Monday, February 20, 2006

Zara's Weekend Fun - Photos

Daddy wasn't in town this weekend so it was just Zara and I. These are photos showing what we did over the weekend. Top (L->R) :
  • Longer bath time, she likes to pour water out from cups now
  • I wanted to get her feet and palms prints, and since she's going to get dirty anyway, let her do some painting as well. Middle (L->R) :
  • Her painting, all done by herself, anybody wants to bid for it?
  • My brother the King has been showing Zara his magic trick, and Zara was interested in trying out herself. She put her comb inside the pillow case, then 'miraculously' made it appear again (at least I made her feel so). She was very happy when her audience (me, myself & I) clapped and said she's so good with her magic! (Bottom L->R)
  • The creamy tomato sauce I cooked (simmered tomato juice with stir fried dice onions and mushroom + some thick cream) for lunch to go with some penne. Tuyam and myself found it very delicious. As for Zara, she sucked all the sauce out, and just spit out the penne.
  • Stayed the night in King's Wife's. Of course, Zara has to sleep with her favourite Samantha che-che
  • Sunday morning grooming - she was just trying to make herself look 'pretty' by combing her hair multiple times and puting on a hair band. And in the evening, we went over to my sis' condo for a swim. The water was icy cold. Zara was trembling in the water and after a while, she wanted to get out; so did the rest of us. She preffered to play around the pool with her cousins.

    may said...

    oh, pretty pretty pretty little angel! she has such a charming smile. has an artistic flair too, the colour combination on that painting is marvelous... :)

    Tracy said...

    Seems dat Zara enjoyed her weekend very much.

    Geee, u allowed Zara to use the water colour? No apron on her? Dat was a masterpiece from her indeed. *clap clap clap*

    I don't think I'll allow Destinee to use the water colour just yet. U know why? For fear of the consequences. She'll definite mess up the whole place - table, chair, floor and HERSELF!


    me and hubby very kiasu-afraid the kids might mess up the whole place and hence, never let them use water colour as yet..lil Zara's painting turned out very nice indeed- clever Zara...

    we usually go swimming around 10am-the water is not that cold and let the kiddies have some morning sunlight...good for them ...
    but i know, i know, it's not easy to get the timing right especially with kids around...

    Jason said...

    Heh, thats tomate thingy har? I thought it was curry. :P

    Hehe, so little hair when she's wet. :P

    Greenapple said...

    very sweet ... looks like an awesome weekend to me.

    she looks so cute painting, such a thoughtful mum you are ...
    and she looks adorable with the comb and hair band ...

    seriously a bundle of joy.

    Egghead said...

    so many activities during a weekend... must be tiring but worth it :)

    how come your tomato stuff looks like curry only?

    jazzmint said...

    wah a fun weekend!!! I had a more or less recuperating weekend, slept most of the time hahaha...

    hey the bathrob is nice, where u got that from?

    Helen said...

    You and Zara are really enjoying your weekend without your hubby wor!! LOL

    Psssst.. don't get too used to it!

    L B said...

    I bid two camels for Zara

    Mama BoK said...

    Looks like you and Zara had a really good and fun time.. :)

    Zara's Mama said...

    Thank you..
    It's only by chance the painting came out that way. :P

    Tracy, Two Little Fellas,
    I used paint which is washable. Lined the table where she's doing the painting, and propped her on her high chair (restricted movement).
    And of course with strict supervisions.
    When she starts messing up things, I'll say "YUCKS! DIRTY!", and she'll try to get back on track. :P

    Two Little Fellas,
    Mornings are difficult.. Esp, if you have to drive out to the pool. *sigh*

    tomato + cream ma.. like curry loh.
    Yeah, her hair so little. You have family remedy to increase hair volume?

    Thank you.. She looked very serious in face when she was concentrating on the painting.

    Tiring for mummy but ok la. Some more got maid clean up after me.. shhhhh..
    Yeah loh, tomato + double cream ma.. colour will be like that.

