Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Weekend Without Daddy

This is the 2nd weekend Daddy is away (the longest ever since Zara was born). I kept Zara occupied with lots of activities in the house as well as hanging out with my siblings and family. Top (L->R) : 1) Bubble bath, it never fails to pick her spirit up (not that she needs any). 2) Morning hangout in our little grass patch. 3) She loves inspecting the ferns. Middle (L->R) : 1) At my sister, K's place, that's Tasha baby (my eldest sis, T's 2 months old baby). 2) Zara playing with Norman ko-ko's (Chinese : older brother) musical car track. 3) Sleep over at King's Wife's again, playing with Samantha che-che (Chinese : older sister). Bottom (L->R) : 1) Early Sunday morning smile 2) Played with Samantha che-che's soft toys 3) Samantha che-che piggie backing Zara I also went to 2 publisher warehouse sales. One organised by MPH, the other by Times. Discounts were really good. Got lots of books for Zara, and a few books for myself. My loot from MPH. Times bookshop warehouse sales is still on till end of this week, and it's held on the 1st floor Atria Shopping Complex. The novels are a steal (but you have to really spend time to search for the title you want), and the Ladybird series are all going for RM5. Good bargain.


jazzmint said...

wow..that's a lot of books u've got for the family :). Time to get a bigger shelf for Zara hehe

Egghead said...

wah! is it very crowded or not? really need to get some books for my son to sit on liao... LOL!

Lazymama said...

waw, lots of book you have bought!

I might want to get some books for my girl to tear too! :P

may said...

ooh, I spy Jamie's Italy! so are you gonna cook us a delicious meal some day?

zara looks soo sweet in a hat, the Japanese tourist style. hehe!

Allyfeel said...

Wow! that's a lot of books. Hubby went to the Times sale and bought the lady birds series for bb. :P

Hey, I have that Yoga CD's from "tang na", very cool!

Lil Zara look so cute in that fisherman's hat. :)

sesame said...

Hey, I like Zara in that fisherman's hat. Very kawaii!

Wow, did I see an English & Maths workbook? Those for yourself or Zara??? :p

Jesslyn said...

Last time I got MPH RM800 voucher, wah, really shop like crazy man! Pack into box, take out 1-2 book in one time for them to read. Now still got one box yet to open..:P

domestic rat said...

I'm soooo jealous! That's a BIG stash of books your got there. MPH, Times, don't forget Penang!!!

geetha said...

Luckily you are keeping her well occupied and entertained. Otherwise, she might miss daddy by now...

Good collection of books. Hmm, till end of this week? I should check it out too. I find these book sales quite good.

maria @ twinsmom said...

till this weekend? good, let me go sapu some book hehehe...

HMom said...

Cool collection. These warehouse sales are really good, but too lazy to beat the rush. Guess its worth it.

Helen said...

Did I see a yoga book??

Does Zara ask for daddy when he is not around?? Seriously, your hubby has been away for 2 weeks... what do you think he'll get you this time around?? Guess

blurblur said...

Wow! What a good collection! :)

But hor...why only Enlish books for Zara? No Chinese books leh?? :p

mom2ashley said...

that's a WHOLE LOT of books! eh the next time there is such sales be it book or diapers etc....must post it in the blog so that everyone is aware of it!;)

Tracy said...

Feeling bored without daddy around? Zara's seems to be having fun even without daddy around. Out of sight out of mind?

Wow, very good 'sau wok' from the bookstore leh. U do 'Yoga'?

Ricket said...

Will Zara start asking for Daddy?

L B said...

Stock up on the Secret Seven! Then the Famous Five! Then Jackie! Then Pin-Up! Sweet Six! Barbara Cartland! Vogue! House & Garden! Mothers Weekly..

Zara's Mama said...

Haha, I allocated one shelf for her book already in the study.. But I select a few books to put in the room where she have access to.

It's not crowded like those Diethelm sales. And it's airconditioned, and spacious. Btw, if you are interested, better go soon, I see the kids' books are really going like hot cakes.. I think lots of kindergartens stocking up.

Start Yee Ching with board books la.. so she can't tear. :P

That was the last copy.. 30% off.. I actually have his whole series, but only tried out one recipe before.. What a shame eh?
She actually asked for the hat, she touched her head, said, "HOT". then added "HAT".. :P

Aah.. you hubby went as well? Bought loads?
You used the Tang Na's video to do your yoga?
The hat is cute huh? And my hubby said not nice.. (men and their taste).

Yeah, I think the hat is cute too.
The maths and English work book is for her ler. Because it was such a good buy, I thought I'll buy and keep for her for future use.. Very kiasu this mummy.

You only bought for the kids? Yourself? I bought loads for myself too, b'cos I like reading.

Domestic Rat,
Haha, you'll have to write to them to appeal. :P

She's showing sign she's missing Daddy. Will blog about it.
Yeah, these sales are good, esp nowadays books are so expensive when it's the original price.

Maria, Geetha,
Quickly go you know.. don't wait till weekend. I think the books are being grabbed up real quick.

These sales are not as crowded.. since the place is spacious, and it's airconditioned.. Comfortable shopping. Just that the dust was making me sneeze.

Yeah, bought a yoga book with video. Don't know when I'll actuall use it :P
Aha.. with men, you can never trust them to buy what they like.. I know what he's buying for me, b'cos I told him what to buy, and if the model I wanted wasn't available, he would call and wait for me to check on the net if I like the avaiable models... :P

Zara doesn't speak Chinese ler.. So I thought buy English books loh.. I really must be dicipline and speak to her in Chinese ler.

Yeah we should.. I should get your mobile so I can sms you when I know of good bargains.

Me, I won't be bored la.. I have so much to do.. and I can hang out with my family.
I used to do yoga, even up till 9mths pregnant.. but after I moved to a place too far away from my gym, I stopped.. *sigh*. So now I see if I can DIY at home.

She has actually.. Let me blog about it.

Mothers' Weekly? For me or Zara?
Btw, do you know these books no longer appeal to the kids now. None of my nieces or nephews are reading such books..

michelle said...

Not fair, never once there is WHS in Penang...*cry*

L B said...

Aww, what a shame.. I guess the trends move on as well... What do they read now?..

Mothers' Weekly for Zara la!! You already read!

Passerby A said...

Wow! Brave mommy!

Hubs went away for about 10 days the last time for a conference. I just packed up lock stock and barrel and moved to my mom's place. I don't feel safe staying at home with just me and Ophelia, especially at night...

That's alot of books!

Cocka Doodle said...

Got the latest copy of vanity fair or not?

shoppingmum said...

You didn't get the Ladybird? They're really good reading books to start with.

Allyfeel said...

quite a bit of books la. I went also to buy some for myself. I used to play that VCD to practice yoga, after a while got use to it, just practice some of the interesting pose like the spider pose. hehe!

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife's eldest one reads Jacqueline Wilson and my sis' eldest reads Christopher Paoloni
Hmm.. you are teasing me aren't you.. stocking of books beyond her age.. hmph! *folding my arms*

The Diva,
Hah.. I only went home to stay when I need to (water the plant, feed the cat).. most of the time I stayed at King's Wife's place.

Cocka Doodle,
Wasn't into these classics, didn't really check.. But I'm sure they have. You going to drive up to KL for this?

I did.. the photo shown here is from MPH. I didn't take the photos of the books I bought from Times which are mainly Ladybird series.

Aah.. Ok.. I must really check out the VCD.


oopppsss.. i miss the sale-huh?
there even have Jamie Oliver on sale????