Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jaw dropping 'conversations'

We really have to be careful how we talk to Zara, because she's learning fast, picking up our talking style, and the words we used. Here are some moments which caught me off guard. Kiddie Rides Every time when Zara points to a Kiddie Ride and requested to go on it, we'll say we have no money, can't go on this time. We were in KLCC on Saturday, we thought we'll give her a treat, and inserted some coins (she also associates coins with money) for one of the rides. After her RM1 ride, she said, "More more! Money! Put" Diaper Changing When I try to get Zara to listen to me, I always repeat please many times. "Zara please, don't touch the floor." "Zara please, it's dirty." When I was changing her diaper this morning, I wanted her to lie still, but she wanted to sit up to play instead. After a few failed attempts to sit herself up (because I pinned her thighs down), she looked at me desparately and said, "Pis! Pis! Pis!" (her Please) Thanks for your compliment We are teaching Zara to say thanks. We prompt her to say thanks after we give her something. We will also say thanks when she helps us with some chore (dropping the laundry in the bag, throwing the paper in the dustbin), or kisses us. That day, she did something smart, and Daddy said, "You are such a clever girl!" Her reply, "tats" (her Thanks). Wait When Zara needs attention and we are busy, we always say "Wait, let mummy ..." or "Wait, daddy finished ... first". "Wait Wait, Wait First" Before bedtime just now, I helped her with her usual pre bed time ritual (hand washing and tooth brushing). I soaped her hands, rubbed her hands together, and when I wanted to rinse them, she just retracted both her hands away from the running tap. I told her "please, let mummy rinse the soap away", and pulled her hands back to the tap. She held her hands firmly away from the tap and said, "Wai, Wai! Wai Wai! Wait" (her Wait) as she wanted to get more bubbles on her hands. Swearing She was playing with a ball in the room, accidentally dropped it. And I seriously think I heard her said "shit" (my expression when I drop things accidentally) and then she just tried to retrieve it from under her cot.


L B said...

Good thing you don't say the other word when you drop things!!..

But Zara's really coming along, eh? She's definitely very intelligent by the sound of things. Does Zara speak only English, by the way?

Helen said...

Thank god you can still indulge in a little DNMCH on your blog!! lol

Have you started showing Zara educational cartoons etc??

earthember said...

Yeah, kids learn fast, esp from the parents. I also have to be careful with words in front of my kids.

I can just imagine her "Wai Wai".

Greenapple said...

hearing Zara saying 'shit!' will be pretty cute ... haha ...

jazzmint said...

alamak...shit also learn liao!!!...Gotta start watching the words mann...

Egghead said...

I guess Zara will be swearing all over by the time she reaches two huh?? LOL!

Ricket said...

Sometimes its not what what we say that they'll pick up, its the TV programs we watch. Especially those Taiwan Variety Shows.

Jesslyn said...

"Oh Shit!"..Wien speak this too when her drop thing..we really shock when first time heard!! to watch out what we said, kids learn pretty fast!

Sabrina said...

Gotta be careful with your words from now onwards.Kekeke....They do pick up words very very fast.

Twin said...

yeah they are really fast. Kids learn from their parents and their surroundings. That's why we are really careful with what we say. The last time when Denisha said stupid .. it was the last time we say all these kinds of words in front of the kids.

blurblur said...

Hahaha...i said "shit" when i drop things too..i better be careful now..

Damien picked up "silly daddy" from me and is still calling his dad this at times..:x

Ah Pek said...

good girl, she is picking up the all the four lettered words fast.

sesame said...

Oh boy, they do parrot after the adults. I am also worried what my boy picks up, especially we do utter a fair bit of vulgarities (hokkien version no less) when angry or driving. I must try very hard to refrain saying obsence words in front of him.

Contented Mum said...

Ya, our little one often suprise us by what they have learnt without us knowing. we are also trying to be careful of our words and action hwile with Qi Ning.

maria @ twinsmom said...

hahaha... your Zara has the exactly same early word with my girls, but the "shit" was the first Annabelle made us drop jaw.

Lazymama said...

hahaha,"shit"! Must be very cute! Zara is so clever!

that's why I alway remind my hubby not to say bad words in front of our little girl. That day, I overheard YChing said "daddy shot shot(crazy) oh! Must be learning from me!

King's wife said...

eh,"SHIT"...I teach her one lah.
I din tell you meh? Everyday, I take her aside for 10mins and make her repeat after me!
You want to know which is the next 4-letter word I'll be teaching her?

