Monday, August 21, 2006

21st Month Update

Zara is 21mths today, 3 more months till she's 2yrs old (oh boy, have to start planning for her birthday party). ~ Weight should be more than 9.7kg (didn't weigh her this month) ~ Height : 83cm ~ No new teeth sprouting. She has a total of 16 teeth. Dexterity : ~ Climbing up stairs without holding on to anything, however, we asked her to at least use the wall to support her, just in case. ~ Able to rinse her mouth and spit out, even moving her cheek to do a through rinse. ~ Able to draw circles (although not perfect). ~ Climbing up ladders in the park unassisted. ~ Able to put on her pants with some help. Language : ~ She can sing and recite some nursery rhymes from beginning till the end. ~ Her reasoning skill is getting very good. ~ She's learning new words very quickly, and the correct usage of them. ~ She's able to sing along with most of the songs she has on CD, VCD and DVD, for words she's not sure, she'll just mumble something to the tune. (and lots more which I'd captured in some of the posts) Feeding and Food: 3 meals and 3 milk feeds a day. Eats a lot of snacks in between, Her current favourite junk food is chocolate ice cream (she only fancies chocolate flavour and nothing else), which I have to keep a tub in the freezer all the time. She only wants to have egg and cheese these days for breakfast and lunch. And for dinner, as long there's a fish or an egg dish, she's fine. She refuses most leafy vege (just suddenly), preferring only beans (long beans, peas). Luckily she takes lots of fruits or she won't have enough fiber intake. Emotions : ~ Officially weaned off thumb sucking. ~ Extremely clingy nowadays, probably feels threatened by my growing stomach and the coming baby. ~ Showing preference to which kid she likes to play with in the park, she only likes to 'hang around' this particular girl, who's 8mths older than her. ~ Very affectionate, giving everybody lots of hugs and kisses, and saying "I love you" to Daddy and me. ~ Very emotional, especially when she sees animals in distressed (mummy not in the same league as the animals).


Vien said...

I just noticed that Zara is a hitam manis. Either that or just not enough lighting when you snapped those pics.

MamaBoK said...

Congrats..! on Zara's 21 months..! very exciting.. i know.. ;)
Plus Zara is really doing very well.. in terms of everything.. ;) very advanced.. as far as i am concern.. ;) Well done, mummy..!

Simple American said...

Zara really getting along so much better. Wish I would have kept a log like this for my kids.

Any word on those tests you took for the new munchkin?

See Fei said...

Look like Zara is wise beyond her age and advance in her development. One small step towards the Malaysia Book of Record. Syabas!

mom2ashley said...

21 months already!??? so fast yeah!!! congrats to zara!...

MyLittleChampion said...

wow, time flies eh..i noticed zara is very much in advanced compare to kids her age. but in terms of weight, i think she is a bit 'light'.... keep up the good work zara mommy...

sesame said...

I keep thinking that Zara is much older like over 2 years old. It must be cos she's doing too well for her age that's why.

So why is mummy not in the same league as the animals? What do you mean?

IMMomsDaughter said...

What this thing with beans? My boy also loves beans/peas but not other vege :(

HMom said...

Almost 2!!! I feel like i just ready your blog on Zara's 1st bday!

She will be more clingy now as she can sense the new baby. She'll get over it once she sees the new baby and shares your excitement.

blurblur said...

Happy 21! :)

Damien doesn't eat anything associate with beans (green/red/long/short...whatever) but prefers vegetables..

Again, i'm impressed by Zara's development, and i always thought she's already 3 or 4...well done, mommy! :)

kwloong said...

Zara is developing very well, way above her age, kudos to the breastmilk (natural DHA, SA...etc).


jazzmint said...

wow can rinse mouth already!! Hey so she lets u brush her teeth or not?

Her preference for food is like mommy's cravings or not :P

cp1 said...

congrats zara'a mama...she has grown up to be very independent slowly..i cant wait to see nellie doing what zara's is doing cheers!!! way to go zara

Zara's Mama said...

