Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Introducing Formula

I'm in the process of trying to wean Zara off breastfeeding. For her 1st year, the only milk she'd taken was just breast milk; except on the occasion when I was away for a week on business trip in May, and I didn't have enough stocked up for her consumption. To start off, I tried to introduce her to formula on days when my milk supply was low. I got Tuyam to supplement her with 1 or 2 oz of formula (Enfalac) after she'd taken the expressed breast milk. According to Tuyam, she had tossed the bottle away in anger when she tasted the milk to be different, refusing to take any, and survived on whatever I could provide (i.e. 3oz on some days per feed). Zara does have discerning taste. I'd tried the formula myself, and I find that it's absolutely yucky. Very strong iron taste, and so fake (chemical taste). I'm one who would like to know the taste of the food I put into Zara's mouth, so I'd also tasted my own breast milk. I have to say the taste of breastmilk is absolutely heavenly, it's creamy but with the right consistency and with a hint of sweetness. It's not something I can describe, you have to taste it yourself to know what I mean, but I know most would just turn their noses the other way even if it was something you produced (the husbands too would probably not want to taste their wives' milk). The other day, I got a pack of of Enfagrow A+ (Honey) sample, and I thought this would probably taste better than the Enfalac. So I got Tuyam to start giving Zara some on days where I could only express less than 4oz per feed. Zara took this better than the Enfalac, according to Tuyam, which is good. Today, while at home, Zara has been coming to me every 2 hours and asking for milk. "Huh Huh (her pronunciation for 'milk milk')! Huh Huh!" she had her head on my chest. One of my breasts was bitten by her 2 days back, and there's actually a cut, every time she nursed I had to bite my lips and endure the pain, as one of her teeth would just sink right into the wound, the feeling is exactly like rubbing salt to a wound. *ouch* I cringed every time she wanted to nurse. When she asked for her 4th feed at lunch time, I just told her, "Mummy no more milk milk, you want bottle?" just to test the water. She didn't shake her head, but instead started chanting "Bottle! Bottle!" I quickly got Tuyam to sterilise her bottle and made her 2oz of formula, and then went into hiding. After 5 minutes, Tuyam came to tell me she'd finished the milk. After lunch, she again came to me for milk (another cringe). I asked her if she wanted the bottle? Again, she didn't shake her head. This time, I made the formula instead, and tried feeding her, but she wouldn't take it from me. She just pushed the teat out every time I placed it in her mouth. After a few tries and she didn't suck on the bottle, I got Tuyam to feed her instead, and I sat next to them. She refused to take, and gave me that sheepish smile. I thought maybe I should again go into hiding. After Tuyam assured her a few times that I wasn't around and with her sticking out her head to scan the living room to confirm I wasn't around, she started sucking on the teat, and took another 2oz. When I reappeared after she'd finished, she again had this sheepish smile, as though feeling embarrassed that she'd taken formula milk. Maybe she was worried it would hurt my feelings. After this feed, the bottle trick won't work any more. Every time she wanted her feed and I said "you want bottle?" She just shook her head and started groping for my breasts. So I couldn't put off nursing her any longer, and just have to endure the pain *frown*, again, and again, and again(3 more feeds till she slept *ouch*). On a happier note, I'm glad she'd started accepting formula, which means I could slowly wean her off now. This is my first step. The 2nd step is to prepare myself emotionally. Breastfeeding is a bond I have with her, will I be able to cope when we no longer share this bond?


Rani said...

congrats on your achievements in breastfeeding so far ;> one year is a long time!

sesame said...

All I can say is that you're VERY good! Still can nurse her despite the pain. I just gave up after 3 months and till date, I still feel a lot of guilt.

Anonymous said...

I had to put Leisha on the bottle after three weeks as I had insufficient amount of milk (after of course consulting the lactation consultant, Dr. Koe). Leisha was not gaining weight after the second week of birth. I still continued bf whatever little I had. I expressed about three times at work only to give her one feed! I tried eating/drinking everything under the sun to increase the milk supply but nothing helped.

Now after 51/2 months, I have almost none. I can't even express cauz all I get is a few tiny drops. I still allow her to suckle before she goes to bed at nights. Leisha only drinks her milk from the bottle in her sleep. When she is awake, she will reject the bottle regardless of who is feeding her. She will however, take my breasts when awake (so happy)

My friend who was breast feeding (exclusively) her daughter who was 1+ years old, conceived. She was however advised by the dr. to discontinue bf as it may cause a miscarriage. My gynea from DSH also mentioned that bf cannot be regarded as a contraceptive.

