Thursday, February 16, 2006

Invasion of the Purple dinosaur

I had lived in the same house with King's Wife and her daughters for about 5 years. When my nieces started watching TV, King's Wife bought loads of Barney VCDs for them on purpose to drive us up the walls. You can imagine the house was always filled with songs from Barney, and the silly sounding laugh of Barney every time my nieces conquered the TV (which was almost ever day!). Everybody was singing "I Love You, You Love Me.. yada yada ". When all you get on TV was Barney, you lost interest in TV itself (no wonder I really don't watch that much TV, must be the post-Barney syndrome), and any appearance of him made you want to tear your hair and punch the wall. For Zara, in the beginning, I only showed her Baby Einstein (she almost always falls asleep with this) and Wheels In The Bus. One day while shopping in Singapore, I saw Barney's VCD going for S$1.99. Wow, what a great deal isn't it? So I bought 2. Since I bought, I might as well play it for Zara, give her a variety of programs to watch. Big mistake! Now that she knows she can make her own decision (for choices like Bottle or Breast, Bread or Yogurt), she wants to decide what she should watch too. Every time when I asked her to choose a VCD to watch, she would go to her stack, pick up Barney, and shout "Money! Money! (her Barney)". Even when I play another program for her, she would continue to hold up the Barney VCD, and chant "Money! Money!" It is very difficult to get her to watch another program now. When Helen's old house was invaded by termites, mine was invaded by the purple dinosaur. I can foresee it is here to stay for at least another 5years! And guess who is going to inherit King's Wife's numerous Barney VCDs? Yikes!


Egghead said...

is a love-hate thing when they start making their own decisions... my son even go and pick out his DVD from my big shelf and hand it to me so that I will put it on for him... LOL!

Lazymama said...

Seems like most of the kids like to watch T.V and love Barney! Good though, they can learn to sing from watching the programme.

What happened to my girl then, she doesn't like Barney and doesn't like to watch T.V. ???

maria @ twinsmom said...

I have heard a lot of Barney invasion story, so I never buy Barney (and anyway I hate that purplr dinasour), I bought everything but Barney.
But once a while they watch it from the Cartoon channel in BIL or my dad's house, they don't seem to be very attracted by it.
but toddler have the habit of watch one show or character over and over again.
my girls have been watching Madagasca for more than one month already.

Contented Mum said...

So far I have not let Qi Ning watch much TV yet, so no Barney invasion for the time being. But she does has a Barney bolster that she likes to hold when having her nap.

Jesslyn said...

U call it Purple Dinasaur? haha...
Ya, also a big mistake for us too..for letting Wien decided which CD she want to watch. She can operate the CD (now DVD)machine by age 2! Even my MIL till now dunno how to on it, always get her help!
Very soon Zara will on the VCD by herself!

Cocka Doodle said...

Ermmm...when is Zara's birthday? I want to send her a life-sized Barney. LOL

sesame said...

Haha...Zara is so cute! I like the way she calls Barney. Money Money!

My boy is not very fond of Barney. (Heng ah!) His choices are "seasonal". One week it is Hi Fi. One month it would be Wiggles or Sesame Street. Then the movies like Nemo, Chicken Little, Madagasca. Now it is the Looney Toons. Funny he loves The Incredibles but he is gets upset watching it.

Not sure if it would help if you introduce her to other kiddie shows so that you can be spared of Barney for the next 5 years. :P

Allyfeel said...

Hahaha... next thing she would do is to fast forward to the scene she wanted to watch. Bb does that now. He LOVES Barney too. I purposely buy a DVD with 5 different program for him. At least it's interplay with kipper the dog, Thomas, of coz barney, bob, and some other shows. Well, I must say he learns a lot from Barney though. :) Tahan a bit lor.

shoppingmum said...

I let Justin watched Barney once, I think it's Going to the Zoo series, but he only watched for a few minutes than cabut to play his toys. He's not so attached to TV yet.


wait till you have 2, they will constantly try to tick each other off with their own choice of movie and at the end, the player will hubby scream all the time "kids, stay away from my player".

then, probably Barney isn't so bad after all...

