Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Cry - more photos

(So I'm still not in the mood to work although there's lots to be done, and I do wish I could bawl like Zara) The photo I posted earlier, wasn't taken when I had to leave her (at the house) for work (at the office). It was one of those days I was working from home, and while I came down stairs (from the study) to get a glass of water, I was greeted by this cry baby. She was just feeling manja (Malay: feel like being pampered/loved), wanted me to carry her. When I asked her why she's crying. She complained, "Paink Paink" (Pain Pain). When I asked here where pain pain. She pointed different parts of her body. I.e. Her head, her hand, her stomach.. I knew she wasn't in any physical pain, just wanted me to stay on and play with her, so I ignored her cry. She cried even more sorrowful, I thought it was cute and took the camera and started shooting away. Here are two more pitiful sight. Wicked, I know.
Ah Meen, Ah Meen

Paink Piank


Mama BoK said...

Poor baby..!!

L B said...

ok, background too blurry to comment, so will focus on Zara's tears this time..

Aiyo!!! So wicked... Baby crying away like that, and Mama takes glee in shooting pictures that Zara will one day when grown up and looks back on, breaks up, and rolls on the floor laughing (hopefully, yes?)..

Jason said...

OMG. The second pic look even more pityful compare to yesterday's. Cry until 不成人样

earthember said...

Oh yeah, she looks so poor thing in the second pic. My kids also very manja. It's prob becos' kids nowadays get lots of love and attention, that's why.

Milly said...

alamak...cry until the nose become red red ler...!!

pity zara.... come come milly jieji e hug hug o....

Mother Superior said...

Oh, her tears look really pitiful! Pls carry her and hug her for me. *Muack!*

Qn: Do you lock yourself in your room when you work at home? I know it is disastrous to work from home sometimes with kids tugging your legs, and demanding attention.

blurblur said...

aiyo..so poor thing..she's very good in manja-ing huh..learn from ah-meen is it?:P


aiyo..too pitiful-leh.
mummy so wicked, came downstair to tempt lil zara and then ignored her.

to avoid lil Zara heartbreak of seeing but can't reach mummy, mummy should be confined upstair until work is over...

Passerby A said...

My heart always aches when I see a baby cry, even if he/she is not my own.

Sabrina said...

OMG..So kesian. Her nose turned red already.

Egghead said...

I cannot tahan baby cry one... especially when they cry until voice also changed liao :(

Ricket said...

Whaaa... So many aunties sayang your baby... Ha ha

Zara's Mama said...


*Phew* don't have to roll eyes today.
I'm sure she'll find it funny in future when she see herself like this.

Yeah.. can pretend to cry until so 'cham' one.

And they are such good actress/actors nowadays. They can really make themselves cry for no reason..

Thank you jiejie.. Next time mummy naughty I runaway to jiejie's house. :P

Mother Superior,
Zara is not able to climb up the stairs w/out our help. Since I work up stairs, she can't get to me. But she would be pointing up to the room (from the courtyard which can spot the room) every time when she misses me.
And when I go down to get a drink or something to eat, that's when she'll run to me and 'manja'.
I have to be firm and say I'm working, can only play with her for a while.

Very drama queen.
Me.. no manja one la.

Two Little Fellas,
Aigh.. I had to come down to b-feed her twice daily. Normally try not to come down if not because of this.. Maid also get upset everytime I come down, said I 'kacau-kacau'.. she calmed Zara down, then I make Zara cry again. :P

The Diva,
My heart will ache if there's a real reason.. This one.. was really 'acting'.

Yeah.. until nose running.

If she cry until voice also changed, I'll get very worried also.. and feel very kesian..
But this one, really she wasn't suffering.. just manja.

And everybody must think I'm so wicked. :(

P said...

Kesian nye ....

Did you sayang sayang her after awhile of her crying perhaps?

Cocka Doodle said...

Aiyoh! cry until like that also you don't peluk-peluk her?
I'm reporting you for child abuse liao! LOL

yl said...

of course paink paink lahz... mummy not here, everywhere also paink paink liao!!

sesame said...

Wow, mummy so wicked. Paink paink cry cry still take my picture and then go and blog about it. *Bawl* Cries more!

Fannie said...

how did u manage to continue taking pics when she's crying?

I so heart pain to see these pics...just makes me think of how EThyl crys for me when I am leaving for work! Boohoohoo...

Tracy said...

Aiyo, what a pitiful sight. Poor Zara. Sometimes it's quite heartaching to watch kids cry like dat. But on the other hand, sometimes they just get on our nerves and testing ur patience.

Kids are smart - just cry and mommy will come hugging. If I know dat my Destinee is putting on a drama, I'll pretend not to know and she'll stop crying after a while, just to let her know dat doesn't work anymore.

Lazymama said...

Aiyoo, looks so "cham" little Zara! Doesn't look like fake cry to me, that's real crying leh with tears!

My YCHing too, now approching terrible two. Sometimes I have to pretend not heard anything when she was too manja.

ky said...

Aiya, she looks so poor thing in the second pic! *kiss, kiss* I would like to take some crying pics of tien too, but very often, she will not just stand still and cry :(

Helen said...

So cute lar... hee hee

Does Zara put up the same act when she wants attention from daddy??

Zara's Mama said...

I gave her a hug.. but didn't stay long b'cos I had to go back to work.
And she's not in pain, just manja.

Cocka Doodle,
Wah.. don't give face one ah you?

yeah loh. Suddenly whole body pain!

LOL. Wait till she sees this when she's older.

A bit difficult, but can. Because she wanted to come near to me, and I have to keep a distant to snap the pix.. But can..
Ethyl cries like that when you go to work? Probably so used to you being around already.

Yeah, I think they are so good in acting. If I know she's really crying, of course I won't leave her alone, but in this case, she was really just being manja.

Zara has very developed tear glands one ler. She can shed tears even when not really crying.
I know in this case she was being manja, but I think she was also a bit upset I didn't sayang her but took her photo instead la. :P

Haha.. moments like these very had to capture. That's why I seize the opportunity.

No la.. she never manja daddy like that. B'cos daddy bochap one. :-I

Harimau said...

Aiyoh, kasihan lah! Poor baby, looks so cute though.
PS - new visitor to your site!

Greenapple said...

wah, zara is a drama-queen wannabe huh?

zara's mum you sure is funny. just another way of expressing your sense of humour. good job!

1+2mom said...

This mommy very naughty, zara cry so pityful want mommy manja still go take camera catch this moment. Aunty sayang more more..here also got kor kor and jie jie sayang hor.
I also got my son this type of photo to show him when he grow up..haha.

geetha said...

Crying also got time to take photo.. Even if it was pretend, she was really into it, until her face also red.

So cute, pain here, pain there...

Baby Smooches said...

so poor thing..... but she still looks cute even though she's crying!

Allyfeel said...

OMG! Zara will tell you she has pain everywhere to seek your attention?

Poor girl. I have yet to hv those wiked photos of bb yet, perhaps I shld huh? Good memories! hihi..