Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Horsing Around

Which kid doesn't like horsey rides? Zara loves it, and she's looking for all kinds of things she can 'ride' like a horsey. My bolster, her bolster Daddy. The funny thing is she will sayang (Malay:pat/stroke lovingly) the 'horse' head' first before she rides on 'it'. And finally.. . . . . . . . . . . . Russ our cat. We actually have to stop her from crushing the cat.


L B said...

You have a HUGE cat!

bbBear said...

Thx for visiting my site.


mom2ashley said...

my friend has also introduced the wooden horse to ashley and she loves it. i havent personally seen her on the wooden horse but my MIL reckons ashley gets a kick out of it.

1+2mom said...

I think all the kids also like to ride something ler. No matter what izzit..haha.

Msau said...

wah...Zara doesn't scare the cat meh?? or the cat should be the wan scare ahh?? hehe

Mama BoK said...

That's cute..! chloe loves her horsey ride . .on her daddy and grammie.

sesame said...

Oii...why the cat is so BIG??? Sorry, but look kind of scary to me from what I can see.

may said...

lol! I used to "horse around" when I was a kid too, always begging my dad and uncles to give me "rides". I gave our doggies a miss though, they moved away too fast... hahaha!

Egghead said...

wah! I thought the cat is fake one... LOL!
my son also rides on everything... can't stop them huh!

Mother Superior said...

Does Daddy go on all fours and bring her round the hall? Now, that's a real horsie.

Jesslyn said...

What u feed the cat ha? so chubby wan!

Anyway, I dislike cat & dog but my 2 girls like them very much, whenever see them on the road, they'll be very excited!

Lazymama said...

Oh, poor cat! I hope it didn't crush by Zara. :P

Helen said...

OMG!! That cat looks damn sian! lol

I hope there'll be no wise remarks from our hamsap male blogger frens. lol

I bet my poodle will love to take your cat to the ring. Wrestling match of the century.

blurblur said...

Russ looks huge leh..Zara so brave!Erm, i'm not as brave as Zara though..i would run for my life if a cat ever try to come near me...:X

jazzmint said...

aiyoo...poor cat :P....and russ looks so big lah, giant cat :P...hey go get her a moose from ikea, the rocking one, i bet she loves it :)


spare daddy the backache..spare Russ the torture..get lil Zara a rightful horsey: children's ikea)

she is so cute in all those mounting action :)

Allyfeel said...

Oh boy, poor cat, Zara looks so hungry for horsey right. :P

Does she pull the tail of the cat? Bb likes to pull dog's tail until the dog go hiding away from him. Ouch!!

Samm said...

Sei lorrr, moa tou mm fong gorr. But, wei... very big cat lahh. Fat sommore, lol

Cocka Doodle said...'ve got a huge pussy!
Psst! Yesterday valentine's day sek chee kay ah? LOL

sengkor said...

that one is cat ah? i tot wildboar.

Irene said...

Forget the horse. What the heck do you feed your cat? It looks like a panther beside Zara. :)

Zara's Mama said...

Eer.. huge? Normal size wut.

Oh Hi.. Thanks for dropping by.

Ashley has a wooden horse but you haven't seen her on it yet? It's in MIL's? You should have a look, and maybe take some video shot for us to see too.

yeah. Some how.. :P

Zara is not afraid of the cat. But the cat is afraid of her. Every time the cat see her approaching him, he'll go into hiding. :P

On Grammie? Ao.. I wouldn't dare ask anybody above 50 to let her ride on them. :P

We adopted him from SPCA, they told us he was a Russian Blue, but I think he's just a 'mongrel'.
He's fat alright, but very timid. Nothing to be scared about.

I think it would be really fun to be able to ride on a dog!
Doggie Ride!! Hee Har!

Cat is 100% flesh and blood.

Mother superior,
As Daddy is quite 'wide', and Zara is still not very good in balancing herself on things rocking; if he went on all fours, might fall off and hurt herself.

My cat eat normal cat food loh.. But b'cos very timid always hiding, no excercise, so becomes fatter and fatter. :P
Next time you come to KL, you can bring Lyon and Wien to visit my cat.. But my cat would probably be hiding under the table. :P

Before she sat on it, we quickly took her off.. Or else, sure hospitalised liao the cat.

I think the cat was sien and scared..
See, Mr Cocka already put crude remark.
(the 'simun' LB didn't)
My cat is very timid ler.. sure will get killed by your poodle.

