Thursday, February 23, 2006


After waiting for 14months, I finally heard Zara uttered her first "Mummy". Once she started using Mummy instead of Ah Meen, she calls me more often, and with a more tender tone. The wait was well rewarded. Every morning when she wakes up and opens her eyes, her first word would be "Mummy". When she spots me, she would be giving me this big big smile while stretching. If she woke up in the middle of the night, she would sit up and call "Mummy". Every day when I returned home after work, she'll be greeting me with outstretched arms calling, "Mummy! Mummy!" If she cried or feeling down, she would be calling "Mummy" even though I may not be around (Tuyam would normally call my mobile and have me speak to her or calm her). When she's alone with me, if I was taking a bath, she will just stand behind the shower screen, peeping in and calling "Mummy! Mummy!" until I finish my shower. If I was using the toilet (be it for a pee or a poo), she would stand beside me, grin at me, calling "Mummy Mummy" (it can be very tough doing your 'business' with a grinning toddler watching you). She always waits for me to finish, helps me to flush, and then follows me out. In our long car ride home, sometimes she'll just reach her hand out to the driver seat, and calling, "Mummy, Mummy". Normally I'll explain to her I'm driving, can't hug her or give her milk. Sometimes it goes : "Mummy" "Yes Zara?" "Mummy" "Yes Zara?" We can go on repeating like this for a while. However, when I ask her to "call me" (address me), she would say "Ah Tum" (Ah Kim, Hokkien: Mum's Brother's Wife). Thanks to King's Wife, always saying "call me, call me" to Zara and only satisfied while Zara says "Ah Tum". Now Zara links the words 'Call Me' to 'Ah Tum'.


Egghead said...

All the waiting must be very worthwhile now :)

Congratulations to Zara and her Mummy!

Sabrina said...

So sweet. Keith used to call me mummy follow by the word yummy..Haha..How nice to hear them call mummy when you are back from work? Watever stress oso go off...Keith couldn't be bothered whether I am back for lunch or work. I guess he's too used to seeing me go and come back to the hse.

Lazymama said...

So sweet and so fast Zara calling mummy!

My girl too calling mummy and daddy non-stop nowadays!

mom2ashley said...

wat?? so lucky? which means i have to wait about 5 more months before she starts calling me mummy? i can hardly waiT! lucky you!

may said...

*heart melts* that's so sweet! mummy mummy mummy... you must be so proud :)


ha!ha! she tails you everywhere... right to the loo...phew- the ULTIMATE stalker!!!

good summary on the "Mummy! Mummy!"

mumsgather said...

Both of mine calls "daddy" first wor. (*sulking*) hehehe.

maria @ twinsmom said...

then now you have her calling you non-stop :D.

Helen said...

LOL... Congratulations!! The long awaited word every mummy is so hardup for!! "Mummy!!"

Psst, wait till Zara is old enough to say the full sentence...
Mummy, Mc D. Mummy, KFC. Mummy, ghai ghai. Mummy, Barney. Mummy, Powerpuff girls. Mummy, Ipod....

domestic rat said...

A heart-melting moment every mother looks forward to. Which came first? Mommy or Daddy?

Tracy said...

Ur heart melted? Heeheehee, finally the word 'mummy' instead of 'Ah Meen'.

But then again hor, it'll come a day when u'll 'beg' her to stop for a while like what I did to Destinee. Calling mummy for this, mummy for dat, sometimes mummy for no reason. Aiyo, sometimes even when she's not calling me, I feel the word in my mind *shudders*

L B said...

Still no "Daddy" yet huh? Discrimination!!

Jesslyn said...

Whenever Lyon see me, she'll say "mum mum" (food!!!!)..instead of mummy..I am still waiting..:P

sesame said...

So endearing and heartwarming right? Gavin also called me Mummy about that time. Before that, he called me Daddy (and his dad Daddy). :p Now, it's mostly Mummy this, Mummy that. :)

Mama BoK said...

Chloe started calling me mummy really late.. too. But she loves calling her daddy.. even now.. when we come home from the store.. she would shout.. "Dadddyyy.."

Allyfeel said...

So now she is addicted to mummy? Great news!

Hey guess what she might be calling you next? "Mum me me me...." the playful way. Bb calls me that sometimes. :P

geetha said...

Awww, proud moments, isn't it...