"money, money" is so cute...

Helen said...

Ei, very true you know. For some strange reason, kids are drawn to this purple thing. (like women drawn to bad boys...)

My sister once visited her friend in the states and you know what?? Yep, Barney was there. Her friend's children were also Barney fans....

Seriously, have you seen those learn English for Kids VCDs from Taiwan?? OMG!! Beh tahan... COmpared to those, Barney looks like Fei Xiang! lol

jazzmint said...

wahh...sudah addicted to money liao :P..Somehow I don't really fancy this purple dino, so havent intro that to her...hubby don't allow too!!

blurblur said...

Hahaha...seems like most toddler have this "purple dinasour syndrome", Damien used to love it so much that he would hug it to sleep every night!!

Now..he's in love with Chicken Little...wonder what would be next..

may said...

every friend of mine who has a young son / daughter, never fails to tell me about their kids' obsession with the purple dinosaur. eeks! it's soooooo... purple. and big. and purple. sigh...

Mama BoK said...

Papa BoK never liked barney.. so .. i never bought any for chloe..;) but like you.. i have all of einstein dvds.. :) but chloe quickly grew outta it.. :( bummer..!!

Zara's Mama said...

yeah, they are getting more and more able to state their preference, and make you understand that!

Maybe she hasn't found a program she likes. Zara was very restless as well in the beginning, but if she likes something, wow, she'll glue to it.

Wow, do you hate Madagascar now? :P
I hope it's a passing phase for her.

Contented Mum,
Haha, since she has a Barney bolster, most likely when you show her Barney CD, she'll get hooked!

I think old ppl not as eager to learn as kids, so kids always overtake them in terms of operating house hold apparatus.
I'm also worried next time Zara knows how to operate the player herself, there'll be more Barney blasting on my TV. Yikes!

Cocka Doodle,
sure or not? Don't accidentally send your used blow up doll hor? You know the one with the mouth go Ooooooo one? *LOL*

Haha, he found Incredible too distressing?
I haven't let her watched the Wiggles or Sesame street yet, maybe I should. It would be good she like something other than Barney!

yeah yeah. I want to buy your DVD and expose her to more programs!

Good boy Justin, he likes practical play more!

Two Little Fellas,
Wow.. kids fighting over the player.. Yeah that could happen too, remember my nieces used to pull each others' hair for their own choice of program.
Now I have to consider if I should have the 2nd one. hmmmm

Yeah yeah, those English CD produced by Taiwan or China ones are horrendous. I wouldn't want my kids to watch them.. imagine they come back and sing,
Wang, Too, Tee, For, Fai
Wang I cot a fis alipe....

So what do you let her watch? Or she doesn't watch any TV yet?

Nowadays, most kids Damien's age also crazy over Chicken Little huh?

Yeah.. why ah? Not that he's so good looking or cute.

Mama Bok,
Yeah, I think the Baby Einstein series are too over hyped. Btw, what program is Chloe watching now?

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand Barney!!!

XXX Love,
Your fan, Sandy L

Fantasy "Sticky" Flier said...

What Ever happened to Sesame Street? Maybe Kermit's too green.

btw you've been tagged, time to pull out the disco togs

Cocka Doodle said...

What happened to teletubbies??

Zara's Mama said...

Sandy L,
Thanks for visiting *wink wink*.
Glad you can't stand the purple dinasaur too.. Most WOMEN can't.

Aiks, I got that tagged already on that and I thought I should skip it.. Well.. alright, I'll try to do later.

Cocka Doodle,
Teletubies are even worse! Have you watched it before? What language are they speaking? It always give me the creeps watching them!

King's wife said...

wah, Sandy Lam is your fansi wor...
or is it LB in disguise again?

I'm glad I can soon get rid of all the VCD's. Yippeeee....

I love you, you love me
Let's team up and kill Barney
With a M-16, we'll blow him to the floor
No more purple dinosaur!

