Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lawyer Buruk

My little girl is turning into a lawyer buruk (Malay : a mediocre lawyer) these days. She's learning to negotiate, giving instructions, recalling events. Tuyam was having tooth ache and she complained to Zara hoping to get some sympathy and hence obedience from her. Tuyam : Zara, kakak teeth pain pain. Zara : *not empathetic* Because kakak never brush teeth! She's been very clingy and prefers me to bath her, even in the morning (which is all done by Tuyam during weekdays). Tuyam : Zara, come take bath. Zara : Don't want kakak bath Zara. Kakak go hang tothes (clothes). Mummy bath bath Zara. Tuyam : Mummy need to work. Kakak finished hang clothes. Zara : Kakak bath bath Rusty then (Rusty is our cat). Take off Rusty diaper and baju. Tuyam : Rusty got wear diaper and baju meh? Zara : Take off Rusty collar then. I just watched her in amazement, smiling to myself, taking in her 'argument'. She shouted for me at 5:30pm, asking me to bring her to the park. Me : Mummy not yet finish work. Later ok, one more hour, then mummy come down and bring you to the park. Zara : Mummy work work first yeah. After bring Zara to ship park (she always refers to our park as Ship park). Kakak cooking cooking at home. Then mummy bring you (me) to see snails (on our way back, we sometimes get to see snails). Then bath bath with you (me). Then makan (Malay : meal) time! And every day before we leave the house for the park, Zara will say bye bye to Tuyam and add this, "Kakak cook nice nice mum mum (referring to her dinner) yeah?"


chanelwong said... are you going to handle this? very good at finding excuse..this means her brain is working

Egghead said...

she sounds very bossy hor :P

sesame said...

Wow, little Zara sure knows how to instruct. I'm so impressed about the way she ask Tuyam to deal with Rusty first. She's too brilliant for her age! Hey, what have you been feeding her huh?

blurblur said...

You've got to use lots of your 'brain juice' to deal with your little lawyer huh? ;)

She never fails to amaze me...:)

earthember said...

She's good at reasoning huh? So adorable! Very soon, she'll out-reason you, and you may have to resort to the cane... ;)

Msau said...

Zara starting to give order liao..going to be the commander in your house lor..haha

Sasha said...

OMG! To me tats not bossy but cute!

IMMomsDaughter said...

Fuyoh, towkay nio in the making :)

Dragonmummy said...

Each time I read about Zara's conversation that you have recorded down, it reminded me very much of my JS at that age. The way the speak is exactly the same, I can even visualize the tone by reading your post. Used to call JS lawyer buruk too and she's still a lawyer buruk now.

may said...

she's gonna be lady boss one day.... LOL!

Jesslyn said...

I think future she will order her mei mei or didi to do thing lor!

shoppingmum said...

The last dialogue was really long, I'm amazed at how good she's talking now!

kwloong said...

So young she talks like that, when she is older you need another lawyer. :P


MamaBoK said...

Lawyer in the making.. kekekeke!! so very smart.. ;)

Simple American said...

I been thinking this child is going to get some kind of advanced degree. And I thought my daughter could delegate her wants. Hoo boy!

Zara's Mama said...

Very soon.. she’ll out smart me. :(

Shes’ very bossy with the maid, but with me, she’s under control, because I won’t let her get away with it.. :P

Yeah, both Tuyam and I were surprised at her suggestions, but it sounded logical though. I didn’t feed her anything different than other kids.. but she takes lots of fish, and while I was breastfeeding her, I took DHA supplement (given by a friend whose Singaporean gynae recommended, the gynae said it’ll help to make kids brainier if taken during pregnancy and while breastfeeding the kid).. maybe that’s the DHA working. I don’t know.

Yeah.. for now still under control.. Later.. die!

Yeah.. I’m worried for the coming days. But for now, I can still reason with her.. but don’t know how long more.

Yeah loh.. Little empress.

Haha.. now it’s cute.. later will be nightmare for mummy.

I have to step down from my throne now, and pass it to her.

Haha.. déjà vu for you huh?

Mummy and Tuyam will be the kuli.

Don’t know leh.. *biting my fingers*

She speaks well for her age.. sometimes it just amaze us the way she uses her words.

Maybe I should have married a lawyer instead hor?

Mummy just has to constantly keep up with her

Zara's Mama said...

Simple American,
You think it's a girl thing? Haha.. Women rule!

jazzmint said...

hehe..she's very good with excuses huh

Leonard said...

zara is simply intelligent in the way she talks and phrase things!!!

she's has the talent to become a good lawyer, her mind think and switches very fast!!


It put a BIG smile on my face just reading it. I'm sure it's a JOY for you to have her around.. witnessing her 'blossoming' character :)

Flowsnow said...

Amazing Lawyer......I can't wait till my kids talk to me like that. Right now it's just No...No...Don't want.

AsleyLee said...

After reading the conversations, i'm sure Zara is very good in talking and giving excuses! So nice to have a chatty daughter at home!

Vien said... better watch closely this girl of urs. Nanti she will start negotiating with you for having a boyfriend..haha!

Samm said...

OMG, this is gonna be one difficult girl to please next time. Your future son-in-law's gonna have a hard time.

荦怡 said...

Amazing! she can speak so well?!
for me i still talk like baby....

Simple American said...

That's why God gave men all the muscle. So they could defend themselves from the women.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah, very good with excuses.

And she has good memory too.. hmm.. lawyer is not too bad, at least she won't need me to spend too much money on her education.

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah.. it's fun to have her around.. seeing her grow to a little chatter box, full of tricks.

I get lots of No No Don't want also. Sometimes in a yell. Part of parenting eh?

Hui Sia,
Hey, time for you to try for number 2 liao. :)

Yeah, the boy friend headache will come soon..

My future SIL has to bypass me first.. I'm not easy to please also. haha

Never mind, next time surprise mummy with BIG BIG WORDS.

Simple American,