Wednesday, February 08, 2006

All About Milk

1) In the midst of Weaning She started taking 1 bottle of formula each day. She's no longer complaining. Happily takes it, even if I was the one offering compared to the previous months. Not sure when she's going to be completely weaned off breast feeding, but it is definitely in progress (I guess it's more of mummy not willing to stop than her). 2) Bottle or Breast She has a choice now, especially during the days when I'm around. When she asked for Milk Milk (she no longer said "HUH, HUH" like she used to), I would ask her, "Zara want breast or bottle?" In most cases, she'll say, "Best" (breast), and points to my breast 3) Frustrated One day I had a block duct on my left breast. Since I wanted her to help me clear the blockage, during her feed, I kept only offering that breast (for those who's not familiar with breast feeding, normally you swap breast mid feed so the baby gets to have a fuller feed) which was my weaker breast (less milk). She sucked, then stopped. Looked at me, "milk milk!". The duct didn't clear yet, so I told her, "yeah, Zara suck suck then" and stuffed the breast back to her mouth. She sucked, then stopped and said "milk, milk!" again. The duct didn't clear, so I guess she was getting very little milk. She did this one more time. Finally, she stopped and looked at me, "Bottle!" She was frustrated, all the sucking and no milk. Ha, she opted for the bottle instead! 4) Habis (Malay: Finished) I fed her a bottle of formula on Sunday. After taking half the bottle, she sat up, took the cap of the bottle, cap back the bottle and said, "habis!" Guess where she picks up that word from. 5) Excited over the breast Since it's CNY, we eat out a lot (some how some one would be buying dinner or it was our turn to buy). At about 10pm, Zara would want her milk fix. She would then suck her thumb, lay her head on my chest, and said, "milk milk" If I can't find a place to feed her, she would then grope my breast, follow by a louder, "milk milk". If I still don't feed her, she would try to reach her hand into my blouse to get to my breast. All these in public. My solution, hand her to daddy. :P


mom2ashley said...

at least now she has a choice between bottle or breast eh?

L B said...

*adopting a very fake unembarrassed demeanour*

Well, er.. okay. Right. Learnt another thing or two today too.. but I am curious about just one small little matter. Would Zara ever indicate or grope for someone else's breast?

King's wife said...

hmm...which means she hasn't yet mastered the word that I taught her.

1+2mom said...

Wow!!Drink milk also got choice, so good!!! Zara was a clever gal, she sure know what is best for her so she want 'best' more then the bottle..haha.

Cocka Doodle said...

Aiyah...what blocked duct and getting Zara to suck? Ask Daddy to suck lah. I'm pretty sure what choked duct also clear and flow like fountain. :)

Mama BoK said...

She is too cute..! but breast milk is definitely better.. but i think also time to wean her.. ;)

Mother Superior said...

How did you clear the blocked duct in the end? I had such bad mastitis during Grace's time, I had to stop breastfeeding or the milk would flow like a cow! The doctor gave me strong antibiotics for the mastitis and said that was his final solution. Otherwise, I would have to go for the cut! Thank God I was spared.

sesame said...

She's really clever. Actually asked for the bottle when she didn't have enough milk from you. I remember I had quite a lot of milk when I was breastfeeding. So much that the milk gushes out and sprayed at Gavin's face a few occasions. Quite funny.

Milk used to be a sensitive word for him every evening until late last year. At a certain time, he MUST have his millk (bottle). Once the word Milk is uttered, he becomes very impatient and must have it that instant. So everytime I have to spell it out to get the maid to make it to avoid him throwing tantrums.

Egghead said...

my son already started to "ham sap" his mother long ago whenever she carries her in her arms lor! daddy also didn't get that much freedom... LOL!

Msau said...

Baby very clever milk from breast then will look for 2nd choice liao..

now I wanna tipu SQ to suckle nen nen form my breast oso kenot lor..hehe..but lucky she still wan for comfort nursing b4 sleeping lah...


Oh, Zara is doing so well. she knows she has a choice and she is already making decision at her age...she will definitely grow up at ease in decision making.

from what i read, zara is not giving up as yet...she still love breastfeeding and she may continue to request for it...even if it's only for comfort.

blurblur said...

