Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Lawyer Buruk II

Before we went out over the weekend, I had a short top and shorts on, my tummy showing. Me : *sticking out my tummy* Zara, can mummy go to the supermarket like that? Zara : *looked at me* Cannot. Me : Why? Zara : Because can see breast. Me : Can see breast meh? Zara : *pointed to my belly button and corrected herself* Can see belly button. Zara likes to point to my stomach and says : Mummy stomach got baby. And I like to ask her back : What about Zara? What is in Zara's stomach? Zara used to say : Zara's stomach got worms (thanks to SIL who told Zara she would have worms in the stomach if she continued to suck her thumb) And I told her she no longer have worms, because she's stopped sucking her thumb. Now her reply is : Zara's stomach got egg and cheese (her staple every day). While checking out our wedding photos. Zara : Daddy so handsome. Me : Mummy pretty or not? Zara : No Me : Why mummy not pretty? Zara : Mummy got mole. Like raisin. (referring to the mole I have on chest which is, yup, like a raisin, which could be seen on the wedding photo) I wanted to test her again later. Me : Zara, Mummy pretty or not? Zara : .... (quiet) Me : Mummy pretty or not? Zara : Mummy happy. Aiyo.. cannot say I'm pretty just to please me meh?? I probably have to dress up more nicely at home these days. I have a night conference, after changing her to her pajamas, I told her I need to go and work, and Daddy will look after her. Zara : Mummy stay with you (me). Me : Mummy need to work, Daddy stay with you. Zara : *trying to get rid of Daddy* Daddy, go to the toilet outside poo poo (referring to the shared toilet outside which we use for big business as the ensuite toilet in the master bed room flushing system is not that good) Daddy : Daddy no poo poo. Daddy look after you while mummy works. Zara : Go to the toilet outside to she-she (Chinese : pee) then. Go she-she. Mummy stay with you (me).


AsleyLee said...

Haha..cheese and egg, what a funny answer she said!

I like to ask Jo why his tummy always looks bloat, he always answer there is a baby inside...

Egghead said...

really have to crack heads talking to Zara huh?

Flowsnow said...

she is simply irresistable and I love the way she toks. She reminds me of my little who is talking non stop now. He has his own version of weird conversation coming to me and saying `horse poo poo', read, read, read and money,money. And yes he is one hum sap baby. I choose to wear something light and he started to laugh because I was `shortless'. He kept on opening to inspect and geesh......the best part he will go Yuck, yuck and `Chey' to my ugly wrinkly orange peel tummy. They start young don't they?

blurblur said...

Haha, she doesn't allow you to wear shorts out huh? Damien cried when i put on a off-shoulder top the other day, he said i'm showing my skin and it will drop off as i walk!! Alamak!!

I love reading your conversations with her, never fail to bring a smile on my face and i will say it again - i am impressed! :)

geetha said...

I like the way she describes things in her conversation.. very illustrative and so cute :)

chanelwong said...

har har...she really cheer up your day...

Sasha said...

belly button = breast?? that's cute.. hehehe sometimes its so funny listening to them tok.

YL said...

hahaha... Zara so traditional one ar??? mummy flaunt the mummy's tummy a bit also cannot!!! :D so dun have to worry about Zara being too havoc next time... she is confirmed a place in the guai guai (goody goody pie) club!! :P

sesame said...

I really had a good laugh over Zara's replies and comments. She is genius, the way she says Mummy happy, and evading the issue of your looks. How come she's so clever? Another one with good EQ.

And all the poo-poo and she-she gave me cramps...from laughing.

13th Panda said...

HAHAHA!ur little Zara sure cheers me up...so funny la her...hmm..to her belly button is breast?@@LOL

mom2ashley said...

she really know alot of words yea! and so cute the way she said he tummy has got worms!

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. Jo is also cute.. how come kept saying he has baby? He’s seen lots of pregnant ladies before?

Have to crack my head to try to decode her.

