nap.

The Doulos

It was a hot day, and the ship was crowded! We could hardly squeeze into the book shop. When we wanted to get an ice cream, another long queue awaited us, so Daddy told me to just forget it. Despite the heat, Zara liked it though, to experience being on a ship, to enjoy the cool breeze on the deck. When Daddy pointed to her the sea below, she insisted, "Zara go down there! Go swimming!"

We spent less than 30mins on board the Doulos Daddy was so glad to get down from the ship. While we were getting out, check out the number of people waiting to get on board the ship! We spent sometime at the Star Cruise terminal, enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. Zara started exploring, singing, dancing, playing.

If you are interested, the Doulos will be in West Port till end of the month. Admittance is free, you just have to pay RM1 per car to park at the Star Cruise terminal.


sesame said...

Wow, that's a long queue indeed! I would be deterred too, like Daddy. Zara looks very happy in the pix. She must have enjoyed herself.

I've been hoping to bring Gavin to one too since he's so keen on ships. Haven't heard anything like this recently in Singapore though.

blurblur said...

Ya, very long queue indeed! And daddy is wrong lah, Singaporean also will queue for such a thing..haha..;p

Zara and Daddy looks very happy, and i love the last pic of cute! :)

See, Daddy love you very much hor..queue for you and Zara..;)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Such long long queue, would put me off too :)

Zara so cute can pose so professionally already.

geetha said...

Hey, is it worth it, ah.. with the long queue and crowd on board?
Zara seemed like she had fun, despite the hot weather :)
I see she is using the new HK shoes ;P

Jesslyn said...

Book shop in ship? good idea, if no buy book also can experience being on the ship! See Zara so happy in the pic, am sure my girls will like it too!

shoppingmum said...

Oh, I hate queuing up, especially with Justin coming along. But maybe you go on Sunday, that's why so crowded. Too bad it's too far from Ipoh, if in Penang, I might consider bring Justin there.

domestic rat said...

Heehee... not just Msians. Singgies would also stand under the hot sun for it!!! Remember the Hello Kitty craze in Spore back then???

mom2ashley said...

you didnt managed to buy any books?? i didnt know doulos still exists...the last time i went on it was when i was a kid....

Egghead said...

I think many people went there to see only... not to buy any books :P

may said...

not too bad! could you go into the ship though? don't see no photos of the inside... would've been nice if it suddenly sailed away with all of you on it, heheh! free cruise!

earthember said...

Despite the rants, he was still very sweet to queue up while you waited in the car.

I don't think I would bother to Q, given the large crowd.

chanelwong said...

guess I was lucky because I went on Sat evening, there was no long queue...
Anyzay, from the photos it was worth it because Zara enjoyed herself a lot

kwloong said...

So sad, they cannot dock in Penang. I miss their cheap bibles.


khongfamily said...

We visited Doulos on Saturday and I must say, getting there was a big headache. This was before the Sunday article on the Doulos was published.

In all, it took us 1.5 hours to get from KL to the Star Cruises terminal. During that time, visited the following places; South Port, North Port, & West Port. No signs to show us where the Doulos is berthed.

Bought 9 books for Braedyn. He loved the experience.

Zara's Mama said...

I thought about Gavin when I was on board.. I think you would have queue for him too if you were here, just so he could be on a ship.

Haha.. I didn’t want to add that Singaporeans queue up too, or else, he might really turn back and go home.
Eh, Daddy loves Zara very much. He would only do this for Zara not for me. : (

She didn’t post professionally.. Daddy just took the shots when she was playing. :P

For you? With 2 boys? Definitely worth it. Go on a Saturday, it’ll probably be less crowded, and if you can take off during weekdays, even better.
Yes, she’s using her new clothes and shoes now, no point keeping. She liked the cool breeze, yes she did.

Yeah, for us, more to let Zara visit a ship. Not really to buy any books. Come to KL and check out the ship la.. You can stay in my house during that time. : )

Yeah, Sunday was a bad day to go, but that’s the only time we were free. I’m sure Justin would have loved it too if he got a chance to be on board.

Domestic Rat,
I’m sure Singaporeans queue as well, but I just didn’t want to provoke Daddy.. I just put on an act that I really don’t care if we went or not. :P

No.. didn’t manage to buy any books. The book shop was just too crowded. It still exists, and maybe you can bring Ashley for a trip there.

Yeah. Lots of parents just bringing the kids on board to check out the ship.

We can go on board, but only limited area. Daddy was a bit disappointed.

Yeah.. as long as I know how to ‘play the cards’. You won’t even if Dilon wanted very much to go? I think I would only do that for my kids.. probably won’t be bothered if it was for myself.

Lucky you. Evening must be nice too, you probably can see the sunset.

Aaah.. btw, do they even dock in Penang?

Yeah, it’s very very far hor? Glad that you managed to get some books for Braedyn and he enjoyed the trip.

ka..t said...

We are planning to go this Saturday and we have been forewarned that there will be a loooong queue!! So we are prepared, especially after reading this post too!

Few months back, one of the StarCruise ships had a preview on board. It was fun going through the guided tour and seeing the restaurants and cabins. We were initially planning to go for a cruise, but after the preview, we decided against it. Felt a bit constricted on board!!

Simple American said...

So is the bookstore special on this ship? You mentioned it twice so it arroused my curiousity being an avid reader.

Zara looks so cute with her Dad. No pictures of you? *scratch head*

So are there cactus in Malaysia?

Vien said...

Looked like a hot hot day. Zara definitely got a good tan. :P

Allyfeel said...

WOW! Sounds nice minus the crowd. Lemme go ask if bb's daddy interested or not. Kind of good to show kids how the actual big ship looks like. :)

kwloong said...

Few years back they did, but I heard that Penang port is too busy this year. :(


Helen said...

That's a long queue!! No wonder your hubby is upset. Men got no patience for these things

BTW, Zara looked happy to have gone abroad the ship and luckily your hubby dun look black face in the photos. lol

Zara's Mama said...

I think Saturday will not be as bad as Sunday.
I don’t think I’ll go on a cruise as well, phobia of the ship sinking. :P

Simple American,
Yes. One of the attraction is to have a book fair on board.
Mummy looks like crap these days. Daddy wanted to take some shots of me, but I told him not to. So only Daddy. :P
Of course there’s cactus in Malaysia. But probably not as big and huge as the ones you can find in America or Mexico. :P

Very very hot day. She’s already very tanned. :(

Yeah.. Especially BB is a boy, it would be nice to let him experience it.

Aaah.. so I guess they choose different port to dock the ship even within the same country.

He was ok once he agreed to queue up.. I didn’t force him mah, he volunteered, so no reason to be black faced.
Yes, Zara likes the breeze very much. Nobody has black face. :P

geetha said...

Since you have said it, I think we shall try to make it this Saturday. BTW, do you know what time it ends?

L B said...

I'd rather queue for King's wife's #2, Sam...

Zara's Mama said...

I sent you the Dolous schedule and program to your yahoo mail. You got it?

Lots of men/boys would.. She's adorable isn't it?

geetha said...

I did.. thanks :)
Gotta check with hubby whether wanna go at night.. nicer weather ;P

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