Friday, August 25, 2006

Girl Or Boy

Lots of people are asking me this question. I had a feeling I was going to have a boy from the very beginning. Because of the timing of conception (on the dot of ovulation day), and the experience I have with this pregnancy is very different from Zara's. Not to mention seeing the baby's hand reach out for the needle during the amnio test, an indication of a boy in the making. With Zara, there was no morning sickness. My stomach was growing very rounded and towards the side (like a flat wok). With this baby, it is pointy, all growing towards the front. Do I prefer a girl or a boy? I asked Zara that question as well, "Do you want mummy to have a baby girl or baby boy?" She always replies, "Baby girl." If Zara was a boy, I would definitely hope for a girl, since she's a girl, does it matter? A boy would have completed the family, an ideal. A girl and a boy, what more can you ask? Daddy would prefer a boy, he said he could share his engineering hobby with him, i.e. fixing the car, building amplifiers etc. But deep down, I would like another girl. I think girls are easier to care for, girls 'listen' more, and when they grow up, they tend to be closer to their families than boys. From an economic standpoint, a girl would be better, because she can inherit all Zara's and Tasha's clothes and shoes. My friend who has a girl first and a boy then, told me the caring of the KKJ (Chinese : male organ) is tougher. There are so many folds to clean, like below the testicles, the folds between the penis and testicles etc. The reason why I wanted to have a second child was to let Zara have a sibling to talk to and discuss things with when we're old and gone. How many brother and sister out there who are very close? Who can talk about anything under the sun? I just look at myself, we're never that close to my brother, I talk to my SIL more than him; but with my sisters, we get along fine (of course there were tongue lashing, fists fighting days), we can talk about anything, our MILs, our sex lives, the latest skin care, etc. So I was very anxious to know the sex of the baby. And I am very happy to know that we're going to have another girl! I can sense a wee bit of disappointment in Daddy when I told him the sex, but after a while, he said, "actually, girl is better also hor?" My reply to him is, "No matter what, don't ask me try for a boy huh, I'm closing shop!"


domestic rat said...

Hmm... I don't think that girls are necessarily closer to parents. Take MM's family. His sis is hardly ard. Everything family is left to MM and his brother to care for. It boils down to good upbringing.

Jesslyn said...

Congratulations...your dream come true at last!
Again, gender not important, as long as the bb is healthy.
Take care!


Vien said...

That's great news! :) Really close shop? Hehe...

MyLittleChampion said...

congrats... any gender as long as healthy enuff la... but like you said a boy would be complete but hey, there is another lady in the house to yak....merrier..

daddykhong said...

These days some girls are not close to their families at all. I see lots of friends where the girl shifts into the guy's house while they are dating.

Anyway, I am happy to hear that all is well with your little one.

KKJ cleaning is a cinch compared to the female counterpart. Our baby books always have more pages devoted to the little girl than the little boy when it comes to hygiene.

MamaBoK said...

Happy to hear that your amnio test went well.. ;) Girl or boy.. doesn't matter.. as long as they are healthy.. :) every child is God's gift .. is it not..??

Jason said...

Girl... Hmmm... I was hoping for a boy ler. Anyway, congrats!

So fast close shop har? :bpbppb

mumsgather said...

I am also closer to my sisters like you. Girl is good. Congratulations!

LaundryAmah said...

eh, i thot cleaning girl's genitals more difficult leh,,,or maybe kieran's kkc not that many folds..kakakaka..anyway congrats! i love for girls is so much more fun!!

Jin Yang said...

Congrats! As long as baby comes out healthy!

That being said, I had a friend who was told she was going to hv a girl. She was estatic! When baby came out, she asked, "WHAT'S THAT???? ANOTHER BOY????!!!!"

Terus pengsan after that! I call that the Pengsan Package!!!!!


AsleyLee said...

I think it is more easier to clean boy than girl..

I'm closer to my sisters and brother. Anyway, i like girl as i think when come to older you will see the difference between son and daughter. That's what i seen at my own family.

blurblur said...

Woohoo...Congrats! Another princess! :) Yeah!!!!

Hehe, sorry i always got carried away at the mention of a baby girl...;)

Fannie said...

Congrats once again! Be it gal or boy...healthy baby is a blessing!

Agnes, like you, I also like girl girl :) I love the way girls treats sweet...

Whenever I ask Ethyl you want didi or meimei...she'll say didi and followed by meimei...

Aske her girl or boy, she'll say boy...girl...faint

I'd rather not ask her if im preggy...just in case I have 2! :p

HMom said...