L B said...


Milly said...

fuiyoh...!!! really out of ur expectation!!!! geng!! praise!!

ky said...

Oh dear! Better watch out for the swearing part! Eu picked up the "f#@%" from daddy, and knows exactly when and how to use it! Real embrassing when the teachers told me he used the word in class, though daddy thot otherwise :(

Allyfeel said...

sometimes it's worrysome that they start picking up all the wrong words but they appear to be soooo cute as well. Don't know to laugh or cry sometimes. haha!


okay, little zara is joining the crowd now and you have to be more careful with what you say or do but somehow, the jaw dropping conversations are so laughable...and so sweet!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

what is Zara 1stspokn word?..Mama or Papa or MumMum ?

mom2ashley said...

whoops! they catch on really fast huh? so cute...nevermind if she mimicks you long as don't swear..better be careful on the "shit" and the "dammits"..

Passerby A said...

Oh gosh... don't they start young!

Ophelia knows what sh*t means, and she says it for fun, meaning it literally. I think she finds it funny to imagine sh*t is everywhere.

shoppingmum said...

Luckily Justin picked up "oh oh" from me when he drops his things, and not "shit"! I used to say shit frequently too...

1+2mom said...

Zara so cute so early can pick up so many word. My gals will said "oh ooo, sorry!!" when we drop things..hehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. I concioulsy refrain myself from swearing in English or Cantonese in her presence. But the shit and the damn I couldn't help it.

For now, she only speak English, b'cos that's the only language we used with her. I have intention of speaking to her in Mandarin, but somehow it didn't materialise. But I'll still try, because I definitely would like her to master Mandarin as well.

Until she can read, I can still use DLMCH in blogs, yes!
And yes, I do show her some kids program (not sure of their educational value).
I'll blog about the invasion of the blue dinasaur one day.

yeah we really have to be careful.. Can't afford to loose out footings. :P

cute but you suddenly realised this is how you talk, and she's a reflection of you!

yeah man. You also hor, Faythe also will pick up what you say. But I think you are more 'simun' than me. haha.

hey hey! She'll only say Shit loh. We good family leh, never swear so often one.

yeah, and the people they encounter daily. So she's picking up some Malay from my maid too.

haha, Wien also huh? Have to tell her not to, or else Lyon will pick up also.

yeah yeah.

I try not to use Stupid in front of her, but use a lot of Silly. Must be real careful alright!

Damien never picked up the word shit from you? Lucky you loh. :P But the Silly Daddy is cute.

Ah Pek,
I have to bar your blog when she start reading, because hor, you know la, your puisi writing very humsup one.

haha, my hubby too, lots of profanity when caught in the jam. I have to remind him not to say those words esp if Zara is in the car.

Contented mum,
Yeah, Qi Ning also at this age of parroting huh.. we all have to be careful.

Looks like shit is the first four letter words the little one utter huh?

Daddy sotsot also she knows how to say. Must be from you leh. Haha.

King's Wife,
Yeah. I know the consequences of sending her to your place.
She'll learn Love, Good, Nice all these words loh.
Shit you teach one meh? I thought you always very simun and never say such things?

Yes, Love, Good, Nice, Zara are some of the words King's Wife is going to teach Zara.

Fuiyo leh. Terror leh? Still want to baby sit?

Ooops for EU, and for you! Yes, can be embarrassing. Imagine they use the word KNN, CB, KKJ all these in kindergarden. The teachers will probably look at you funny when we go pick them up.

yeah loh. Don't know to be angry, or to laugh until tears also roll down. :P

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah. Luckily we don't watch DVDs or TV in her presence, or she'll probably pick up some not so suitable words as well.

UP was her first word.
We went to Penang, and she cannot tahan having to sit on the car seat for 5hours. When we reached Ipoh, she said UP UP UP!

Those are still ok. Sometimes we use the F*** and the DIUs (esp Daddy when he's angry). Really have to be careful.

The Diva,
Haha. Ophelia is so innocent.

Zara uses Uh-Oh as well when things go missing. But for that particular time, don't know why suddenly shit came out.

Your girls so polite. But they are good girls leh. Like the bloggers' meet, can sit quietly one. Zara leh want to walk here walk there.

HMom said...

Zara's very advanced for her age! Yup, better watch the words - you just never know what they choose to pick up and remember!!

geetha said...

Ooops, the catching everything she hear age.. very dangerous. Especially when we are talking about the last example.LOL!

But this age is definitely cute, when we hear them speak that little words...