Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lazy - These few days

I'm getting so lazy... or maybe I should say tired. Lots of work to do, and these 2 days, I have gone to the office to work and sent Zara and Tuyam to my sister's place. Zara had a good weekend. On Saturday at 8am, she woke Daddy up, "Daddy wake up! Zara want go pet shop." When we asked her what she wanted to do in the pet shop, she said, "See iguana, dog dog, cat cat, rabbit, mouse". So Daddy oblidged, and I told him his daugther has more persuasive power than me. I could never drag him out of bed like that. On Sunday morning, when we stepped out of the house for a walk, we met Zara's friend Chloe and her mum walking passed our gate also taking a walk. Chloe is 9mths older than Zara, and we always see her in the park. Chloe's mum is also pregnant like me, so we have lots of things to share, about our daugthers, about our pregnancies. So we went walking together, 2 pregnant ladies with 2 toddlers. After our walk, Chloe invited Zara to her house to play. Zara had a good time there, this is her first visit to a friend's house. She wasn't shy at all, digging out Chloe's toys from her toy box without prompting, playing the slide, jumping on the sofa like it's her own home. I should invite Chloe over next time but I wonder if Zara will so willingly sharing her toys. Yesterday when I went to pick Zara up from my sis' place, she told me, "Zara happy. Got kor kor (referring to my nephews) play with Zara." She must be so lonely always stuck at home with mummy and Tuyam all the time. And for me, after getting home from my sister's place, I just feel like sleeping and do nothing.. So I went to bed with Zara at 10pm. Zzzzzzz.


LaundryAmah said...

wow so surprised that Chloe was willing to share her toys,,my boy doesn't, my niece doesn't...in fact i've seen so many kids who refuse to share...according to one seminar i been to, they mentioned that kids below 7 is not able to grasp the concept of sharing..so i give up on my son at this moment,,,wait till he turns 7 n see how!

sesame said...

She won't be lonely for long. :)
And I think being pregnant does wear your energy down.

Btw, I hit the bed at 10pm every night with Gavin. Sometimes I wake up, most of the time I don't.

may said...

wouldn't be surprised at your tiredness, you've a lot to do plus you're carrying another child. I'm tired just thinking about how tired you are! hehe!

MamaBoK said...

Chloe is the same way when she see other kids in the store.. or at a gathering. I think she is so deprived of friends her own age.

Gene Lim said...

Is good that u get some rest and break in between.. Sounds like a simple fun weekend :)

Simple American said...

Sleep well. After all you're sleeping for two now.

I think about my kids and I know they do not get out as much as I did as a kid. Shoot. I was always at a neighbor's house. My daughter has no friend's in the neighborhood, and my son only knows one boy (who is still a km away). Really over protective today.

But they have each other. And sometimes they play well with each other. And other times they fight like cats and dogs. Hopefully your young uns will not squabble.

Vien said...

I guess you can enrol Zara to those Gymoboree-type classes. Not only will she learn how to play with other kids, she will definitely have a great time.

AsleyLee said...

Emm..tired is it because the tummy getting bigger and bigger?

I think Zara will share her toys as she always behaves like a good and smart girl.

Wow, you can work at home too? Is good for you to take more rest.

mom2ashley said...

such a good girl she is....she'd have a little sister to play with soon...

IMMomsDaughter said...

Zara is indeed ready for company and your pregnancy timing is just right on the dot..heh heh. It's normal with the tiredness. I remembered during my 2nd pregnancy, I was FOREVER tired, backache, shortness of breath towards the end of the term and I attribute these to age :) Back then, I could not wait to explode..ha ha. Hang in there, 20 weeks more to go.

m.o.t.t said...

I'm sure Zara has a generous spirit. All kids have it in them. Just emulate it at home and she'll have no probs reciprocating.

geetha said...

Aaah, you are getting heavier, thus getting tired..

Since Zara likes company, may be you could send her to your sis place (hope she doesn't mind ;) eventhough you not going to work.. you can have your rest too ;P

blurblur said...

Zara no longer goes to KW's house, does she miss her Samantha Jiejie? ;)

I'm sure she will be willing to share her toys, she's such a sensible girl! (from all your previous posts) Yup, she'll have a meimei to play with soon so won't feel lonely anymore! :)

Rest more, and don't feel guilty if all you want to do is sleep sleep sleep..;p

MyLittleChampion said...

lonely no more zara.. mei mei is coming. yeap, sometimes i got that same feeling as you... just want to laze around and zzzzzz

Contented Mum said...

Haha, only the little missy has the power to "order" daddy around and usually daddy will comply!
I am also feeling tired a lots of the time and I just laze around and some time just snooze!

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah, Chloe is nice.. but her mum said she only started sharing things recently. Must wait till 7yrs old?? Huh? Not so long kua.

Aha.. you hit the bed at 10pm too..
It’s getting to me, this pregnancy.. always wanting to sleep and do nothing.

Haha.. you are that tired huh?

Kids are drawn to kids don’t you think so?

Yeah. And I get to take my long afternoon naps!

Simple American,
That’s nice.. sleeping for two.. So I should sleep 16hrs then. :P
Aiks, I thought Western kids are more outgoing and the parents less protective? Not your case huh?

I’m sending her to try out Gymboree this Sun.. see how she likes it.

Tired is because mummy is lazy too.
I hope she will share her toys.. Today in the park she told Chloe to come to our house and she’ll share her toys. We shall see.

Yeah.. I hope she’ll ‘play’ with little sister and not ‘bully’ her. Haha.

I think playing with some one older or the same age is different from playing with a younger kid (which the baby is going to be). Zara doesn’t want to play with Tasha, as she doesn’t know how to handle younger kids. But I hope when they are slightly older, the 2 of them can play well.
And yes, 20 more weeks to go.. Hee Har!

Haha.. my sis lives quite a distant away from me. It can be tiring just to send her back and then me coming back to rest..
But I know she’ll enjoy herself even in sis’ place, that’s a comforting thought.

She misses Sam jiejie a lot.. so they’ll have to meet at weekends, but it has been a while since she’s seen her.
From the point of sharing, I think she’s still pretty bad. She won’t share things with me.. sometimes.

Yeah.. she’ll no longer be lonely. And yes, I only want to laze about.

Contented mum,
Yeah.. only the young ones has such power over their dad. Haha..You too are tired all the time huh?

Simple American said...

No. But they still watch American TV so they push the threshold. Have friends from school visit or go to their house.

I want to know the parents though. Some are not worthy of trust even though they send kids to better schools. Or they have older siblings that are not good influences.