Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Amnio Test and Weekend photos

Had my amnio test done yesterday morning. I went in feeling very nervous. I guess the Dr saw my pale face and reassured me everything will be fine by patting on my arm. After identifying the spot which was a safe distance away from the baby via ultrasound, Dr immediately sterilized his hands and my tummy area with alcohol and started the procedure. During Zara's time, I was so afraid I just closed my eyes the entire time until the Dr told me it's over. This round, I chose to watch the entire procedure. I saw the Dr deftly inserted the long needle into my abdomen, the strange thing is, there was no pain. Not even a sting or an ant bite feeling (with Zara, there was at least a ant bite sting). With the Dr holding on to the ultrasound scanner and the needle to ensure the baby is at a safe distant, the nurse started extracting the amnio fluid into a tube. It was yellowish in colour, like urine. I was concentrating on the amount of fluid extracted, and suddenly heard the Dr said, "Oops, baby has moved". I turned my attention to the monitor. I could see the baby's hands reaching out to the needle. Yes, the little one was reaching out his/her hands for the needle! The Dr maneuvered the needle a bit so that the baby could not touch the sharp end which then stopped the amnio fluid from flowing into the collection tube. So it took longer for the desired amount of fluid to be extracted with the baby being so 'busy body' trying to touch the needle every time it was inserted back to the amnio sac. When the right amount of fluid was collected, the Dr took the needle out, and did another scan on my stomach to show that baby is ok, heart beating etc. I could still see the baby's hands reaching out towards the direction of where the needle was. 10 little fingers all stretched out. What a sight! When we got home, I showed Zara the plaster on my tummy, and told her I won't be able to carry her, or bring her to the park these few days. I also told her to be careful when she's around me, no pressing on my stomach or jumping on me or 'blood will come out'. She has been trying to refrain herself from doing all these. We now have to wait 2.5 to 3 weeks for the result. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And here are the things Zara did over the weekend. Swimming! She's staying afloat on her own for longer period of time now! After 3 weeks of not sucking her thumb, we took out her 'present' for her. She had a good time slowly unwrapping the present, then immediately making use of the paint to do some finger painting on paper as well as on the toilet wall.


Egghead said...

must be quite an experience for the little one in your tummy hor? (curious little fella)

should bring zara and LS to a pool one day and see how they interact lah :)

beckysmum said...

Wow, Zara is a brave girl, can float in sleeping post already!!

Jesslyn said...

Did u manage to know the gender yet?

sesame said...

I thought you might have gone for the test. I remember it takes around 3 weeks for me too. I hate the wait!

Zara can float very well. She's quite a natural in the water.

domestic rat said...

She's rather gusty for her age, to float like that! BTW, what's the amino test for?

Allyfeel said...

Oh Dear!!! Lil one is such a curious fella. I bet you must be very excited experiencing it. WOW!

The explorer jie jie is so independent. :) U lucky mommy!

shoppingmum said...

Gosh, your little baby's trying to touch the needle!!! What a sight! Isn't it amazing that baby is already so curious in the womb? :)
BTW, Zara's really brave in water, she can float by herself already. My boy still clings hard to me, not ready to let go yet.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Now, aren't you glad you did not close your eyes throughout the process? Such a lovely sight...Good luck to you (I know you'll be counting the days till the result is out)

Zara is so clever, can float on her own...nice to see her floating captured in pix :)

Zara's Mama said...

He/she probably saw light coming from a tunnel.. that’s why trying to reach for it.
Haha.. scared they’ll drown each other with their rough play.

Yes, and she’s very proud of her achievement.

No.. when I get the result I’ll know.

Yes, such a long wait right?? So dreadful.
She loves the water! Asking us to bring her swimming every time we asked her where she wanted to go.

Domestic Rat,
Amnio test is to check if the baby has any genetic defect. Mainly done for women above 35 who’s of higher risk.

I wonder if it’s all because of the crabs I’d eaten..
No.. not that independent, she still clings to me most of the time in the water, and then when she’s comfortable, she starts letting go of her hand and swim on her own.

I wonder if they can see at that age though, but it’s amazing to see the little one trying to reach out for the needle.
Yeah, she choked on some water a few times before she could float though, but luckily she didn’t get discoraged.

