Friday, August 18, 2006

Play and Learn

She started showing interest in stacking blocks, and looks like she's doing quite ok. She was occupied with this for quite a while, leaving Tuyam enough time to wash the dishes and her milk bottles. She was so patient, every time the 'tower' toppled, she just restack them, and she refused to let me help her. In the evening, while Tuyam folded the day's laundry. She picked up her favourite pants, and started trying to put on. She's doing quite well here, but still don't know how to handle the back, exposing her diaper. She repeated this a few times, taking it off, putting it back on. When it's time to go to the park and I told her no long pants should be worn. She quickly changed to her shorts.

If she gets better.. she may be able to help change the baby in future. Hee hee.


Egghead said...

my son only knows how to destroy stuff :(
Zara really smart! :)

mumsgather said...

Hehe. So cute. But then hor, you'll have to wait veeeeery patiently for her to put it on herself when she insists on putting on her own clothes, socks and shoes just when you're rushing to leave the house.

sesame said...

She's got perseverance. Very interesting! I always say. Must train them to do some chores so that they can help out later. ;)

blurblur said...

I'm sure she'll be a good helper when the little one is here..:)

She's got determination, your girl. :)

jazzmint said...

wahh..can wear own pants liao!!! Hey means soon can do diaperless. Clever Zara

HMom said...

Smart girl! Zara will definitely help you out with he new baby. Maybe not putting on her clothes, but will bring things for you etc. She will feel like a real big sister and important too

Sasha said...

Can potty train her then "zup zup" can wear the pants very fast cos nothing is blocking the way!

IMMomsDaughter said...

I like to see Zara's effort captured in those pix, exactly what my girl does! So farny the pampers exposed and all. Lol. Btw, I noticed Zara has sexy pouting lips, izzit so? Another Amber Chia???

kwloong said...

Yes, Emily also refuse to let me help her wear her pants. She will keep trying and get all frustrated. Sigh.


YL said...

cool!! Zara has this never-say-cannot attitude. that would serve her well in the future!!

Contented Mum said...

Zara so clever, sit down to wear her pants. So cute!

Jesslyn said...

yeah, lyon want to put on by herself too, when fail, she'll take her pant & ask her jie jie to wear for her!:P

but she very clever take off her pant when want to pee at potty!

AsleyLee said...

Jo likes to play block and lego, admired him that he never be tired of playing them.

Her way of wearing pants very cute huh?!

Leonard said...

i can see that zara is very keen in learning and that's a good sign.

maybe you should give her some tips of pulling her pants over the diapers!! ;)

Zara's Mama said...

No mah.. some of your videos showed he’s able to play and not destroy. :P

I know I know.. When we’re in a hurry, and she doesn’t let anybody help her with her pants, we’ll just pace around the house and wait..

Yeah.. Train them young.. :) I told my maid, very soon she can shake legs already hor.

I’m just worried she’s too occupied with her own jealousy to want to help.

I hope soon.. she can pee in the potty now, but when it’s time to poo, she asked us to wear her diaper for her. 8-I

I hope so too.. just worried she’ll be a big baby later craving for attention.

She doesn’t want wor. She wants to poo in the diaper.

Haha.. don’t know where she got her pouty lips from. My friends said like Angelina Jolie who. Lucky mummy now, got kissable lips to kiss on. :P

Zara also the same, don’t let others help, then after a while get frustrated.

Toddlers’ attitude always like that one. But later becomes adult, will start to have fear and reservations.

Contented mum,
We asked her to sit down, as she can’t balance herself standing with one leg.

How come ask jie jie, not mummy?

Kids this age are very keen to learn.. Unlike lazy adults. :P
We tried too, but it’s more of a coordination thing, she doesn’t know how to reach her hand to the back.

Helen said...

Hahaha yes you can now start trainning her up to be the new nanny! lol

I laughed non stop when I read your previous post about daddy's pineapple. HUGE!!!! Lol

Talking about accidents, this is really a month for accidents. My son's car was parked by the road (legal parking space) when another car hit into my boy's car and that caused my son's car to overturn the Kancil parked next to him. My boy's car is totally wrecked and the other driver died on the spot!! I'm just grateful my boy wasn't in the car.

chanelwong said...

very good sign and willing to learn

LaundryAmah said...

such an independent girl! so blessed!!

shoppingmum said...

She can put on pants already! That's really good!

Vien said...

Wow, she can really stack those blocks huh? Next time let her play Jenga..hehe.

Cocka Doodle said...

Wahh...this post is x-rated. Zara doing strip tease. LOL

荦怡 said...

everytime reading you blog make me "惭愧"!
i still need mmy to change for me lei...

MyLittleChampion said...

must start to give her those pull up diapers... oscar likes to play with blocks too...

earthember said...

Yeah, I'm sure she can help out with the baby soon. You've got to train them to do chores from young.

Flowsnow said...

Amazing kid! They are great aren't they......I just love them all!

See Fei said...

i see 2 future professions for Z...

1. pole dancing with strip tease act
2. civil engineer
3. civil engineer moonlighting as pole dancer


ky said...

Hahaha.., Tien same thing too, don't know how to pull the pant at the back up. :P

khongfamily said...

Smart girl!

Simple American said...

Now all you have to do is get rid of those pesky diapers and she can dress herself all of the way. No problem with a quick change for the park. hehe

Zara's Mama said...

Really lucky nothing happened to your boy. You mean the driver who rammed into your boy’s car died on the spot? This is really a freak accident. Thank goodness, your son is ok.

Chanelwong, Laundryamah, Shoppingmum,

Let her master blocks stacking first.. then we move to Jenga. :)

Cocka Doodle,
Such an innocent post also can get x-rated to your corrupted mind. Aigh..

Never mind, slowly learn how to put on your pants ok. Tell mummy to teach you.

She’s still not toilet trained. But when she does, we’ll have to change her to pull up pants already.

Yes. That’s my intention.. See if she will do though when the baby arrives. I heard some of them will turn to big babies when the siblings arrived.

Yeah, kids are so amazing, and never easy deterred.

See Fei,
Aiyo.. your mind as corrupted as Cocka one ah?

Haha.. it’ll probably take some more training to get that done perfectly.

Thank you.

Simple American,
Err.. not so soon yet. Have to toilet trained her first.

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