Thursday, February 09, 2006


Zara likes to sing very much. Sometimes she sings on her own. No comprehensible words can be heard, and the tune is all out. You can't tell what songs she's singing, but you know she's definitely singing; she sometimes even accompanies her singing with some dance moves. Here are 3 which she can sing along Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Me : Twinkle Twinkle Little.. Zara : Stars Me : How I wonder what you.. Zara : Ah (Are) Me : Up above the world so .. Zara : Sky (She doesn't know it's supposed to be "high") Me : Like a diamond in the .. Zara : Sky Me : Twinkle Twinkle Little.. Zara : Stars Me : How I wonder what you.. Zara : Ah (Are) This Old Man Me : This old .. Zara : Mang (Man) Me : He played .. Zara : Wung (One) Me : He played knick knack on my .. Zara : Dum (Drum) Me : Knick Knack pat-a-whack, give a dog a .. Zara : Bong (Bone) Me : This old man came rolling .. Zara : Home Sing A Song Of Sing Pence She can't make out most of the words but only this part Me : The King was in the counting house, counting out his .. Zara : Money Me : The Queen was in the parlour eating bread and .. Zara : Chis (Cheese, since she likes bread and cheese a lot) And every time after each song is sung, she would be clapping her hands and shouting, "Oh!!" with a big big grin. I would of course have to clap my hands and praise her, "You are clever aren't you?" Guess what she'll do next? She'll say "Pan-Teh-Tic" (Fantastic) and give a bigger grin. Btw, she has started calling me mummy since yesterday instead of Ah Meen. *big grin*


Passerby A said...

That was exactly how I taught Ophelia the lyrics of these songs. In the begining you need to prompt all the time. After a couple of weeks she will be able to sing the whole song on her own :)

L B said...

Congrats, Mummy!!! :-) No more Madam Noodles..

Helen said...

LOL.... Tell Zara she could count on me for a vote when she try out Malaysian Idol....

yl said...

seems like all mummies did tat... saw a mummy doing tat with her kiddie some time back too

JoMel said...

I actually miss being called nan nan. ;)

1+2mom said...

haha..i also try one word by one word to teach my gals sing twinkle little star (just like you). Now they know the first 2 sentenses, and like to sing till there.

Mama BoK said...

Chloe sings too.. but only if we are singing.. hahha!! not as smart as Zara..! Congrats on Zara calling you mummy..! sometimes.. my chloe cannot make up her mind.. if i am mummy or daddy.. hahhaha!!

Milly said...

ur zara learn to speak very fast o...!!

Ah Meen....Ah Meen.....

Lazymama said...

So fast calling mummy already! Congrats congrats!

I seldom sing to YChing coz can't remember the lyrics most of the time. :)

Jesslyn said...

ha? so fast call u mummy? make me jeolous only!!

Lyon can call all other family member, except MUMMY!!!

Not bad wor, zara can sing at this time, her speech development really fast la! Clever girl!

Egghead said...

yeh yeh!
sing songs liao!
more or less the same progress that my son been through... soon she will sing in sentences liao!

blurblur said...

Zara's really fast in her speech development, and she can already sing!!! Clever girl!

Congrats! no more Ah Meen liao..but i somehow like Ah Meen already leh...;p

Sabrina said...

U must be on cloud 9 whenever she calls u "Mummy".Hehe...

michelle said...

You recieve your "mummy" angpao too. :D

Zara's Mama said...

the Diva,
I guess it's all the same huh in teaching a kid how to sing. Even when we don't really know we're 'teaching' and didn't read about the technique.

Thanks.. yes.. now new title.

If she joins Astro kids' singing contest I'll sure ask Aunty Helen to vote.

yeah loh, subconciously we all do that.

who calls you that? K or S? Nan nan as in milk? She calls you milk?

singing in tune or out?
Zara sings like talking one..

Haha.. Chloe is cute..