Clever Zara! :)

Hmm..ya i supposed sometimes it's us who can't bear to give up the type of bonding with our little ones through BF..but so long as both of you are still enjoying it, by all means! :)

Contented Mum said...

At least your Zara would still choose bottle sometime. My Qi Ning has refused bottle nowadays. I wanna wean her also difficult, she doen't want formula milk at all! When I am at work, she takes very little milk even if it is express breast milk! Once I got home, she would ask for her fix liao!

Tracy said...

Zara's so smart. No milk, milk, opted for bottle instead *clap, clap, clap* (dat's for Zara). I'm sure Zara will get used to her bottle in no time.

Habis? No need to guess where she got the word from. My gal will oso say 'habis' whenever she finishes her milk or food.

ky said...

Hahahaa, clever little Zara. Now you got to think of other ways to clear block milk ducts liao :P

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah, for now. :P

*ahem* no need to be embarrassed. This is biology class for you. :P
No. She won't go for other women's breast. She knows I'm her mummy, I'm her milk provider.
Research has shown that even younger babies tend to turn towards their mothers' breasts instead of other women's (when being nursed) because of the smell their mothers' have.

King's Wife,

haha, yeah.. she wants BEST. :P

Cocka Doodle,
My hubby not as humsup as you mah. He'll help me with cold packs and all, but won't suck out one la.. He said that's our daugther's territory. :X

Trying to, trying to.

Mother Superior,
I just kept combing it towards the nipple. And after a long time, when I pressed on the lump (where the duct was), milk started squirting out. I had to keep repeating this until the lump was gone.
Mastisis caused heavier flow?

Wow, you must be one of the few who are blessed with developed mamary glands.
I'd seen ppl who can produce so much, and ppl like me who could barely produce enough.
So cute little Gavin, getting so excited over the word MILK. :p

Yours is SON ma.. Mine didn't humsup until recently. Previously just pointed to them, and said "MILK MILK".
And please be reminded you are NOT THE KING OF THE HOUSE, so you have no free access to anything the KING OWNS. :p

Terror la, you still breastfeeding even pregnant!

Two Little Fellas,
She's definitely making decision, although I don't normally fulfill it (guess I should encourage it more by giving what she asked for).
I think she's more ready to give up than me. :(

Yeah, still enjoying it, but really want to try for 2nd one.. and I know as long as I'm BFding, my chances are lowered. :(

Contented Mum,
Zara was like that in the beginning, thn slowly slowly more flexible. Maybe Qi Ning will be as well.
Or else, you'll have to be like Two Little Fellas, she has to spoon feed Brad b'cos he refused to take the bottle.

Destinee also say habis. haha.
They pick up words so easily hor?

Now have to DIY loh.

L B said...

Thanks for the enlightenment.. :-) I should have paid more attention earlier.

jazzmint said...

kekeke...seems like when production is low, she can well accept bottle :)...

looks like she's using dr. browns bottle?

Sabrina said...

Hehe..Zara is smart n cute. Luckily I've weaned off Keith from BM since he was 10 mths old. Nowadays, if I offer him my breast, he'll show me that "Yuck" looks. I still have very little BM eventhough I've stopped BF for 4 mths

geetha said...

She is cute, when cannot get milk out of breast, ask for bottle. Lucky she knows her options.

My, my, it can pretty embarassing ah, mwhen she gestures for milk..

Good that you're still providing her breast milk..

HMom said...

It's good you trying to stop now. Dont be like me, 7 months pregnant and still trying desperately to wean her.

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha, that's so cute...grabbing your breast in the public... :P

kids picked up Malay words pretty fast from maid that they spend most their time with. Bb speaks a lot of Malay words nowadays, I try speaking to him a little of Mandarin now.

Zara's Mama said...

You should have paid more attention when you were a baby. :P

yeah, luckily. Yeah, she's using Dr Brown's bottles.

You mean now Keith is disgusted by the breast? Haha.. that's cute. I wonder if Zara will too.
After 4 mths still have milk? Still get engorged?

Yeah, it can be embarrassing if you are in public and she goes into a I-need-milk frenzy.

Oh my. Hmm, I'm actually planning for 2nd one.. seriously I think I should quicken my pace to wean her.

Yeah, they really pick up Malay fast. Now don't you wish you have a maid who speaks fluent mandarin? That would really help, since most of us will be sending our kids to Chinese school. :P