Thank you.. yes, I’m so glad I didn’t close the eyes.
She’s really enjoying her new achievement actually, always trying to show off to daddy and mummy.

khongfamily said...

Woww..your little baby is quite active hor, trying to reach for the needle. Smart bb!

LaundryAmah said...

Wow, u r so brave..for me I really dare not do it la..way to go! All the best!

Oh...that reminds me it's been some time that I've taken the kids to the pool..

Ricket said...

Wow! My Isabel still very afraid of water, with float on both arms she still won't venture out deeper.

AsleyLee said...

Emm...maybe is a boy since the baby is so active!

Greenapple said...

best wishes to you and the baby. i am sure your prayers are heard ...

take care.

Gene Lim said...

Everything will be alrite dear.. PRayers are with u!
The little one in the tummy sure is active huh ;)
Zara sure had her fun with her new colour set :)

may said...

hope your results are good!

those yellow arm floats zara's wearing... I used to have those too, reminded me of my first swim lessons!

Simple American said...

Don't fret ZM. Your results will be just fine. I think the baby's reaction to the needle is a positive indicator.

Good going for Zara too. Hope she paints a Mona Lisa. :)

jazzmint said...

wahh ur baby sure is very curious huh ;)

Vien said...

The doc didn't take a snap of that on the ultrasound machine? Aiseh...Would have been a cool 2D u/sound. 10 fingers..that's good! Normal enough (for me)..hehe. Luckily, Zara is at the age of able to understand reasoning. How sweet of her trying to be careful around you.

kwloong said...

I see needles I freak out, especially long needle. I think your baby is smart already, the way he kpc over the needle.


KittyCat said...

I think ur baby is gonna be as smart as Zara! God bless for the test results (hugs)

L B said...

Sneaked in last again, almost... Having a jolly good time here in Ipoh, wish you were here too.. :-) Muaks!!! Lots of Barbies...

Helen said...

I'm glad you did not feel a thing!! lol All the best to you. :-)

Zara really having a good time in the pool. Looking at her intense interest in drawing, I think she's heading into the artistic direction. Anyone of you good in arts as well? Daddy? YOu?

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah. However, I’m curious, can they actually see at this age?

Aigh.. I’m at that age, I have to do it.
Time to bring the kids to the pool then.

Hmm.. I thought all kids love water, but maybe I’m wrong.

Hui Sia,
Not sure though.. but I have a feeling it is a boy. *yikes*

Thank you.

Thanks. Very active indeed, although I still can’t feel those kicks yet.
Yeah, Zara loves painting or maybe she just loves the mess that comes with it.

Thank you.
The strange thing is, most floats are yellow colour, I wonder why.

Simple American,
I’m hoping for the best. I’m just wondering at this age are they able to react that way. Hmm..
Aaah.. if she paints a Mona Lisa, I can retire then. Yippeee!

Yeah loh.

No. Haha. In fact, he’d only taken a snap of the baby’s pix for me to keep once. But we’ll be going for a detail scan in 3 week’s time, so I’ll get lots of snap shots.

I’m still wondering if they are able to ‘see’ though, at this age.

I hope so too, just worried it’s a baby who likes to touch this touch that. :P

L B,
Oh boy.. enjoy your Barbies.

Thank you.
None of us is good in arts. What a shame.

HMom said...

What a curious little baby - probably wondering what's that needle doing in there! At least you got the amnio over and done with!

blurblur said...

Wow...must be an amazing sight to watch your little baby trying to reach the needle...perhaps she/he thought that's a toy..:P

Zara seemed to enjoy floating a lot huh...:)

geetha said...

Don't worry on that test. It will turn out fine, dear..

Oh my, she is making good progress in the pool. Very brave :P

荦怡 said...

Last time when i'm 1yr+ i'm enjoy to "float" on the water...
But after stop swimming for a long time...
last week mmy bring me to swim.. but i'm so scared that i can't touch the floor!
and mmy promises will bring me to swim more often.

i would like to thanks Zara's Mama,
Daddy take leave on this Sunday and they will bring me to Bird Park! i'm so excited! can't wait for the day....