Thursday, July 20, 2006

Let me brush your teeth

Zara is very keen in having nice teeth, we used that to coax her to brush her teeth every night. "Do you want your teeth to be like Uncle Ah Seng's?" Remeber Sengkor's chocolate coated teeth, she would always shake her head and walk to the toilet to have her teeth brushed. She always says, "Zara's teeth so nice. Zara brush teeth." One night, when Zara was playing with Daddy, she spotted Daddy's teeth. "Daddy's teeth not nice! Zara help Daddy brush teeth." To see what she would do, we gave her Daddy's tooth brush, and she started helping Daddy to brush his teeth. Even telling him, "Daddy, EEEEEE" (so Daddy have to say EEEEEE for her to brush his front teeth). "Daddy, AAAAAAAA." (and Daddy said AAAAA so she can reach for his molars) "Daddy, brush tongue." (and Daddy stuck his tongue out)
I have to crop the photos. Daddy would have killed me if I showed him opening his mouth wide like a hippo, but you can imagine what he was doing at the other end of the brush.


L B said...

It's nice to be on top again... Yes, C H U P !!! Hugs to Zara.. XXX

geetha said...

Very good that she wants nice teeth and agrees to brushing her teeth.. twice a day some more!

My son, I have to tell Barney stories.. and soemtimes he would fuss and make it difficult *sigh*

Egghead said...

my wife still need to force the toothbrush on our son... LOL!
Zara is a very good girl indeed!

Zara's Mama said...

After all the good food, I'm glad, you came back!!

I guess it's the vain streak in her that she willingly let her teeth get brushed.

No training since young? Zara started brushing since 5mths old, even w/out teeth, we let her hold a toothbrush and bite on it.

Jesslyn said...

Smart girl!...Lyon also started brushing her teeth before bedtime, she love it!

khongfamily said...

She is so cute, brushing daddy's teeth. She loves brushing teeth, huh.

mom2ashley said...

so cute! that;s a good way to encourage her to brush her teeth...

wHOisBaBy said...

you sure have an excellent way to encourage zara to brush her teeth.

wah so good girl, helping daddy brushing teeth and tongue too. good job wawa zara!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara so clever can ask daddy to Aaaa and Eeeee. My girl only brushes teeth now & then and I do not let her use toothpaste yet. Is Zara already using toothpaste?

MamaBoK said...

So smart of Zara..!

Simple American said...

Maybe you have a future dentist in the house. haha

I like how she shows her papa to stick out his tongue. Did she floss him too? :)

Vien said... least she knows how to compare a nice looking set of teeth vice versa.

sesame said...

Good that she's so "tooth conscious". Ya, maybe she can become a dentist next time. Who knows.

HMom said...

kids just love brushing their teeth. The problem is Harvynna wants to brush her teeth all the time!

Robin said...

haha.. so nice.

zara is a very good girl.. and I am sure your are using a ultra soft tooth brush with a small head for her.

Some of the tooth brushes are way to hard and it destroys gum and gingiva tissues causing peridontal diseases.. even for adults.

chanelwong said...

Zara imitating time she can help to brush and check her younger bro/sis teeth...

Daddy teeth must be very clean now with Zara helping him...

blurblur said...

Damien took about half an hour to brush his teeth!!! Goodness! He would place a stool infront of the sink, sit down and take his own sweet time, brushing and admiring himself at the same time! Vain pot!!

Ya, Zara can be a dentist next time liao..;)

Zara's Mama said...

For Zara, if it’s not because she wants to have nice teeth.. she won’t be bothered about brushing. :(

She brushes her teeth only because she loves to have nice teeth.

Yeah. Let her brush ours, so she’ll let us brush hers.

Her own vanity encourages herself. : )
Yeah, she must think Daddy didn’t didn’t do a good job on himself

I use non floride toothpaste on her, since she doesn’t know how to spit out yet. Normally, she’ll suck the toothpaste from her brush, before starting to brush her teeth.


Simple American,
Oh my, studying dentistry is no cheap business! *biting my fingernails*
She would if we have given her the floss, probably put it around his neck instead of flossing his teeth. Haha.

Yeah.. she’s vain!

Wow, serious?? Harvynna is very keen to have good teeth then.

Yeah, we use baby soft brushes for her.
I know I know, hubby used to use hard brushes on himself, and then complain how come his gums are bleeding a lot. I had to introduce him to soft brushes.

Yeah, next time she can help me brush the baby’s teeth. Haha.
Daddy need a few more ‘helps’ from Zara before his teeth can be as nice as Zara’s. Haha.

Hee hee.. Damien also vain pot huh? If we have a low mirror, Zara would probably do the same.
Like I told Simple American, dentistry very expensive to study ler.. Mummy and Daddy have to save more money.

Helen said...

Ouch.... SK kena gau

See Fei said...

aiyoh so cute... can i book a session with zara too?

Zara's Mama said...

Actually I made him do it (coat his teeth with choc), just to make Zara aware if she didn't brush her teeth, she may end up having bad teeth.

See Fei,
For that, you need to babysit her 8hrs.

earthember said...

hahaha, your hubby was so spotting to let Zara brush his teeth, while you snapped away.

I always have to force Dillon to brush his teeth. He doesn't enjoy that activity despite our attempt to make it fun, like buying cute toothbrushes, watching kids program that educate about toothbrushing, etc. Maybe it's a boy thing.

shoppingmum said...

Sigh, my boy refuse to brush with toothpaste, really headache now...

Ricket said...

My Ally likes to eat tooth paste. I'm very strict in having the kids brush their teeth every night.

1+2mom said...

Luckily my kids all like to brush teeth. LAst time just my son need to call so many time he will come brush teeth. Now no need, cause his sisters all brush teeth together. My gals like to brush teeth or wash hand, i think they got 洁癖.

kwloong said...

Great to cultivate good teeth hygiene since young. Both my toddler also brush their teeth before bedtime.


Contented Mum said...

So cute the way she brush daddy's teeth. So good girl, brushing her teeth!!

Zara's Mama said...

Hubby was spotting, but warned me never to show those photos. :P
Hmm.. so compared to his sisters, he’s less interested in oral hygiene?

What toothpaste are you using? I’m using Chicco banana flavour. Zara seems to like it.

I think kids’ toothpaste are so yummy, that’s why for them it’s like a treat. Zara will lick up the toothpaste first before allowing me to brush her teeth for her.

I think girls are more particular about hygiene.. like what Earthember mentioned.

Good huh? To see them pick up good habit and young age.

Contented mum,
She really wants to keep the ‘family’s teeth’ white and sparkling. :P

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