Haha.. this mummy huh, so timid one. Cat also scared! Dogs leh? scared or not?

Yeah, Russ is bigger than normal cat. :P
Aiya, you know these kids one la, you buy a toy for them, they won't play for long one, let them have fun riding on things they find themselves. Let them use their imagination a bit mah.

Two Little Fellas,
Just like what I said to Jasmine, let them look for things to 'mount'.. we get something to laugh about, and she got to use her brains and imagination. :P

Zara doesn't pull the cat's tail, because we tell her cat will be 'pain pain'. But she likes to examine the cat's mouth.. keep checking out his teeth and tongue.
Maybe she's going to grow up to be a dentist hor? *keching* $-)

I think if got dog also she won't fong kor. :P
Yeah big fat cat!

Cocka Doodle,
Yes, I post Big big pussy here for your viewing pleasure for Valentine's day ler. You larfu it?
Yeah.. sek ji kei. But never mind la.

CAT la. You eyes blur liao, like your photo.

Cat eats cat food. Cat is big b'cos no excercise. :P Yeah.. he does look like a panther huh?

Tracy said...

Zara riding on the bolster reminded me of the banana ride in Langkawi. I guess kids are all alike cos Destinee oso likes to ride on particular on everything she can sits on.

Hee, hee, poor daddy got to be horsie to let Zara ride.

Wua lau eh! Dat's ur cat! Looks more like a small panther to me leh. Sure looks huge to me (don't let it gets near me or Destinee, we'll scream our lungs out!) and Zara's not scared of it?

Cocka Doodle said...

I say pussy also kena taruh..said I made crude remark. :(
Why your pussy so fat ah? You neutered him is it?

Ricket said...

That's the biggest cat I've ever seen!!!

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

Hey you have a baby AND a cat!!! Cool.. I so envy you, around here I can only eye at the mountain lions, although I think they would rather eat me than eye me too, hehe...just soaring thru and saying hiii......m

Passerby A said...

The cat doesn't look bothered :P

Twin said...

yes i agree too ... your cat is huge. almost as big as zara. Gosh! Amazing

Zara's Mama said...

Cocka Doodle,
Yeah, my pussy CAT is neautered. SPCA potong one.. I have no say or choice.

Ricket, Twin,
Maybe I should open my house for cat public viewing hor?
BIGGEST CAT - to see and to pet, and if you are small to mount like a horse. RM5/entry. :P

Hey, I would trade places with you.. But I have to bring my daugther along. You can keep the cat. :P

The Diva,
The cat was actually very frigtened. :P

JoMel said...

IF I have a cat, My K & S will murder it within the first hour. End of story! *Rolls eyes* But Zara is so adorable with her fascination with back-riding. Any chance of her being a horse jockey?

Helen said...

BTW, I was just wondering if Ah Pek is interested in your cat. Makes good nga-pou liu...

Still can't get over how big is your cat. Too bad neutered already.. if not, I sure want to ask you for its hau-dou. Such a beautiful kitty..


good thinking!

geetha said...

Ahhh, cat also ah? Pity the cat!
And, the cat is quite big loh.. she not afraid meh?

She not scared of the cat, the cat might be scared of her, if she intends to ride it!

earthember said...

My kids loved to ride on "horsey" too when they were younger. They will pretend to put in a coin, and the "horsey" has to rock them. Ya, no surprises that I was the horsey. The most difficult part was to make the "horsey" rock. Haha.

Zara's Mama said...

Does being a jockey earn you big bucks? I want to retire wealthy you see. :P

next time if Russ passed on, I'll keep the corpse for Ah Pek. :P Btw, he's too timid, bad genes. My previous cat was sooo much more charming and cute.

Two Little Fellas,
Think out of the box ma, didn't our bosses always tell us to do so?

yeah, the cat is more afraid then her. She's the one who pull us towards the cat every time she wants to stroke it, she would never go near it though if we're not with her, b'cos the cat hissed at her once.

Mummy horsey! Hope your back is still in good condition! :P

domestic rat said...

I'm curious. When you conceived Zara, was the cat around already? My hubby is quite concerned about our pet dog passing 'something' to me when I'm expecting.

Zara's Mama said...

Domestic Rat,
Yes, I had the cat before I have Zara.
When you have an animal and you are pregnant, the most important thing is keep them clean, and try not to clean up after they have pooped or peed. After handling them make sure you clean your hands.
My maid was the one who was cleaning Russ' litter box, and when she was not around, Hubby did it.