Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Penang - I

Daddy had to go up North for a work trip last 2 days. Since I am going to do my amnio test next Monday, I thought I'd followed him so we could stop by at St Anne's to say a prayer before the test. We arrived in Bukit Mertajam at about 3:30pm on Saturday, the feast day itself. The road leading to the church was closed so we have to walk. There were lots of hawkers lining the street, taking the opportunity to make some money from the event. Some were blasting loud music and songs which I thought was very disrespectful. We said our prayer in the old church, and then spent some time showing Zara around although it was a terribly hot day. Zara was very interested in the various statues of Jesus and the Saints available, especially the scene of the crucifixion. We tried to explain to her what was happening in each scene in ways she could understand. After that, whenever she see her book on Jesus (which we brought along for the trip), she kept saying, "Jesus pain pain". "Bad people beat beat Jesus". "Put Jesus on the stick".

Zara receiving flowers in the old church; Around the church; an ice cream treat for her.

We then headed to Penang island. We stopped by at Nonya Breeze, a restaurant we discovered on our last trip to Penang a year before, for an early dinner. The food at the restaurant was still very good and authentic, and for a dinner with fish, prawns, chicken, vege, dessert, 4 drinks, it only came out to RM41. Rosie, the restaurant owner, even threw in Zara's dinner (which consist of a small fish fillet and a bowl of soup) for free. No way we can get this kind of deal and hospitality in KL.

We let her have some fun at the beech before dinner.

We stayed in Bayview Resort as our favourite hotel Lonepine was fully booked. The resort was filled holiday goers from the Middle East. Our room got upgraded, and we got a very big and comfortable sea view room. Zara just felt so right at home in the resort, she even walked about among the fully robed Middle Eastern ladies without a hint of curiosity or fear. After taking a shower, we went out to the night market to get ourselves some DVDs. With the police on their toes, the shop that we visited (which was recommended by Domestic Rat) was pulling down the shutters to close up, and then reopening after they got the all clear sign, a few times. Daddy and Zara got 'shut in' on one occasion and Zara wailed when she couldn't spot me around. Poor girl. During bed time, since Daddy had to share a bed with Zara, Zara warned Daddy by waving her finger, "Daddy, cannot snore snore."


may said...

RM41 for all that's really cheap! yup, can't find that sort here in KL, unless we dine at home...

Egghead said...

the part where she warned her daddy is so cute! :)

Simple American said...

Did Daddy snore? hehe

She is so cute. And looked like she had a good time everywhere she went. Except for the getting locked in thing.

blurblur said...

Wah...Daddy 'kena' warned by Zara! She's so cute!:) Must be an enjoyable trip for your little family.

Hubby often travel to Penang, but he always tell me there's nothing to see there leh...maybe that's just his excuse of not wanting me to tag along..hmm..

And all the best to your amnio test! :)

5xmom said...

I went to St. Anne too around 4pm, hoping to bump into you there but got sked of the buses and throngs of people. I didn't know that it is that pack on the actual feast day. Phew.... Matthew already slept so we turn back and had dinner instead.

domestic rat said...

I have been wondering if you would be in Penang at all.

And hor, now everyone knows that I'm the DVD pimp! Yikes!

Jesslyn said...

Zara go kai kai syok!
Year end must go Penang!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Eh, got Penang Part II, so I wait for the best part first before comment :)

geetha said...

I went there too :)

Wah! She can remember and warn daddy.. must be serious loh :P
So cute :)

Allyfeel said...

Looks like a very maningful trip for Zara. Zara is so cute and hey chubby now...:)

Sabrina said...

So nice. I might ask my friend to drop by st anne when we go Penang next weekend. How's the facilities at LongPine and Bayview as I am planning to bring Keith there. He likes the beach n pools. How far is it frm the nite market?

Pink Cotton said...

wat a cute gal u hv there!!

her daddy really snore so loud???*giggle*

sesame said...

That sounds so nice. Zara is so well behaved in all her trips. I think (cross finger) that Gavin will be okay too if we bring him out one of these days.

Haha...what is Domestic Rat doing recommending illegal DVDs? Tsk tsk...

Zara's Mama said...

And the food is good.. what more can we ask?

Poor Daddy, have to endure her ‘nagging’.

Simple American,
He didn’t.. or else Zara would have waken him up.
Yeah, she’s quite an easy girl, can adapt very well to new environment.

Almost every night also ‘kena’ from Daddy. :P
Hey, you should follow him to Penang. But depends ler, where he goes, some part of Penang boring, especially if you don’t have a car.