Eventhough Champion has been calling me 'amma' for so long, its still wonderful to hear him every time he calls out to me.. very warm to the heart..

You just melt, every time she calls you, isn't it.. :)

JoMel said...

Mummy, later you buy for me stickers ok? Mummy? Ok? ok? Mummy, I want stickers, you buy for me ah? Mummy... ;)

Zara's Mama said...

thank you thank you..

yeah, when she calls you.. you feel the tiredness just vanish.. Sometimes Zara ignore me too, esp when she has her che-che to play with.

Nice hor.. for now.. don't know next time will be sien or not. :P

Maybe Ashley won't play tricks on you and call you earlier. :P

Yes, mummy so proud!

Two Little Fellas,
Yeah, even when I said Mummy poo poo, smelly, go out. She would still stand there smiling to me sweetly. Aah... the devotion!

Mine too. Called Papa for a long time, before calling me ah Meen.. Then called Daddy for a long time before calling me Mummy.

Never mind.. for now, still enjoy it. :P

Yeah.. now she already started..
See kiddie ride, she'll say.. Mummy. Money!

Demestic Rat,
Daddy first.. unfortunately.

*stick out tongue*.. hope that day won't come la. :P

She called Papa for 2 months before starting to call me Ah Meen ler.. And call Daddy for 2weeks before switching to call me Mummy. Men, why are they so lucky!

Mummy == milk == mummum? Haha

They all seem to start calling Daddy first!! I wonder why?! hmph!

Ooops.. did you feel your heart broken?

Wonder if she'll call me Dear one day.. just like her Daddy. :P

yeah.. it feels good yeah, to be called mummy.. It's like my effort is finally aknowledged.

Aiyo.. *hands on waist* why you always share with me the bad part one?
toddler tantrum.. then now tell me later will demand for things..
Hmmph! Don't care, I enjoy first. :P

blurblur said...

Aiyo, so sweet must have felt like a superstar and she's your little fan..:p

Hmm..maybe you can try "call mummy"..then i bet she'll go.."mummy..mummy..mummy..." hehe..

ky said...

Hahhahaa..., your last section was what happened to Eu. To Eu, he was supposed to answer "Po-po". They still could not understand what "call me" meant at that age. :P

JoMel said...

Hahaha.. didn't mean to! They are still adorable even when they turn into monsters toddlers! Serious. You can ask my twin Poison, she went out with K and I before. She knows how to imitate K very well, with all her MUMMYs, in a very loud and high pitch voice.

shoppingmum said...

So sweet to hear that huh? Justin calls me mama, it's easier to pronouce comparing to mommy. BTW, I'm wondering when we should stop doing the "business" or changing in front of our toddlers...

Greenapple said...

a big big yippie for zara's mummy!!

Mother Superior said...

Yet another milestone, Mummy. That's wonderful!

Contented Mum said...

ha, Zara and Qi ning same same. there will be time where Qi Ning just keep calling mummy. sometime over the phole she will just keep calling me as well, as if to say "I miss you mummy!". Middle of night same thing! aiyo, really melt you heart right when Zara does that?

Contented Mum said...

ha, Zara and Qi ning same same. there will be time where Qi Ning just keep calling mummy. sometime over the phole she will just keep calling me as well, as if to say "I miss you mummy!". Middle of night same thing! aiyo, really melt you heart right when Zara does that?

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah.. a superstar who has stalker when she pangsai.. :P
But it's sweet, really, hearing her call me Mummy.

Haha.. So this is a common mistake toddler make huh?

Heehee.. no matter what they are still our kids.. monster, tantrum or not.. so we'll just have to 'enjoy' and 'endure' them. :P

Zara call my MIL mama, that's why she wouldn't call me that.
Hmm, I think with Justin (since he's a boy), you may want to stop sooner (but not sure when). For me, because Zara is a girl, I can do for as long as I want and as long as she's not embarrassed.
I still change infront of my nieces even though they are 12 and 9yrs old.

Greenapple, Mother Superior,
Thank you.

Contented Mum,
Yeah loh.. really make you feel so 'lum'.

Passerby A said...

Awwww.... so sweet! Ah Meen sounds cute too.

Ophelia's started to call me "mom". She says "mommy" is for babies. Hehehehee....

wHOisBaBy said...

The moment has finally arrived! Zara said "MUMMY!!!". Congrats to both Zara and yourself. You must be very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

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