I dont hv a blog yet Agnes. Am toying with the idea though. Are you still seeing the Chinese medical practitioner?

Sabrina said...

Luckily, Keith is ok with both formula n BM. I'll give him both BM and formula since he was born. During the day, I'll BF him twice n then give him formula till evening. I'll give him BM again when he wakes up in between at nite. I had to pump it out during the day n heat it up when he wakes up middle of the nite coz' he has regurgitation problem. If I give him BM it'll be a waste if he spit or throw up the milk. So, the best time is middle of the nite. He'll drink n sleep back. Weaning him off BM was kinda difficult for me too coz he'll have BM from evening till the next morning. I've only wean him off when I've started giving him his last feeding (formula) n he slept off till the next morning. It lasted for 2 days at 1st, then he'll ask for BM again.Then slowly, from 2 days gap to 3 then 4 then forgot about BM. Haha..Nowadays, if I show him my breast, he'll try to grap it n taste a little, then give me the "YUCKY" looks.Haha...

Fannie said...

it isn't going to be easy...

my attempt yesterday nite was a ...FAILURE too!!!

In the end, i "earned" myself a clingy joey...

This morning, halfway thru her play, she came to me, pulled my shirt and trying to rip off my bra!! ARGH...Not easy for us!

*hold our hands* Agnes, we gotta hang on! :)

Contented Mum said...

I dunno about you but I think mummy miss it more than the baby, at least it is for my case. I have been saying I wanted to wean QI Ning, she is 15mths old but I find myself still bring my gear to office and express milk. When is time and i don't express milk, I feel like something is missing. So now, even though the supply is low, I can only expressed enough for one feed when I am at work. She takes formula for the other feed. Weanning at night is the tough one as without nursing she won't want to sleep. Every night before she sleep she wants her nen nen! So from the time she reach one till now, I am still nursing her! Wish you all the best in weaning Zara.

Jesslyn said...

I really salute u for b/f more than a year! u r great mum!

Egghead said...

my son still hates Formula ler... takes at least half an hour to feed him a small bottle :(

Lazymama said...

Salute you for enduring the journey of breastfeeding. I am envious too coz I failed to bf directly, can only pumped out and bottle feed. Now think back, perhaps I was not persistent enough and thus failed.

Zara is very clever as she knows the difference between breastmilk and formula.

geetha said...

Hats of to you. Your daughter is really lucky.

I made a mistake for my first boy. Due to the night delivery, I was too tired. So, the nurses gave him the bottle at night. When he came home, he only lasted for a month or so, and later preferred the bottle.

Knowing my mistake, I exclusively breastfed my second boy. Lasted up to 2 months. When I had to get back to work, I tried giving him expressed milk, but he had some infections caused by the frozen milk. So, I could only breastfeed him at night, formula in the day. Lasted for another 2 months.

What can I say, zara is lucky.
Good luck...

King's wife said...

Dont tell me you are going to start crying again? *rolling eyes*
No breastfeeding bond, but still have other bonds.

Tracy said...

Weaning bb off mommy's milk is no easy job. U really feel the bond there but I find dat bfeeding bbs are always very clingy. But really 'pui fuk, pui fuk' u and Zara is so lucky to have such a loving and patient mommy.

Ka Ka and Wa Wa said...

Don't worry lah..
Our mommy only breastfeed us both for 3 months.. But we still bond with our mommy like glue!!

Allyfeel said...

of coz you will bond with Zara. My son still prefer me over others especially night time. He is so close to me. Inseparable, like others, I only breast feed him 3 months plus. :)

Ouch! Ouch! Must be so painful, would it have scar? My son gave me a hard bite on upper part of my breast sometime ago, the mark is still visible.


hey, u can always continue breastfeeding and supplement any shortfall with formula... it don't have to be a complete stop. i did that with Brandon and we are still going strong for almost 5 months now.

king's wife- when i read your comment, i can't help but lol..

Twin said...

yeah i agree with king's wife comment .. there are other bonds .. totally agree. I stopped breastfeeding completely after i started working. And our bonds are still strong. Though stopping breastfeeding for a whole year now, i'm still producing milk ... but of course not sufficient for a bottle. Hmm .. really wierd.

jazzmint said...

doing a very good job here :). Aiyoo..must be so pain for u lerr. I can imagine my girl biting and pulling the nipple like what she does to her milk bottle teat..ouch!!

maria aka twinsmom said...

nothing can beat breastmilk taste LOL... it is the best.

I didn't cry after stop bf'ing, I feel so relief actually *phew* mission accomplished.

