Friday, October 28, 2005

Fun with Zara

My half day leave was worthwhile, managed to have some fun with Zara at the mall and at home (King's Wife's home to be specific). Image hosted by Samantha Che-che brought Zara for a walk Image hosted by Samantha Che-che & Zara taking a submarine kiddy ride (Zara's first kiddy ride) Image hosted by Trying to go up a slide (in Anaku). Image hosted by Feeding the baby doll milk with Samantha che-che's guidance


helen said...

lol.. action only lar driving the submarine ar?? Mama, did you ever cut Zara's hair?? Do u intend to let Zara keep long hair?

Hope u do... very syiok playing with ribbons, braids, etc.

1+2mom said...

Zara so cute, i think she had alot fun at Anakku :)

Sue said...

so nice to have che-ches around to play with her :)

Passerby A said...

Great pictures! It looks like they had alot of fun :)

maria said... all went to The Curve leh... I regconise the sub-marine hahaha...

jazzmint said...

hehe so cute..can give baby drink milk somemore :P...i think soon she will follow ur action, give BM to baby LOL

blurblur said...

Zara is having so much fun! It's greta when they have companion! Double the fun!:))

Zara's Mama said...

Soon will be riding with Barney, sit in airoplane, ride on a dog etc etc. $-( when she starts demanding for kiddy rides.

Sure I intend to let her keep her hair long. But the first thing is let her GROW HAIR. She has so little hair since Daddy doesn't want to shave her botak. So what she has now is still baby/birth hair. Very fine and little.

Yeah, she was very tired, but once she saw the toys and slide there, long-ma-jing-sun again. :P

It's always nice to have bigger kids to guide and play with a todler/baby. But Ivan going to have a permanant play mate already, so you don't have to worry. I still have to work on Zara's. :-(

the diva,
sure did.

yeah, the Curve. Did the submarine conned some $ from u also?

I won't be surprise if she will BF her doll one day. Because sometimes when she doesn't want to drink her milk, I pretend to BF her doll. But now, she still mou-fatt-kok, bochap.

yeah loh, lots of fun whn she has che-ches or ko-kos around.

Egghead said...

huh... tat submarine was at Genting tooo!

Anonymous said...

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