Helen said...

HAHAHAHAHA... Taiwan Engrish.. lol

King's wife - does that mean Zara won't get to inherit your Barney collection?? lol

mom2ashley said...

ive not gotten ashley any barney cds thouhg..perhaps i'll try to surf around and donwload if possible.....heheheh

JoMel said...

u-huh... been through that, and still through it. *trauma*

JoMel said...

Actually, to tell you the truth, Barney has sort of grown on me. I don't hate it as much anymore. Zara's mom, probably, you will know what I mean, when the time comes where you'll actually sing the I love you, you love me song, along, together with Zara *LOL*

michelle said...

how can you dislike the purple babysitter...:D

Harimau said...

Oh dear, I totally emphatize with ya! My little man loves The Wiggles. Everything must be Wiggles, Wiggles hat, Wiggles shirt, Wiggles undies, Wiggles PJs ..and the song "Hot potato, ho potato" ring in ny head all day when I am trying to work..arggh! But one time I lied to him said Wiggles and DVD player broken...hee hee, he actually believed it and we din watch Wiggles for 2 weeks, hallelujah! Ha ha.

Greenapple said...

oh ... i wonder what's the spell behind this barney that all the kids are mesmerized by the character and everything ...

adults think it's ugly. some even regard it as obnoxious. but kids just love it.


L B said...

LOL, King's wife! Like that also let you chien poh wan!!!

Siao Cha Bor said...

lucky i don have to watch barney anymore...but now lagi worse...i have a pair of purple croc shoes and ppl call me barney pulak

Zara's Mama said...

King's Wife,
All your fault, giving me previews for 5yrs.. If I'm seeing Barney for the first time, I think I'll be happy to 'experiance' it.

King Wife's will still give. You know her daugthers were a bit reluctant to give me because they say they still want to watch. 10yrs of watching still not enough!

you can borrow mine and dupe if you want to..

Actually I don't hate Barney. But can you imagine for 5yrs, every time I was home, the TV was playing Barney.. that was when I dislike it.
Then now Zara likes it so much.. It's like so sien man!

This babby sitter very boring and sien loh. How much of your life you want to spend watching this? If it was the first time, sure I woudln't mind.

I must get my hands on a Wiggles DVD/VCD, just to give Zara some variety (and myself)

Precisely. Which part of it is cute, I can't really tell.

*ahem* most women are smart..
hmm.. you are smart too hor.. hmm....

Siao Cha Bor,
Haha... Did you become a kids magnet with the purple croc shoes?

1+2mom said...

Last time my son likes to watch Doraemon, now he likes to watch Mr.Bean.
He even can watch over and over again in 1 days. Sometime TV also got the same title, he still very happy to watch again. I'm getting board about that Mr. Bean, dunno when he will change other char??
My son not so like that pupple things..haha.

L B said...

I see some 'doubts' creeping back in again!! LOL.. wor ce chai le ni..

earthember said...

I totally agree. Barney is so annoying, esp his voice. Unfortunately my kids love him too much, and I had to endure. The other annoying character is Elmo, and her nasal voice and third-party usage, "Elmo this... elmo that".

I think Zara will outgrow by 3 years. So you don't have to wait that long, well unless there's another chub along the way.

Jason said...

Of all things, you introduce Barney... Big big big mistake.

Y not Care Bears? Transformers? Thundercats? Smurfs?

wHOisBaBy said...

Barney ah? My husband's niece and nephew like the purple dino so much. whenever, their mom wanted to get some work done, she will turn on the barney vcd for the kids and walah ... they sit quietly in front of the tv. well barney is better than the teletubies i think.

Mother Superior said...

Don't worry about the 5 yeara of purple dino torture. I had 5 years of that too! But Barney appeals because of the songs, so let kids enjoy! You can switch your ears off when the video starts.

Btw, do you want more Barney DVDs? I have two very good ones from the US. Also, there's one of a live concert years back. Now, that one is ok. Believe me... ,-)

Allyfeel said...

