Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Helping Out

Zara is helping out in the house with some of the lighter chores. When she's in the mood, she puts away her toys by singing, "crean (clean) up" after the mess she created. She helps to bring new diaper to us when she needs changing and then tosses her used diaper into the bin. She helps me bring my book to me, or passes me the remote controls when needed. She helps pass out cutlery during dinner time. Last Friday, I saw her helping out at the kitchen. She was peeling off the skin of Petai beans. Tuyam said although she's very slow in her progress, she was able to peel off the skin of about 10beans, helping out a little, and keeping herself occupied. Just hope she'll be able to help out more when the baby arrives. *grin* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Helping my friend out here. She has a litter of 4 homebred miniature schnauzer puppies (colour : salt & pepper) for sale. I would love to have one, but I don't think I have time to care for dogs who needs quite a bit of attention (unlike cats). If you are interested, please contact : 012-2005658 / 012-2961099 or / You can also check out her add here.


sesame said...

Good girl, Zara! She'll definitely want to help out more when the little one arrives.

The puppies are so cute! Too bad we're in Singapore. Anyway, it's unlikely we have another dog too in the near future, for reasons same as yours.

domestic rat said...

Oh! Petai beans. I saw them in the marts but have no idea how to cook them. Got a recipe to share?

Any disc for the pups? The pups she has are of pretty good breed, at least the proportions seen in the pics are right and their ears flop down nicely.

may said...

awwww!!! the puppies are adorable!! too bad I already have a dog, and she's the jealous type too. our house compound is also too small for another one... :( *sigh* *hugs & wet licks to those pups*

can zara come over and help clean too? ;-)

LaundryAmah said...

eeee u dare to eat petai ah,,so smelly,,but then again, it's supposed to be good for ppl like me, potential diabetics and already diabetics..

MamaBoK said...

Oh.. she is such a clever gal..!

MyLittleChampion said...

muaaks muaaks zara... oscar also will help around in house chores, eg; putting away old mags and newspaper into the store room and also helping me to wipe the counter top... with his clean clothes!! he will run into the room and take those cleaned ones to wipe! but then again, little boy just wants to help so i let him la... can wash again later.

Zara's Mama said...

*cross my fingers* I hope so.. :P
Yeah, dogs need so much love and attention, if we have young kids, it’s hard for us to spare the ‘attention’.

Domestic Rat,
Petai recipe = Scald the beans (to make it semi cooked), mince garlic, onion (lots) and chilli. Fry the spices, when fragrant add in tamarind juice. Toss in the prawns and petai beans, stir fry till cook. Add sugar and salt for taste.
Oh well, that’s just a rough idea how to make it.
You can tell her you are a friend of mine, and see if she gives you a discount. Her pups should be very well taken care of and of high quality breed (the mum is a champ, who’s her very first MS, and I heard she bred her with a champ male as well).
She’s not doing this for business, as long as the price is reasonable, I guess she’ll be wiling to give them to you.

They are cute huh? Aah.. your dog is so lucky, getting all your attention.
Haha.. she can come over and mess up, not sure if she’ll have the mood to clean up after.

I love petai, really really do. When I was breastfeeding Zara (for 1 1/2yrs), I have to stop eating them because Zara didn’t like the taste of it in the milk. Now I’d weaned her off, I’m taking loads! :P

Clever? Haha.. more like gullible to make her work for us. :P

Haha.. better let them help when they are willing than to deter them. :P

Simple American said...

Ha. Industrious Zara. Wonder if you can teach her to change the baby's diapers? That would be a neat trick huh.

Wish I could get my kids to work in the kitchen more.

The puppies look so cute.

Leonard said...

oh, zara is so cute as she help up for her tired mummy. ;)

the puppies were cute too, how i wish to own one, too bad me in singapore!! :(

lastly, thanks for dropping my blog and made a comment! :)

Vien said...

must be petai season. I'm seeing a lot of food blogs on it..hehe. I so miss petai! Good that you have Zara in "training" ya? Can help you bring this and that for the baby..hehe. The pups are too cute..but 1 dog is enough for me to handle. :P

Egghead said...

so good girl! :)
those puppies must be a hot cake! so cute!

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
Hmm.. good one. Let me try to let her practice on her dolls first. Then I can get a helping hand from her with the baby. :P

Hi, thanks for dropping by.
Oh well, you’ll always have a chance to own a puppy in the future.

Yeah, petai is in season. The markets are full of them and going for really cheap. Oh, if I were in your shoes, I would have missed it too.
Oh yeah.. dogs needs lots of attention huh? One is enough. :P

Hmm.. not true though. I think lots of people think about the responsibility that comes with it. It’s not as simple as just owning a dog.

Jesslyn said...

Peeling petai skin? so clever!
Now u remind me to post Lyon's peeling garlic skin photos...:P

shoppingmum said...

Don't worry, she'll learn how to help out when baby comes. Justin's helping me to take nappy for mei mei, watching her when I'm taking shower, rocking her boucing bed (but this one have to watch him carefully), telling me mei mei's crying, etc.
It's so cute seeing toddler taking care of younger sibling!

Gene Lim said...

wow..big girl liao :) that's good that she helps around...
maybe u can teach her how to take care of the little one later :)

blurblur said...

I'm sure she'll be a good helper when baby arrives! :) She's already rehearsing now leh...bringing and throwing diaper..hehe..;)

The dogs are lovely, hope they'll be able to find someone who love them! :)

kwloong said...

So fast she can help with housework....

My friend has one of those dogs, she call it "pepper". Noisy one too.


Sasha said...

Zara's so Cute. The pups are cute too. But Zara;s better cos can help out. Good Girl! I hope my Jayden will be like dat too.. :)

Jason said...

Hehe. Not bad, helping out with the housework but you might wanna check this out. :P

Zara's Mama said...

Will wait for your post about Lyong peeling garlic skin. :)

Ahh.. that’s something good to look forward to.

Yes, that’s what I’m really hoping.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. :)
Yes, I think my friend really would love them to have good homes.

Pepper, probably b’cos of the fur colour. :)

Oh, I’m sure Jayden will be able to help out later too.

Yikes.. the Petai you showed got so much worms, must have been kept for a long long time.

Samm said...

I must agree that it's good that our kids help out in the house. They can very well start by keeping their toys and putting their laundry in the basket.

Whether boys or girls also makes no difference. Must learn.

And Zara doesnt mind the petai smell meh????

IMMomsDaughter said...

Came from Jess' blog, wah..another kitchen helper here! What a good little girl Zara has become :)She's gonna make a good big sis to the baby.

jazzmint said...

wahh can peel 10 beans, good leh. Faythe can never help in the kitchen, she puts everything into her mouth :(.

I'm sure Zara will be good helper when lil one arrives. Faythe is doing a very good job so far handing us diapers, changing mats, wet wipes, etc.

Allyfeel said...

Doggy are so cute. But nothing beats Zara, it's so sweet of her to already help out at this age. I am so very impressed. Girl is more "kuai" eh?

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