Wednesday, February 22, 2006

She's 15th Month already!

Another month has passed, and my little girl turned 15th month old yesterday. This is another post to capture her development. ~ Latest weight and height unknown (haven't been to the Paed, so didn't get the proper tool to measure her) ~ No new tooth sprouted, with 4 upper and 4 lower full-sized (like corn kennels) teeth. Dexterity : Running around more. Able to retrieve 1 cent coin from the floor (which I think can be quit tough even for adults). For this month, she seems to prefer being carried than walking. Always reaching out her hands and says, "keh-yee" (her carry) to who ever is willing. Once you held her up, if you wanted to put her back down, she would cling to you, hold up her two feet, refusing to let them lend on the ground. *sigh* Language : Amazing progress. One day I took a pen and paper and jotted down the different words she used in a day, and counted about 50words. She's also using more non-noun words now : Dirty, Keen (Clean), Big, Smo (Small), Up, Down, Pretty, Notty (Naughty), High, Spicy, Scah-Scah (Scared), Happy, Kai (Cry), Pus (Push), Pu (Pull) Use Pis (Please) when asked for things, and Tats (Thanks) after receiving things. Started calling me Mummy. She's also saying more phrases : Baju dirty Daddy work work Uh-pen fie (aeroplane fly) Tutc Seh-doh (touch shadow) Able to join in song singing Able to address people based on gender: Adult men are Ah-Ter (Uncle) Adult ladies are Ah-Tee (Aunty) Little girls are Che-che (big sister) Little boys are Toh-toh (big brother) Any toddler or babies are Beh-Pee (Baby) Any Malay looking ladies are Tak-Tak (Kakak) Feeding / Food : Still loves fish, and now starting to like crunchy stuff like crisps (she says Pok-Pok for these things, probably describing the sound of the crunch) Taking 3 solids meals, 4 breast milk feed + 1 formula feed a day. In between she snacks on biscuits and fruits. Emotions : Getting very cheeky now. Her idol is King's Wife's daughter Samantha. She's overall a very happy kid, but occasionally may get moody and throw a tantrum or get angry for the littlest reason.


Egghead said...

so young already got idol liao ah? too bad is not you wor... got jealous or not :P

blurblur said...

Hee, same same, Damien's idol also not me. Again, i'm impressed by her speech development! :)I like your new profile pic, but how come no ah meen liao..:p

JoMel said...

What a cool pose from Zara. Don't-mess-with-me look.

And may I add that the tantrums may get worse? oops..

maria @ twinsmom said...

very cool picture, macam rap and hip-hop star :D.

Jesslyn said...

Read Zara's development, seem like reading Lyon's development too! One day hope both of them can meet up!!:P

mumsgather said...

lol. I like the pic. She's one cool kid!

shoppingmum said...

She started talking phrases already? That's a great achievement. Nice pose!

Allyfeel said...

What an achievement, she is fast, can describe touch shadow somemore. Wow!

geetha said...

I give the credit to you first, for being disciplne in keeping track of her developments.

She's talking phrases? That's good. Her vocab is quite good, you know..

Helen said...


Can make sure you train Zara to call me che che at all cost ar? LOL (no Ah Tee PLEASE) :-P

jazzmint said...

wah so fast huh..few months back only saw ur posting bout her birthday :). Time sure flies!!!

amaze with her speech development...still wondering mine when is coming along hehehe

mom2ashley said...

time flies huh! congrats to zara!

may said...

here's lookin' at you, kid! *points back to Zara*

at 15 months, her progress is quite good. My cousin's son is almost 2 years and he still doesn't talk much, just a lot of baby-talk (grunts, loud wails but doesn't quite make sense). hope he picks up a few words soon.

momm said...

hey hey, talking about breastfeed..

since #2 is coming along in Aug, i'm thinking of going on full BF. natalie was supplemented with formula all those while.

so, how long do you BF for one side before you move on to the other?

michelle said...

"It is pretty lonely in the bathtub, you, please give me a didi or mei mei to play with"

L B said...

Current Bid: 2 camels, 1 mule, 2 chickens (skipping the half eaten pies), & 1 Barney..

domestic rat said...

I'm still very amazed by how fast Zara learns. Do you often talk to her or play those children videos for her?

Contented Mum said...

Your Zara really good in her speech huh, can say so many words already. When I read her development, is so similar to that of Qi Ning. They are growing real fast huh!

HMom said...

soon she will be asking 'why, why' and whats this!
Time sure flies with a little one around. Time to start for a second one - wink

Sabrina said...

