Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fertility and Breastfeeding don't mix?

I went for a health screening today in SJMC (egghead's post 'inspired' me to quickly went to make an appointment), the company is paying for it (entitled yearly), but I added cancer marker test, and had to fork out RM200+ extra to do it . When I was doing my pepsmear test, the gyny, looking at my age, asked me how many kids I have. Me : "One" Gyny : "How old is your child?" Me : "11 months" Gyny : "Not going for 2nd one?" Me : "Want to, trying" (have to join in the current trend, so many mummies who have babies born in the year of monkey are pregnant) Gyny : "Good, because for your age, you should not wait too long." Me : "I'm still breast feeding, is it ok to try?" Gyny : "11 month old?? So long, better stop already! (aren't medical practitioners supposed to promote breast feeding?). Moreover, if you want to try, you have to, because you may not have eggs released if you are breast feeding." Me : "But WHO advises mothers to breast feed their child till 2yrs old" Gyny : "This is for children in Africa or Cambodia, who are under nourish." yada yada yada.. Hmm.. I'll have to do more research on the fertility and breastfeeding don't mix part. Going to check with my own gyny in Sunway Medical.


helen said...

Yeah.. I am also curious. Do let us know if u find out if 2 yrs breastfeeding recommendations only applies to 3rd world countries?!!

Regarding the fertility thing, I think its true. I had read it somewhere. I had a Malay friend who breastfed her baby until 1 year plus. She told me this is the best 'natural birth control.'Having said that, she did get So, it's not 100% foolproof.

Lazymama said...

but I heard cases of conceiving while still nursing! It is possible!

blurblur said... confusing sometimes, different gynae got different recommendations??

Yup, i've heard cases of conceiving while nursing too!!

Msau said...

Shouldn't be problem mah...I'm bf too..see..pregnant oso wat...from wat I know quite alots bf mama got pregnant when bfing ler...Shoppingmum is 1 of them too...:)

Baby Smooches said...

never heard of a dr asking you to stop breastfeeding. as for conceiving while bf, I have friends who got pregnant while bf too!

Sue said...

it's just that when you're fully breastfeeding, you have a lower chance of getting pregnant due to no menstruation... i think you'll have more chance of getting pregnant if you're only partially breastfeeding

can see this link oso

Anonymous said...

i read somewhere that if u bf while carrying another baby in ur tummy, the baby wont have enough nutrition unless u double up the amount of nutrition you eat lar...

btw, whats ur email add?

miche said...

ooppss...the above is me!

Annie said...

Yes..can get pregnant while still bf. Depends on individuals also. May i know which doc in SJMC u r seeing?

Fannie said...

Only for 3rd world countries? I doubt so...seriously!

the LCs here also said best is to bf for 2 years! Erm...i AM fertile even when I bf...:x How I knw? Look at your discharge and body for cues! :)

I ever face similiar situation whereby they ask me to stop nursing Ethyl and says "IT'S ENOUGH!!!"

I frown whenever I hear such comments from the so-called professionals.

Agnes, do what u deem best! For me, I will hang on cos I' addicted to breastfeeding! :)

Zara's Mama said...

I don't believe so. WHO never specified this only apply to super undeveloped country.

Jefferene, Blurblur,
yeah, I heard of people getting pregnant while breastfeeding too.

yeah loh. You are case #1.

Baby smooches,
I don't understand some of these professionals too.

I get regular menstruation too. The Dr said I may get my period, but egg may not release woh. So I really have to do some research to check out what he said.

I guess it must be true what you heard. You'll be eating for 3 and have to be more careful with what you eat.
my email :

I went to Dr Dato Ang (or is it Dato Dr Ang).

yeah loh. I also believe I'm fertile b'cos of all the signs you mentioned.
Will check the facts first before doing anything.

Phoebe said...

Don't listen to the docs la... Trust your own instinct. I am 20 weeks now and still nursing Tim. Will let him self wean.

In fact, if you are seriously trying for a second baby, i suggest you 'cut down' on bf for a few weeks and chart your temperature or actively 'try'. Many people who are exclusively breasfeeding could also get pregnant, with/without period. Ovalution has already taken place without me knowing as i had a long cycle this time... and therefore- Bingo!

I already miss my nursing relationship as Tim dry nurses now. I do not have much milk.

Don't worry la... baby will come when the time is right. Your body works well with Zara's needs. If she don't 'need' you so much anymore, there will be a window of opportunity for a second baby! :)

maria said...

change gyn.

Egghead said...

sue the gyn for discouraging people from BF... some more distort WHO facts... they should have her license suspended!!

nogha said...

hi.. just to add on..

u can breastfeed zara till ur last drop of milk but if u r about to get another baby then u should stop breastfeeading. the hormon that stimulate the secretion of milk unfortunately also involve in fertality.. its not that u r infertile, but some sort of natural birth control pills..

however, there are still incidence of mummy that get pregnant while breastfeed... basically.. it's up to ur hormon..

anyway.. my hug to zara.. cute..

Anonymous said...

If you are breasfeeding exclusively you can still conceive another child easily.

I have a friend whose wife is breasfeeding exclusively and her daughter is already 20 month old and still breastfeeding.

She is pregnant again and is in her 4th month of pregnancy.

Breastfeeding is not for 3rd world country only. We should all breastfeed as long as we want because breast milk is made for human!

Anonymous said...

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