Thursday, October 20, 2005

Breast Feeding - a bit 18SX

Although I'm pro-breastfeeding, I believe it's a lifestyle choice whether you want to breast feed your baby and how long you want to do it. It is good to get as much information as you can before deciding which path you want to take. On my breast feeding journey, I'd heard encouraging and discouraging words. However, you know someone has little knowledge of breastfeeding when they say such things (people have asked me these questions or say these things to me): 1) You are still breast feeding your baby at 10months? Wow, you must have saved a lot of money from not having to buy milk powder. Yeah right, what about the money I spent on buying - breast pump - extra bottles or disposable bags for storing milk - breast pads - nursing bras My reply : I don't save money that way, but I hope to save money in NOT having to bring my daughter to see a Dr. 2) Can't you stop half way during pumping (milk expression) and come ... (to do whatever) Sure I can, and I will leave 2 wet patches on my blouse My reply : Can you come (and do whatever) next time mid way dumping for peeing? 3) No wonder your baby is so clingy! And so..? My reply : Don't think this has got anything to do with breastfeeding, but more of the time I spend with her. 4) When you go out, isn't it very inconvenient? I don't have to bring 1) hot water 2) sterilised bottle(s) 3) milk powder, and you still need to find a quiet place to feed the baby breast feeding or not. My reply : No, I just bring myself and lift my blouse up to feed her whenever she's hungry 5) You are feeding your baby directly from the breast? Won't your nipples be elongated? Yeah right, my nipple has stretched all the way to my waist with all the sucking from Zara. My reply (to non-virgin women): Your husband/boy friend sucks on your breast during foreplay, did your nipple get stretched? (to virgin women)or : Then don't let your boy friend or future husband play with your breast, the effect is the same. (to men): You think your 'thing' will get longer with people sucking on it? Dream on So, for those who didn't already know, it is very convenient to breast feed (especially night and morning feeds), although it won't save any money immediately, hopefully it will cut down medical expenses in future. It does not cause any damage to your breast(if done correctly), if it did anything, it would be to increase your cup size by 1 or 2 sizes (which is a good thing, isn't it?). And yes, Zara clings to me, and I love it.


sengkor said...

Question to point #5: How can you tell if your frens are virgin or not before giving ur reply?

Zara's Mama said...

Assumption is :
if they are below 20, and very kuai kuai, then virgin.
if above 20, assume they are non-virgin already.. :P

Egghead said...

definitely not for men!

Annie said...

zara's mama ah, this time i want to breastfeed my baby, but no expilien.... The last time hor, i cannot latch baby leh... i hope tis time can get some help. I want book ur help har!! Pleazzzz

King's wife said...

seng kor, u must be virgin...

mob1900 said...

seng kor liddat also kena'ed'.

Jason said...

LOL. I love the last part! Sarcastic sial. Sigh, I am still stucked at your September archives.

ic3_que3n said...

I'm just curious lo. How come some people dowan to breast feed if there is so much good points about breast feeding ah?

Sue said...

you go Agnes, tell them about it... breastfeeding is the way to go :P babies nowday need their immunity boosted

jazzmint said...

hehe..yah, i regret not breastfeeding my girl for one must do longer

kiasi said...

Wah, when you become "Thelma" ah?

blurblur said...

Yeah, this is a good one! I like point 5, and may i just add this too: "the men just don't get it!" ;p

Fannie said...

Well done Agnes!!!

The guys won't know...LOL

I visited 2 of my friends and encouraged them to TBF their baby! I gave them encouragement as I myself am still breastfeeding Ethyl when she's 11mo!!!

I'm like you...super's up to individual whether do they want to give their little ones the best food...

Msau said...

I save alot from not buying milk powder ohh..hehee...I just bought SQ 1st Tin of milk powder last month..
I will try to tender bf if SQ still wan lah..hmm..wonder how she respond when sharing nennen with her sibling ler..hehe...

Irene said...

You go girl!

Keep doing it!

Hailey's still breast fed at 14 months old. And honestly, I've NEVER had to take her to the doctor's during the first 12months of her life. In fact, i think she had a cold only once.

Zara's Mama said...


sure, if you need support, information, I'm more than willing to help.

king's wife,
that only only he knows.

sengkor yong sui, always putih putih kena one.

point 5 male section is always a dream most males have. :P

life style choice, no support (from confinement lady, own family) and also lack of information. But now I think more mummies are breastfeeding already.

yeah man.

Next one go all the way, then you'll see the difference.

Not Thelma, but kiasu. :P

Don't know why some people think breastfeeding will make your breasts go out of shape ler. Again, I think it's lack of information.

Way to go Fannie, we should encourage each other and continue to BF our little ones.

So you really save $ in milkpowder? But you spent the savings on other things to support breastfeeding right? My pump alone is RM1400, ~2yrs supply of milk powder?

Yeah, Zara too (touch wood). People around her can catch a cold, cough easilily and she won't get it. In 11months, only had fever twice, once b'cos of vacination, another b'cos I had a really bad cold, and passed it to her. On both occassions she recovered very fast (thank God for that too).

Zara's Mama said...

Msao, to add :
Have you heard of tendem feeding? Check out the website, some mothers are doing it, b-feeding a new born and a todler at the same time.
Tell me how it goes. I may choose this path as well, but first thing is to get myself pregant. :P

Msau said... wonder u say no save on milk powder lah..hehe..I use cheap breastpump mah..cost RM328 eja...hehe..tats y save alot liao lor..
about the tendem feeding hor..I heard tat too..and know some bf mama r doing very due to pregnant liao..breastmilk no more enough for SQ lor..But I will try lah..and let u know the result..hehe..

Baby Smooches said...

To breastfeed takes lots of commitment and time. To NOT breastfeed is peanuts...
Thumbs up to breastfeeding mums!

maria said...

LOL... very funny breastfeeding Q&A post, I really enjoy reading it, good one.

Mei said...

The blowjob bit was hilarious.

Lazymama said...

I like No4, yeah it's convenient to breasfeed! My girl is formula feed and every time I have to bring the thermos, bottle, milk when going out...sooooo ma fan!

Salutes you for going thru the breastfeeding journey for so long!

P/s: next time can call you for support loh?

mom2ashley said...

way to go agnes!!

Zara's Mama said...

Yeah, if you do tendem feeding, make sure you blog about it. :P

Baby smooches,
That's exactly right.

Maria, Mei, Dinah,
Thank you.

Sure. Will be more than happy to help.

Anonymous said...

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