Keith is a month younger than Zara. He can't walk yet... :(

Zara's Mama said...

Sometimes jealous, but she needs to have some one to look up to, since Sam is a good nature girl, it's ok loh to have Zara idolised her.

Ah meen old already, no need to show her pix. :P
It's better for them to idolise our loved ones than to idolise the maid.. *looking at the bright side*

Should have used that as the profile pix huh?
I know.. the tantrum is going to get worse *biting fingers*

She's going for machi-mei-mei audition with that photo. :P

Yeah, 1 day different only. But Lyon still like little baby, the way she looks.. Zara's look like che-che like that.. growing up too fast.


Only very short phrases.

Not describe.. She wants to touch. :P
The touch is a command (for the mummy), not a description.. unfortuately.

I have to.. at least for her 1st 2 yrs.
I thought her vocab was good too, she just amazed us. Thanks.

Haha.. sure sure.. I'll teach her, "this Ah Tee *whisper* must call pretty che-che ok?"

They say baby who speaks later hor, once the flood gate is opened, they will pili-pala talk a lot one ler.. Maybe Faythe is this type. :P So enjoy your peace and quiet for now, get ready for the WHO, WHY, WHERE, HOW etc.

Yeah.. another month has just zoomed passed.

I'm sure your cousin's son will catch up soon.. I heard boys normally starts later.

You mean, left breast and right breast?
In the beginning, I timed.. 15mins each side.
Now, she will let go and ask for the other side when the one she was sucking earlier is empy.

*biting fingers* This aunty Michelle teaching Zara the wrong thing to say!

Bid over. LB wins (you have to, or else, Cocka Doodle will win the bid, and I don't want a humsup son-in-law). Please transact via Paypal.

Domestic Rat,
Talk to her a lot (but my English is quite horrible), read to her too, I think most of her learning comes from interacting with her school going cousins.

Contented mum,
yeah, sometimes I feel growing a bit too fast.. I still want to enjoy her babyness ler.

Yes, I'm sure soon she'll be doing that..
Oh boy, my throat will get dry answering her questions.
Now, my throat gets dry because she wants me to sing to her.

I heard boys normally start later.. so don't worry. He'll catch up soon enough.

sesame said...

Can pick up 1 cent coin? Sounds like her motor skills quite good. You know, I really admire you. I never bother about Gavin's number of tooth. As long as he grows and they look straight, I didn't bother to keep count. :p


amaze..amaze...she can even say "Tutc Seh-Doh", "Uh-pen fie"...and 50 words in a day-- very impressive..

my sons call me "yang" nowadays..after their daddy-loh!

very cool pom-pom pix... and btw, why lil zara show half her face only in the new profile pix---infested by the "no show face" gang-ah? (lol) very nice pix tho'

Helen said...


Let's play safe. Teach Zara to call ALL female che che lar!! Of course i get vip treatment by adding the 'leang' in front. :-)

Seriously, I learnt that female of ALL ages do not mind being called che che. ** Pssst** actually the men also do not appreciate being called 'uncle'. They all act as is they don't care only.... they do. The next day they'll go find Wan Nam hairpro.

Lin Peh said...

So smal already ldolize King Wife dotter. Humsap la ;-) HAHAH!

Passerby A said...

Hehehee... the bigger they become, the more they want to be carried :)

Irene said...

What a clever girl!

earthember said...

Isn't it amazing that everyday is never the same for you and Zara, for she learns new things or shows new tricks, and you experience motherhood bliss?

Zara's Mama said...

Haha.. I just wanted to keep a record for her and for myself, and what better to do this than the blog itself.

Two Little Fellas,
Wow, you sons call you 'yang'? Sweet.. you are the 'sayang' for all 3 men in the family.. how nice.

I never thought about the profile pix in that way, but since you mentioned it, yes, I can say that it's to join the no-show-face gang. Maybe next time I can take a shot with her holding a camera with half her face hidden, just to tease LB. :P

Wah.. so now I have to recondition her mindset to call every body koh koh and che che...
Must train her to be in time for next year's CNY, thn maybe get bigger ang pow.

Aiyo.. sisterly love also you say humsup. What la you.

The Diva,
yeah.. and the more taxing it becomes from the parents.. !

Thank you.

Yes, that's very true.. and yes, I feel really blissful. I never knew motherhood will bring so much joy..But I know, she will outgrow this cute-ness soon, and then it'll be a different set of challenge and experiance for me.

Anonymous said...

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