You're right! It was 2 VCDs in a DVD case. I must have saw it wrongly.

Anyway, I checked for the CD, it was ripped apart leaving a black case by bb. *shake head*

It's called Superstar's Children Favourite.

sengkor said...

buy her thundercats, ultraman, silverhawks, transformers vcds la.. maybe they can win over barney.

Vyvy said...

mine is a big fan of barney too. whenever i ask him :" do u wanna watch TV?" He'll sqeaul :"Naniiiii!!!" that's what he call that purple thingy... on a positive note, i'll rather he watch barney then teletubbies which seems to be extinct now.. HENG AH!

Allyfeel said...

By the way, my hubs solution to this is bb watch with the maid in another room so we are still free to watch other TV program. :P

Samm said...

Mine's doing Sesame Street's ABC & 123..... i can climb walls already now.

Zara's Mama said...

Kids really like to watch things over and over again one huh? Funny la they all.

wor ce chai le ni? Italiano? Non capisco. Parla Inglese? (Ok, ok, I don't speak Italian, I'm just takin the phrases from my phrase book) :P

I find Elmo cute though. But I guess no matter how cute the character is, if you have to endure it 7days a week, it will become annoying.
My nieces were still watching Barney when they were 7, 8yrs old. But of course, not so often any more. So I'm not sure how soon Zara will outgrow it.

Yeah loh.. why not hor? Btw, can get Smurf still? I don't see it in the market.

Barney is definitely better than Teletubbies, and yes, he's a good babysitter, annoying it may seem.

Mother Superior,
Good that your girls have outgrown him! You are giving away your DVDs? I don't mind having them.
Normally now, I just turn it on and read a book while sitting next to her. It didn't bother me as much as it used to be when I was living with King's Wife and my nieces.

Thanks. :P Haha, they are born to be destructive huh? At least for a few years. :P
Aaah, we only have one TV in the whole house, so your arrangement won't work for us. :(

Seng Kor,
You forgot Zara is a girl hor? *slap head*

Definitely prefers Barney over teletubbies!

At least Sesame has more characters.

Avril said...

I love love love love Barney!!

Im turning 22 in December and I adore him..

'John Jacob Jingle Jaime (Sounds like Haimer not too sure of spelling) Smith....his name is my name tooo!'

I learnt alot via Barney than I ever did in Sesame Street..

Twin said...

my kids are also mad about barney .. after finishing one, Denisha will choose another one and another and another ... its endless. Aiks! Even mommy can sing almost all the songs. When it comes to the "I Love You" song she'll come hug all of us. :)

Ricket said...

Good and Bad:

Good is they can sit there and watch while I do my own things.

Bad is I don't get to watch TV anymore.

L B said...

Ho Ho, that was my very lame attempt at mandarin, trying to remember what Sandy Lam sang..

Mama BoK said...

Chloe loves Madagascar, Mulan 2.. Monsters Inc, Shrek, Finding Nemo.. but most of all . .she loves the Simpsons.. and Stewie from Family guy.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow, you still like him? Gosh, you'll be my niece's idol. She still likes him too at the age of 11. And I thought THAT WAS BAD.

Haha, yeah, I saw your blog about them watching Barney too!

Yes! True. Unless you have a maid to watch with them, and you go and watch another TV in another room. Just like Allyfeel.

Ok Ok, you are not HER. Don't try to sing her songs anymore b'cos it really doesn't make any sense.. *whistling*

Mama bok,
Hey, these cartoons I really don't mind watching! Really.

Jason said...

You want Smurfs har?

I search for you, IF GOT, I can download and burn it out for you. But you have to watch it on PC woh.

ky said...

Hahhaaa, don't worry lah, since you only have 2 purple dino VCDs, she will get tired in a year time. For me, I normally buy those kids VCD that I like watching:P I will also get them those that I dislike, but just 1 dics, so that they won't turn to country pumkims and I do not need to tolerate long time eyes sore :)