    I also slept a lot. She sleeps, I sleep loh. :P
    Her bathrobe my friend bought it for her from US. Under Old Navy brand. It comes in a set, a sleeveless bikini top, a short, and the bathrobe, used for swimming.

    Haha.. when hubby is not around, I can do and go whatever and wherever I fancy loh. If he is around, must accomodate him.. really enjoy the freedom to choose what to do. :P

    Two camels? Wow.. few thousands one woh.. When you want to transact? *whistling*

    Yes, it was fun... :P

    Ricket said...

    Later go home I'll let Isabel try water color too, but must have appron

    King's wife said...

    she looks really happy in the bottom pics. why was she clapping?

    domestic rat said...

    Kids just seem so happy everyday.

    Zara's Mama said...

    Or you can let her go naked.. Do it just before a bath... that's what I did, immediately after just, just bath her. :P

    King's Wife,
    We were singing BINGO, and that's why she clapped.

    Domestic Rat,
    Yeah.. how we wish we were them huh?

    Fannie said...

    Wow...what a fun filled weekend! :)

    JoMel said...

    she looks so pweetty when she smiles eh? Lovely.. ;)

    Greenapple said...

    hey zara's mum, this is a comment about your possible baby boy's name ... as mentioned in Samm's blog.

    Perhaps you can consider about Zenith ... great meaning, start with the letter 'Z', relatively unique.

    just some random thoughts.

    Cocka Doodle said...

    Hubby not around, you and Zara get your own space eh?
    Yeah, MOHA and I give ourselves lots of space. To me that's important.

    earthember said...

    Looks like both of you had a great time on Girls' Day out.

    Allyfeel said...

    Oh wow! That's a nice painting! I have yet to let bb try water color. Thumb and foot print is a great idea, I will try.

    I think kids like magic hor. Bb was so very puzzled but amazed by my magic of growing ball from behind his ear. He kept sweeping his ear for some more ball. kekekeke....:D

    blurblur said...

    Looks like you & Zara had a great time when the man is not around huh? ;p

    Zara is getting prettier by the day, i just love her eyes...:)

    Zara's Mama said...


    Thanks.. she has a cheeky smile.

    haha.. I thought about Zenith and Zeus.. but am I'm thinking too far in advance? I'm not even close to getting there yet. :P

    Cocka Doodle,
    If hubby is around, during weekends, normally he wants to go to his mum's place and bring along Zara.. if he wasn't around, then we don't need to go there, and i can instead hang around with my siblings which I'm more comfortable with.
    What is MOHA? My Only Humsup A..?

    yes we did.. free to do as I please.

    yeah.. I took Zara's palm and foot print when she was just born.. now it's just to see how big she has grown. :P
    Haha, don't know she understands what magic is or not, but she just likes to see things dissapear and re-appear. BB curious why balls came out from his ear? Cute. :P

    yeah. When the cat is not in the house, the mice (us) come out to play. :P
    Thanks for the compliment.

    geetha said...

    Wah, Zara is already using the water colour.. Good exposure.. She must have loved it.. Nice art work she has created.. Must hang on the fridge, ah!

    I wanted to get the palm prints, but my boys move around too much, and I only managed to get an outline..

    Baby Smooches said...

    Zara has a lovely smile..... I like the one in the middle! hehe

    Cocka Doodle said...

    MOHA= Minister Of Home Affairs

    Sabrina said...

    Wat a masterpiece. The drawing really looks nice. you should frame it n hang it on the wall.

    Zara's Mama said...

    Yeah, getting their palm and foot print can be tough.. but I managed though.. Will show it to all one day.

    Baby Smooches,
    Thank you.

    Cocka Doodle,

    yes, plan to do that.. :P

    Samm said...

    Gordon has those Ikea cups and stillplays with them till today.

    Jason said...

    Got. "Yun Nam Hair Care" :bpbppbpb

    Twin said...

    zara look sooooooo happy. she must have enjoyed yourself so much.

    Twin said...

    btw, what is that dish that you cook up?