Ya lor, like King's wife said, got another kind of bonding mah...enjoy.

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L B said...

Got block this time - cannot comment anything useful, but learnt lots (for the future)

Fannie said...

About crying...I also cried before when I wanted to stop breastfeeding...

It's such a wonderful bond...tho' there are still many other ways to do it! ;p

Zara's Mama said...

Thanks. Long but good time. :P

I have to, since she isn't fully on formula yet.

Hmm, I didn't know there really area people who can't produce enough milk for their babies. I thought some how you will be able to produce, I probably took things for granted.
My milk supply is kept up by frequent pumping (even after she'd taken to increase milk supply), but it's decreasing because she's less keen to suck.
I hope with your next baby, you supply will be better.
I'm still seeing my Chinese Dr but this is more for helping me with my migraine which has returned.

I finally managed to get into your blog. I think earlier on, I was using company's network and they blocked the access. Now being home, I have no problem. Although I can't leave comments (since I don't have an account).
Good that Keith isn't as fussy as Zara. Zara has really sensitive taste buds. She wouldn't feed when I'd taken petai, prefferred to go hungry.. Not easy.

Yeah. Hold hands, and work together. I don't think I'll cry ler, but I'll definitely miss it.

Contented Mum,
Yeah, I'll probably wean her off the rest of the feeds and still keep the last one for a while. It's the best bonding time, and the most difficult one for her to give up.
Unless of course, I get pregnant.

Thank you.

Of course ler. Formula so yucky. You tried this Enfagrow Honey one before? Maybe you should try, it tastes better.

Maybe the next one you try harder.
I think the best part of breastfeeding is really the imunitity of the baby is very good, and the bond the baby shares with the mum is very strong.
And these are my motivation too. I guess being smart must be from my genes *ahem* :P No la.. I know breast milk helps too.

With your 2nd one, it's really bad luck. Didn't know you can get infection from frozen milk. Never mind, the 3rd one, it'll get even better.

King's Wife,
Aiyo, like that also cry meh?

I think exclusively breast fed babies are more difficult to wean off breast milk. So, have to slowly do it loh.
No need to pui fook, your next one you can also try. I can support you morally.

Kaka & Wawa,
Yeah hor. Just have to find other ways to bond.

Sticking to me like a glue sometimes makes me feel good sometimes makes me feel suffocated. :P
Leaving a scar, I don't think it will, she had bitten me a few times before, it'll heal slowly.

Two Little Fellas,
I'm trying for 2nd one you see. Humm.. but you conceived Brandon too while still breast feeding Mathew right? So I shan't worry?

Huh? You are still producing milk even after you'd stopped for 1yr? Really weird.
Maybe you are made to be a laimah.. :P
You shouldn't waste them ler, just feed to either one of them.

Haha. Not so bad la.. She dares not pull until like that. But sometimes she gets geram, then will bite. When I scold her, she'll stop, some more knows how to 'pin jui' to cry first.

Heehee, you also tasted breast milk? Really sedap hor?
Maybe when I'm done, I'll also feel relieve. :P

Baby Celebrity Name,
Are you a spammer?

L B,
Aiya, sorry. Touched on a topic very maternal one. Made you get stuck.
Never mind, next time will teach you a few tricks. :P

crazymommy said...

I had problems in getting Nikita to take cow's milk too. What we did to fully wean her off is by slow introduction of the bottle milk. We started off dreamfed her, meaning - a bottle at night when she was in a daze. :P After a week later, she got use to the taste and then we moved on to give it to her in conscious state. By 2nd week, she was totally weaned off from bf. :)

blurblur said...

Damien is taking Enfakids now..he's on this "Enfa" series since he starts taste yucky i know...but he loves it :x We've never tried the Honey one on him though, as i thought Honey is consider "cold" food(liang)??

mom2ashley said...

i think you'd still be able to continue the bond even after you wean.....


sorry dear.. my first breastfeeding experience with Matt lasted for 2 months ++ only. basically, i'm not breasfeeding anymore when i had Brandon.

Zara's Mama said...

Not a bad idea at all, to dreamfeed her. :P

I heard Enfa series are good. Make kids bright.
Not sure about honey being 'cold'. But I believe, in the milk, it's just a flavouring, don't think it'll be too much to be cold.
Btw, how come I see lots of mums giving their kids a bottle of honey drink each day huh?

I'm sure I will. Just sulking.

Two Little Fellas,
Ah... and I thought you gave up only when you had Brandon. So seriously, I should consider weaning if I want to have a 2nd child.

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