These few months very fast she picks up word. And start to be chi-chi cha-cha, but of course still in her baby talk.

I also cannot remember the lyrics, then go to the web and check loh.. :P

Wait for a while.. The very naughty, call mummy last. But when she calls you.. call non stop one.. Zara now also always follow me around mummy mummy like that call.

yeah, I remember your wrote abuot LLS singing in similar 2 months back. But he could sing Chinese song.. more clever.

Ah Meen is unique hor? Maybe I should get her to call me that again. :P

When she first called me Ah Meen, I was.. :P

yeah.. BIG BIG ANG POW from the stingy fella.

geetha said...

MUMMY must be proud now..

Wah, she's singing along oredi.. that's good. My boys dance to the tune, and move their hands (following me) oni.

JoMel said...

Oh the story is here:

Jason said...

Ok, what is the 3rd song? I never hear before one. -.-"

Pan-teh-tic also sounds like pathetic leh~ LOL.

Since Zara can call you mummy liao, so can I call you Auntie aldy? :P

sesame said...

Wau u heng ah. Don't have to live with the "Ah Meen" tag forever. Haha.

Children love songs. She'll probably be able to sing in another few months. They may not know all the words, but then they'll substitute.

Btw, that's a nice pix of Zara.

Allyfeel said...

Wow so cool. Zara knows how to use the word "Fantastic", amazing!!!

So pandai can sing a long so many songs already "mommy". :)

Ka Ka and Wa Wa said...

Zara's mommy,
Thanx for ur comment in our blog.

Wow! Zara so clever can say so many words already! *impress impress*
Mommy must be doing something right isn't she... :)

Zara's Mama said...

Not really singing, just utterting the words.
She tries to sing, got a bit of tune, but don't know what song that is though. :P
Your sons dancing? Take a video for us to see next time.

I went to the post. Haha.. so cute. Tried to leave a comment there, couldn't.

Yeah loh.. Pan-teh-tic also sounds like Pathetic hor.
Six a Song of Six Pence never heard before ah? Your childhood so cham one ah?
You still cannot call me Aunty.. Call me Jiejie. :P Kuai.

Haha. Of course happy la.
Hope she'll sing soon, so I don't have to do the singing and let her do it (long journey car ride always need me to sing to entertain her).
Glad you like the pix. She had one which was wearing sun glasses, a bit like Stevie Wonder, but I thought better don't post, a bit 'hiao'.

Pandai pandai sikit la. I think she really doesn't know what the word mean, but she knows it's some praise, and a positive word.
I use that word a lot to boost her morel. :P

Kaka & Wawa,
Mummy didn't do much. Probably the reading and the talking to her (lo-lo so-so) helps.


is that a pix of her dancing to the tunes- so clever! oohhh..if possible, please record it down for our listening pleasure as well...that will definitely be our first blogsphere top 10 #1 hit.

Congratulation for the new title! Ah meen is cute but you have been just upgraded :)

Cocka Doodle said...

"The Queen was in the parlor eating bread & honey"..
Psst! come King's Wife so wai sek wan ha? LOL
Now that she can sing, you might want to teach her those songs I blogged. LOL

earthember said...

Overjoy is probably an understatement when Zara calls you "mommy".

I was excited for a couple of weeks when my son called me that.

I like Zara's "Pan Teh Tic". It's cute!

Zara's Mama said...

Two Little Fellas,
Yes, she had the keyboard played its demo tune, and she started dancing.
Let me see if I can catch her singing one day, then I'll publish it.

Cocka Doodle,
What song huh? Let me go check out your blog later. Btw, your latest post not about the U-shape cut meh?

Some how, baby talk is cute huh? Even if nobody else understood them (except the mummies and daddies).
I'm happy for her to call me mummy, but happier when she started calling me just ah meen. :P

Anonymous said...

Two Little Fellas,
Yes, she had the keyboard played its demo tune