Aiyo.. your boy so humsup. And yes, starting really young.

She doesn’t let me wear top that shows off my belly button. Wah. Damien also so conservative. So cute his answer.
I’m also amazed at how her little mind works. :)

Yeah, some times although her words are crude, she make sense though. Funny little girl.

Yeah, everyday. :)

I think she had a slip of tongue saying breast. She knows what breast is, since I only weaned her off breastfeeding at 18mths. :)

I hope this ‘conservative’ in her will stay though.

I don’t know how kids learn how to evade questions so as not to hurt anybody’s feelings. It’s not that any TV programs or any parents will teach them. So I’m not sure where she learn that from. Really am lost on this one.

13th Panda,
She knows belly button and breast are different thing.. I think she suddenly say the wrong thing, but quickly corrected herself. :P

She has good memory, that’s why she picks up new words very fast. :)

Simple American said...

So did Daddy go? I see the master of your household.

And so critical too.

And what is this thing with woman and worms? When I was a kid they always told me if I did not stop eating candy I would get worms. All they did was give me some thing to look for in the loo. I figured as long as I did not see any worms I could eating sweets.

Cocka Doodle said...

Post a picture of your 'raisin' here lah

Gene Lim said...

oh my! what a cutie....she really loves to chat huh...that's good :)

jazzmint said...

LOL..i like the one she ask daddy go poo and pee outside kekeke...she's so so cheecky

Vien said...

It's sucha joy to see these conversations between you and Zara. Thanks for the good laugh! Sure perks up my day. :)

cp1 said...

zara really know how to ambil hati her papa...mine becoming like that one soon...will ignore me as soon as she sees her papa sob sob

L B said...

wanna see 'raisin' too.... You know, if you soak it in water for a while first....

kwloong said...

Children, aren't they honest?


Greenapple said...

oh, she really dislikes her papa during bed time huh? how does ur hubby feel? rejected? understood?

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Daddy has no pee or poo.. but eventually I have to call off my meeting to be with her.
Haha.. Women and worms are best friends. :P

Cocka Doodle,
Go buy a can of raisins lah.. :P

Yeah, she’s a chatter box.

Yeah.. creative to ask people to leave to.

Haha.. thanks.

No ler.. she’s asking Daddy to get out.. Not ambil hati. Make him sakit hati.

Go supermarket, dry grocer section.. lots to see and buy.

Haha.. too honest sometimes.

I told hubby it’s his own fault.. b’cos he doesn’t’ spend enough time with her. :P What can he say.. Now he’s trying to be with me when I tuck her to bed.

shoppingmum said...

Happy is a good answer, at least better than....err...any opposites of PRETTY.

See Fei said...

sharp observation (raisin, pineapple etc)... cant wait to miss this little lady before she pass this phase of her life. i would like to hear her comment on this uncle fei :-)

See Fei said...

typo... i meant cant wait to meet Zara....

domestic rat said...

Hehee... I realised one more thing amongst Moms. They like to ask their little one whether they are pretty or not! ;-)

Helen said...

What's wrong with raisins?? You got more than one if the wedding gown is more revealing! LOL

But, I gotta correct zara... daddy is just as hamsen now mar...:-P

Samm said...

Aiyo, your wedding photographer never photoshopped that "raisin" from your pic? Why so liddat wannnn.

Zara's Mama said...

I guess she won't want to hurt my feelings with using the U word. :P

See Fei,
Sometimes she's a bit shy in front of strangers, but once she has warmed up, the chatter box will not stop talking.

Domestic Rat,
aiya.. my case was because she mentioned her daddy is handsome mah, just wanted to check what she thinks about me.

Aiyo.. 3 raisins?? Too many to show liao. :P
Don't let my husband read these.. he's going to be oh so kembang.

The raisin is a threadmark of me mah. :)

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara is so clever & diplomatic, can avoid answering your question with "Mommy Happy"..ha ha.