COngrats to you! You can join my club now! My hubby was disappointed at first Rowena was a girl and still hopes for a boy later. Fat hopes for him !! Having 2 girls is great. You are right about saving cost on clothes and stuff and I think 2 sisters are nice as they get to be good friends growing up. I dont have a sister myself and always envy my friends with sisters

may said...

congratulations on expecting your 2nd girl! sisters are a definite plus. I wish I had one, I sometimes wonder how it would've been if there was a sister to share things and secrets with...

Dragonmummy said...

Girl is good. congrats. I dont have any sis, just a younger bro, I always blame my mum for not giving me a sis. I envy ppl with sis where they can talk and shop together. That's why I want to give my JS a sister. :D

Sasha said...

Congrats! A princess...i like. That's my next target...hehe
KKC hard to wash meh? My jayden's one easy to clean wo..

Contented Mum said...

Wow, you know the gender of your baby oledi, mine still dunno yet. But nvm lah, boy or girl also good, as long as healthy!

ryeli said...

congrats!!! glad 2 hear all's well with the test. and totally agree with u on cost savings with the hand-me-downs. actually, i wld also want another girl coz alot of rye li's baju are still in good condition and very nice (some from US and UK) and it will be sad if i have to give it away later with only a few times usage. also, girls got alot of nicer things out there compared to boys! hehe

geetha said...

Hey, boys area not all that tough.. Ahem.. speaking from experience ;)

I get along with my brother just as good as I get along with my hubby. Very close.. and we talk about everything.. :)

Cool, another girl. Doubles, just like me!

It's all the same.. girl or boy. They are just our precious one, aren;t they *hugs*

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
I guess in general this is the case, but of course, there’s exception, like MM’s case.

Yeah.. actually am equally happy either boy or girl. :)

Yes, 100% close shop.

Yeah you are right. But I guess girl or boy also will create equal amount of noise. :)

I guess majority of females are still closer to their families than men. Of course, there are some exceptions.
Maybe my friend gave me a fright, she was making it sound so difficult. Yikes.

Yeah, and every one of them is a miracle.

Huh? Why you hope for a boy leh?
Yes, close shop.. no more extension. :P

Haha.. :) But yours is more perfect. One girl one boy.

Maybe I’m used to cleaning girl’s one, that’s why the fear or something new and unfamiliar.

Jin Yang,
Yes, that’s really most important.
I think in my case, it won’t be ‘false prediction’. An amnio test give you a definite answer to the sex of the baby.

Aiyo.. really ah? Must go and tell my friend again.
I think so too, but I think there’s always some sons who are close to their families too, just like my husband. He has to go home to ‘nurse’ at least once in 2 weeks.

Haha.. I’ll wait for your turn and good news..

Maybe Ethyl is predicting a twin for your next pregnancy. Haha

I think it’s more likely that sisters can be better friends with each other than sister and brother. So I’m quite glad.

Too late to ask your mother to try for another one hor?

Haha.. yeah, that’s one thing, you can shop with your sister, but not your brother.

Aisay, why all the mum with sons say KKJ not too tough to clean leh. My friend must be trying to discourage me from having a son. :P

Contented Mum,
Part of the amnio test result will tell you the sex of the baby. It’s true, as long as the child is healthy it doesn’t really matter.

Yeah, girls have so many more options in terms of dressing up.

Hey, your sons are angels huh.. based on what you write in your blog. They are exceptions.
And you get along with your brother is another exception. :P
Yeah, every child is God’s gift and a miracle, as long as they are healthy, sex doesn’t really matters.

sesame said...

I also think girls are closer to family...if I were to have another one, I would like a girl too. In fact, we also kept thinking that Gavin was a girl at the point of conception.

Anyway, what's more important is you're going to have a healthy baby! Girl or boy, still your child and you'll love them all the same. :)

Greenapple said...

Oh, congratulations, it's a GIRL! I am glad that everything turns out great at this stage ... have a great pregnancy! I bet the interaction btwn the entire family now is phenomenal! Having baby in the tummy, I am sure that everyone, including Zara, is equally excited. Have fun shopping for the new addition of the family!

Gene Lim said...

Girl or boy..they are the same..ur child... :) as long they are healthy and happy :)

kwloong said...

Trust me boys are more difficult to handle. Zara will be thrill to have a baby sister. Whether gal or boy, the impt thing you get a healthy baby!


kwloong said...
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Flowsnow said...

It's always ideal to have both - gal and boy. Well, it's always the case where you want a boy and you ended up with gal..and vice versa. As for me...2 boys is enough. Yes I desire a gal.....still like said...Close shop!!! Enough is enough..

