Monday, February 06, 2006

Yikes! Back to work!

I wish the 10days of staying home, feasting, resting, holidaying, playing, having fun, did not end so quickly
I wish I didn't have 500 emails to respond to
I wish I didn't have too many urgent requests which have today as the deadline
I wish I could freely express my emotions, just like Zara
I wish I could show this face to my boss, and throw a tantrum and then just strut back home to continue with more holidays..
I wish Zara could gracefully wave bye-bye to me, when I leave her to go to work, and not kick up a fuss
Yikes! It's back to work.... *bawl*


King's wife said...

And I am your fairy god-mother....HAHAHA!!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Aww....such a cute pix of Zara bawling.She still crys every morn you leave for work ah?


i'm in the same predicament...wish i can bawl like lil Zara

mom2ashley said...

is that how she is when u leave for work in the mornings? looks so poor thing huh

Allyfeel said...

Yikes! you are right zara's mama. Wish those good times never end.

OMG, she is very sad. Hey, you can send this photos for contest ler. But so poor thing, u let her cry like that to take this photos??

Samm said...

Separation anxiety again after a long hol, usual lah. "Teh" a bit and she'll be alright later. *Hugs to Zara*

JoMel said...

aaawww... *HUGS Zara* I so understand how she feels and how you feel! ;)

Passerby A said...

Aiyoh! Poor little baby! Such big big tear drops!

maria @ twinsmom said...

gosh...poor things... SAHM also can't help in this situation, this morning the belles also cried for daddy like your Zara, but thanks goodness they can be reason *phew*...

L B said...

Hmm, nice stairways too..

Jason said...

Awww... Look at Zara's soury face. :( Nevermind, maybe 1 or 2 days later, she will get used to it again.

Pitynya Zara.

louyau said...

Awwwwwwww ... no .... Zara's crying ... awwww ... sakit hatinya

Lazymama said...

Poor Zara! *hugs hugs*

My girl didn't cry on the 1st day but extremely quiet when we about to reach nanny's house. We have tried to explain the reason to her, I think she can understand.

Jesslyn said...

I miss my girls during working hour but heard from MIL, they are happily playing at home!!sigh*

blurblur said...

Awww...poor Zara! *hugs*

I understand how you felt, after taking more than a week's leave from work at the beginning of this year, i really feel like quitting my job now...

earthember said...

Oh! It must have been difficult for Zara. Been thru' it. I totally understand that feeling.

Egghead said...

working life sux!!!!

jazzmint said...

wahh...looks like u are one reluctant mommy going back to work, like a child refuse to go back to school kekeke...

hey that's ur house? I like the stairs, very nice...

Sabrina said...

Poor Zara. Must have been naughty and mummy bit....

Helen said...

LOL... I think you should just sit down with Zara and wail together!! LOL

Good day to you....!! :-)

sesame said... sad little Zara. Poor girl. Mummy also feeling very sad leh...

Breaks are always very nice. But after the break, hiaz, back to reality. Wish we all have 356 days of holidays with our love ones don't we?

yl said...

aiyoh... see already dunno whether to cry or to laugh... so pitifully cute... :S

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
What do I get if you are my Ferry God Mother? Your bags? :P

Cocka Doodle,
Whine, not cry..

Two Little Fellas,
Don't we all wish we can behave like them?

Actually she'll just whine and shed a tear or two.
This photo was taken when I was working from home, and she didn't want me to go back to work (upstairs).

Wicked hor? That day she just manja.. Said here pain pain, there pain pain.. then I know nothing was wrong with her, so I just leave her and quickly snap her photos.

Samm, Jomel,
Hugs to me also leh. I also separation anxiety.. don't want to separate from the holidays. :P

The Diva,
Her tear glands are very developed. Just like her mama's.

Huh? The belles also cry for Daddy like that?
But you are around.. they'll be easier to console la.

*roll eyes until all white* Kek Ngo Mm sei ah you!!
You always see things beyond the photos one hor?

Mummy also pity ma.. need to go back to work woh!! Who's more pity?

Sakit a bit.. cannot afford to sakit all the time.

Actually she didn't cry that badly la.. Just whined a bit. That photo was taken in another occasion.

You not stay at home mum meh? I thought you are?

yeah loh. Really feel like handing in the letter hor? But.. but.. we have bills to pay.. so what to do..

I think more difficult for the mummy. At least she can burried herself in toys, TV, CDs. Me.. burried myself in pile of shit.. I mean work.

Big Time!

I always have that hard to go back to work feeling everytime after a long break. *sign*
Yeah.. that's our house. Nice ah? Thank you.

No.. she was just very manja on that particular day.

Don't I wish!

Don't we all wish huh? But.. life is like that.. Aigh..

Cry & Laugh together loh. :P

King's wife said...

I am the fairy granting your wishes u say will come true or not?? :)