She does have very tanned skin tone. MIL's genes, although MIL always blames me for bringing her out too often and questioning what I'd been eating during my pregnancy to make her so dark *slap head*.
I just tell her, "it's your genes lar.. You are so dark." Hee Hee..

Thank you.. I'm really 'looking forward' to terrible Twos. :P

Simple American,
No news yet.. By end of this week, if I don't hear anything, I'll have to call the Dr to check. It's supposed to be out this week. *waiting anxiously*

See Fei,
Malaysia Book of Record? I don't even want to be listed there.. waste of breath (sai hei).

Yeah.. soon, she'll be 2yrs old.. Have to think how to celebrate her birthday already.

Yeah, she's on the lighter side. But Dr said not to worry since she's doing well in other areas.

When mummy is in distressed, she won't be shedding tears for me.. so I'm not in the same league as those animals.

I have no idea.. but they are definitely not so bitter as leafy vege.

Yeah.. almost 2! :)
I hope so too, we're very worried she'll be super jealous.

That's nice for Damien to take ege.
Sometimes we feel we expect too much from her too, like we would with an older kid.. Then I'll have to remind ourselves, she's younger than 2, shouldn't push her too much.

shoppingmum said...

I'm hitam manis too, that's why I also "stands out" among my fair skin friends :)
So, Zara's special to have tanned skin tone, and it's harder to get sun burnt.

geetha said...

Agree with you.. she is clingy coz' the second child is coming.. I experienced this with Champion :)

Helen said...

Hey, Zara's looking bigger now. The Amber Chia lips are more prominent..:-P lol

AsleyLee said...

Her sprouting will stop for a while till 2+ then only can see new pearl white...hehehe...i think most of the kids are like that.

may said...

I just noticed, zara's hair is slightly longer now. you must be excited that she'll be turning 2 in just 3 more months!

chanelwong said...

must learn how did you teach Zara to rinse her mouth...

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, now I have to at least breastfeed the 2nd one till 18mths hor? *gulp*.. high order.

She lets me brush her teeth, I use that Uncle Ah Seng thing to motivate her mah. :)
Her preference of food is not anything like mummy’s. I’m eating really unhealthily this round.. preferring all the high cholesterol food like roti canai, nasi lemak, curry puff.. Yikes.

Oh, every growing moment is a pleasure. You’ll see.

I don’t mind Zara being dark actually.. but I just couldn’t stand it when my MIL blames it on me, and kept saying it’s my diet and my bringing her out too often that caused Zara being dark. Hmph!

I hope my case will end like yours too, the 2 of them getting along fine, and loving each other.

She’s definitely bigger. That’s her best feature hor? Those lips? Wonder whose that is. They are not Daddy’s nor mine.

Really? So 2+ may have teething problem again.

Excited yes, and also thinking.. gosh, these ‘cute’ moments are going to be gone soon.

We always told her to spit out like she spit out the food that she doesn’t like. She never did it, and swallowed all the water, until one fine day, she just spit it out and all of us gave her a round of applause.
Since that, she’s been doing it right.

Ka Ka and Wa Wa said...

Zara mei-mei,

U very clever leh...
Some of the things like 'rinsing my mouth'.. I at 2YO still can't do properly.. sigh...

Good for u!

LaundryAmah said...

oh wow! preparing for a bday bash not easy,,yes she does feel threatened like my kieran (and still is!!), so that's y it's important that everything about new baby must involve her to make her feel important and still no.1!! hahaha

Zara's Mama said...

Ka ka and wa wa,
Thank you.. never mind, sooner or later you'll learn.

Yeah, I'm trying to make her feel that way.. trying my best.. she's after all still my no. 1.

Dragonmummy said...

zara's such a smart girl. My boy going to be 22 month is a few days time is still very much a baby that doesnt talk much and still very much dependent. very unlike his sister at the age of 21 months. But the weight, my boy and zara almost the same. :D

Boy slower???