Samm said...

IMHO, many still thks that hvg a boy and a girl completes the ideal family. For me, i've ALWAYS wanted a boy as my first. Those who know me well would understand why.

When Gordon was born, i was happy. When i conceived my second (Malcolm), everyone was saying; "Wah, a girl would be nice, hoh. Should lerr, got boy already". I was hoping that my second would turn out to be a boy. That way, they can be closer.

With a boy and girl, they tend be close when they are younger. But i notice that when they grow older, they keep to themselves more. No longer sharing much due to the fact that they are of different gender.

So, i got my wish. I hv 2 boys. I'm happy, hubby's happy, everyone in the family can shutup. I can close shop if i want.

ka..t said...

Hmm..I found it easier to clean my boy than my girl, especially when cleaning sticky poop. Girls have more creases and folds that can hide the poop!!

My reason for having a second child is the same as yours - so that she has a close blood relative when we are dead and gone.

I agree that girls are better in the sense that they tend to come back more to the family than boys. My personal opinion is that when the son marries, you lose a son. When the daughter marries, you gain a son in addition to your daughter. But I am hoping to reverse this trend as I spend almost equal time with my parents and in-laws (on weekdays, we have lunch with my in-laws and dinner with my parents - how's that equality!), so hopefully my children will follow our example.

I don't mind having 4 kids...but mrkat close my shop already! :D said...

This is so cool ~ girlgirl Zara now has a baby sister! And you are going to have 2 lovely darlings. *Congrats* :D

I used to think I'll have two children, a boy after my baby girl. Then I thought, " Abit boring leh (for my girl)..mayb three is better, I'll have a little sister for her first, then a baby complete the family tree before I close shop...kekeke"

See Fei said...

Why close shop so early? We are looking forward to ZMM part 2,3,4,5...

Aiyah girl means we cannot be in-law hor since my factory havent started production yet :-)

wHOisBaBy said...

congrats! yea i understand what you are saying. i am closer to my sister, even though we are like 6 years apart. and i see my husband rarely talk to his younger sister about anything. is true that a boy and a girl would complete a family. so get two girls and get two boys ... then both also have "teman".

mom2ashley said...

congrats! actually when iw as expecting ashley..somehow i sensed that i was carrying a girl before the gender of the baby was confimred...i think somehow, mothers know..

荦怡 said...

Wah! another clever meimei like Zara?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Having a girl is wonderful, not trying to console you or anything like that. But if I could turn back the clock, I'll still have my Mei Mei. Girls are so special in their own way, it's just difficult to describe. The mommy & daughter bond is stronger, for me at least. Even hubs is finding my girl simply irresistable (more than the mommy). Ha ha..

Mother Superior said...

Congrats! Girls are great. They do housework. Er... up to a certain point only.

Btw, any update from Amnio test? Is it out already? I don't seem to finid it in your post.

ky said...

Ya, the main reason for me to have a second child is to get Eu a sibling, and I too was hoping to have a same sex baby. Boy, was I (and hubby) disappointed when it was declared a girl after the scan.

But really, the disappointment was just a brief moment. After Tien was born, she is officially the bully in the hse. :P

Helen said...

Close shop?? You sure or not?? lol

After a while, you'll get baby-itch and go for another one!! :-P

chanelwong said...

Most important is healthy...Same sex is good, then can be good friends, share same toys and stay in same room..Save cost also diff types of clothing and toys...
Your No2 will be as cute as Zara..Any plan for the name?

Simple American said...

So confirmed another girl. Watch the fireworks begin. hehe

But they can have fun together. But imagine two little lawyers in the house. It's kind of scarey too.

Wish you the best. But what happens if it is still a boy? Is is 100% confirmed?

I exceeded the "but" limit. Gotta go!!! Bye.

earthember said...

Well, actually boy or girl is the same. But I do feel that boy is alittle harder to manage, esp if you're not active yourself. They can really climb here and there, and do all sorts of boy-things. Surprisingly, I'm closer to my boy than the girls. It could be a character thing too.

Haha, closing shop so early? Why not another one? Three makes quite a bit of difference.

Dancing Queen said...

Congrats on your amnio results and the discovery of another girl coming along the way! I always believe that as long as they're normal and healthy, it doesn't matter. I've got 3 princesses and hubby and I are happy with them.

Got my nephew over to stay with us for just a week and I was getting pretty irritated by his hyperactivity! Maybe I'm just not used to having boys climbing all over the place instead of just playing by themselves like my girls.

Take care! :-)