Wow, you turned back after driving all the way there? Yeah.. it’s really packed, but we went with a mission, so we must achieve it.

Domestic Rat,
Eventually we decided to go.
Haha.. but it’s a good recommendation. He’s good and cheap!

Zara go kaikai because mummy got mission mah.
Yeah, must go Penang. It’s quite nice holiday destination.

Got.. but it’s not going to get any more interesting who.

Yes, I saw your post just went you were leaving me the comments. And you really went for the mass, unlike me.
She warns Daddy almost every night now, if she remembers.

Chubbier huh? Must be all the cheese she’s been taking.

I love Lonepine because it’s a small hotel (I like small hotel), and the beach is quite nice.
Bayview is good too, it’s slightly further up, a very big resort, and the beach is equally good. Lonepine is right in the middle of the market (but it’s quite quiet in the property, no worries). Bayview is slightly further, but still within walking distant

Pink Cotton,
Thank you.
She caught her daddy snore once, and she’s using it against him every night.

They have so much to explore, they’ll normally be good, unless the child has fear of new environment.
Hee Hee.. I asked her about DVD, and she recommended me a good place. I have to thank her.

See Fei said...

penang? went there during our courtship. stayed at shangrila.

from wat u mentioned it seemed we missed out on a lot of fun in penang. maybe we spent too much time walking on the beach.

mom2ashley said...

oh no wonder no posts from you recently...

reallybites said...

Can you tell me where's this Nyonya Breeze place?

dvds are damn cheap over at the night market.11 for rm40.

Helen said...

Who took Zara's pics? The 3rd pic of her on the beach is BEEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Glad u enjoyed your visit!! I heard the place (church) was packed!!! You did not bump into 5xMom meh?? LOL

YL said...

must teach her to pinch Daddy's lips together!! :P

MamaBoK said...

Good luck with the amio test..Zara's mama.. :)
And as usual.. Zara never fail to amaze me. .with her smartness. ;)

Zara's Mama said...

See Fei,
Wow.. as in Rasa Sayang Shangrila? Rich folks you two.. or were you just trying to impress wifey? :P
Hey, actually there really isn’t much fun we had, the beach is good. You did the right thing.

Yeah.. 2 days off. :)

If you turned it to Naza Hotel along Tanjung Bunga, you’ll see the restaurant at an old house near the beach.
Yes, DVDs are cheap.

Daddy took the photos. I bet he’ll be so happy to get know that.
5xmom turned back seeing the crowd. The church wasn’t packed yet the time we arrived, although there was a big crowd. I guess in the later evening, it got worse.

Yes, let me teach her next. :)

Haha.. she amazes us as well.. :)

jazzmint said...

wow the food is really cheap huh!!

hey how's lonepine? I heard it's pretty good.

AsleyLee said...

I'm so admiring Zara that she could understand the story of Jesus at her age, good girl Zara.

earthember said...

The annual St Anne's feastday? The last time I was there was many many years ago. I like Zara's "Jesus pain pain" "Bad people beat beat Jesus". So so cute!

Ang Gu Gu said...

yea =) so cute de..hiak hiakZ

LaundryAmah said... jealous la, you are the 2nd person I know who went to Penang in the last few days..I'm so missing the food and of course the DVDS!!!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, the food in Nonya Breeze is really cheap.
Lonepine is gorgeous, I love it. It’s just that it’s a small hotel, and some people like big Resort style hotel, then they’ll find Lonepine too small.

Hui Sia,
She doesn’t quite understand. Only know got people beat Jesus and Jesus very painful. That’s all. :)

Yes, the annual feast day. Wow, you’d been before as well? This is my first time actually. Normally I go during non feast day.
She’s actually just repeating what I said. :)

Ang gu gu,
Thank you.

I guess lots of people went to Penang recently because of St Anne. But it’s really nice to go there, for the food, the beech, the hospitality, and of course, DVDs. :P

Zara's Mama said...
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Vien said...

is the dvd in penang cheaper than kl?

L B said...

I am still alive too.... :-)

chanelwong said...

I like the last part, warn her father not to snore...

Samm said...

No leh, I think the finger wagging thing meant something else. Dont play-play, hahahahaha

See Fei said...

wrong choice actually. too near to taiping as FIL & family dropped by to visit on the second day muahhahahaha...

Zara's Mama said...

Yes, very much cheaper.

Glad you are.. Alive and fattened. :P

Haha..yeah. She’s becoming more bossy these days.

Err, what does it mean ah?

See Fei,
Haha.. no wonder you need to spend all the time at the beach. PILs using the room? Kakakaka.